Replay Attacks Explained

replay attacks explained in order to understand what a replay attack is we first must understand how Bitcoin works Bitcoin is a global ledger anyone can verify transactions by downloading a copy of the ledger hard Forks a hard floor creates a copy of the ledger all existing transactions are intact but the rules are changed by making it incompatible with the previous version creating a new ledger replay attacks if you hold Bitcoin before the split you will own an equal amount on the new ledger but what if you wanted to send Bitcoin from one chain and not the other this could be a problem because if you send coins on one chain the person you sent it to could send the same transaction on the other ledger this is called a replay attack because they are replaying your transaction replay protection the creators of the Bitcoin cash Hart fork included replay protection to protect their users against these attacks the developers behind the set with 2x heart Fork scheduled in 3 months are refusing to add replay protection they claim Bitcoin core should add replay protection if it’s a concern unfortunately the only way to add replay protection to a ledger is with another hard work thus Bitcoin core would have to hard fork at the same time as a seg with 2x hard work this would create for Bitcoin chains Bitcoin core bitcoin core replay Bitcoin seg with 2x and Bitcoin cash most bitcoin core developers are not opposed to creating a hard fork but they believe that 3 months is not enough time to prepare so this scenario is unlikely what happens next as a user your main option will be to mix your coins with a transaction that exists on one chain but does not exist on the other mixing your coins with Unruh playable transactions will make your transactions on replayable it is likely that exchanges and merchants may offer these mixing services to ease the musician conclusion if like most Bitcoin users you’re more of a holder and less of a spender replay attacks will not likely be much of a problem you’ll want to mix your coins once and keep them in cold storage allowing you to spend in the future without worries however if you are unaware of this information any time you spend on one chain you will likely be risking holdings on the other chain knowledge is power be informed please like and share this video to help spread the work thank you for watching please subscribe to the world crypto Network and consider donating if you like this video if we raised more than 0.15 bitcoins we will be able to make another video like this soon thank you very much


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