Review: PayPal Prepaid MasterCard

Hi I’m Adam jusko from
and today i am talking about the Paypal Prepaid MasterCard. The PayPal Prepaid
MasterCard is like many other prepaid cards… you put money on to the card and
then you can use it wherever MasterCard is accepted, which is many places,
obviously, as MasterCard is one of the major credit/debit payment systems. So,
the big selling point for this card is the fact that you can transfer your
PayPal balance on to the card, which essentially lets you use that PayPal
balance in the real world and not just online. So that obviously is the big
reason that most people are going to want it. In terms of how it compares to
other prepaid cards it’s fairly run-of-the-mill. Your fees will vary but
I can tell you that you are going to pay $4.95 a month pretty much
regardless and then the fees are going to be on ATM withdrawals and reload fees
and other things like that. You’ll have to go to their Website to look at
the specifics, because it’s sort of a long list of stuff going on there. You can
reload your card in a variety of ways: you can do it online, or you can do it in
person at certain stores — again look to their website to see what those are. You
can also do direct deposit and this is one way to get rid of some of those fees — if you direct deposit a paycheck or a government check such as a tax refund,
you can put that onto your card without having to pay any fees. This is an OK
card in this space, like I said, it’s pretty much run of the mill but again
the big selling point is that you can take your PayPal balance and put it on
to that card and then spend that money in the real world.So if you use PayPal
often and you have a big balance for whatever reason, then this is a way for
you to have more options on how to spend it. If you don’t have a big Paypal
balance this isn’t necessarily the best card for you. Like I said, it’s similar to
many others on the market. The prepaid card that we would actually suggest if
you don’t necessarily need that PayPal
feature is the American Express Serve card, which has sort of a better fee
structure for most people. So that’s it. Please go to to see
other stories on the financial world and comparisons of financial products
and all sorts of other good stuff as well. Thanks a lot.


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