Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse to be interviewed by Jullia Chatterley of CNN

hello folks you have reached the cryptocurrency portal and today we’re going to go over little information about ripple and specifically to start with ripples CEO Brad Garlin house is going to be interviewed by CNN’s Julia Chatterley you can see right here that Julia is the CNN Aker anchor on first move with with Julia shadow Lee watch on weekdays on CNN looks like at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time you can check out the stream here and you can follow them on Twitter at first move with that said when I see and hear when the actual interview happens I will report back and maybe I’ll even do another video about this because whenever Brad Garland house is interviewed by the press CNBC CNN more the mainstream ones it does help get the message out I know there’s some consternation some people don’t believe the ripples some people don’t believe in XRP their digital asset if you’re for them or against it doesn’t matter just with somebody that’s Pro crypto out there talking to the masses that’s just helpful to the entire process in general and you can see some of the responses here are any banks using XRP right now Alex Cobb is a great person to follow in the crypto space he’s very knowledgeable when could we expect the ripple IPO that’s been rumored that’s maybe interesting if he speaks to that here’s a good question for you how do you feel about your employees posting concerns about ripple validators on social media instead of bringing these concerns to you in private interesting questions so he has some things if you want to check out her tweet and go through some of the questions that people in the community want answered check them out but if you have a question specifically throw it out here on her Twitter page you can see it’s Jay Chatterley with a CCH Shadley CNN so moving on you can see there’s a little article about this ripple CEO to be interviewed by CNN again will he talk about ripples IPO plans so again this is the Julia shadow Lee tweet the top question so they kind of aggregate what they think some of the top questions are they appear to be centered around rip plan to go public as reported by you dot today guardhouse revealed that ripple would be on the leading side of the upcoming IPO craze his word prompted much speculation about how this would affect the tokens price and that’s the digital asset XRP researcher Lee Unitas who who is amazing by the way follow him on Twitter he is a wealth of knowledge he has a website also called I think if I remember correctly X bar P arcade calm wealth of information about XR p m– in general and specifically he also wants to know whether the seventy-three percent drop in quarterly XR p sales is linked to a possible IPO or ripples two hundred million dollars Series C funding round that made it the second most valuable crypto company and please also note that I’ve actually done a video about that Series C two hundred million dollar venture venture capital round that ripple receives which valued them at ten billion dollars moving on so check him out on Twitter but you can see some of his questions here and he had a lot more questions in this when IPO how the IPO effect X ripple x RP and ripples x RP holdings if the latest funding round and the possibility of an IPO the reason they reduce their sales or vice versa how many customers at the moment and how many are on ODL which is on demand liquidity how many on-demand liquidity exchange partners right now so good questions Leonidas prepare for tough questions garlic House was interviewed by Chatterley for the first time back in September of 2019 back then he was bombarded with uncomfortable questions about the community threatening to fork X RP which you haven’t heard much about anymore and the impact of ripples incessant sales on the price of the third-largest cryptocurrency and out of woods I wouldn’t categorize it as an incessant they actually describe what their programmatic sales are in their quarterly reports which actually I did a video about their fourth-quarter quarterly report I’ll link that in the comment section below as well all right the next thing I want to go over just more use case for ripple it says ripple partner bit so inaugurates payment corridor between Argentina and Mexico so more and more our momentum here the top two bullets of this article ripples partner bit so has launched a payment corridor between Mexico and Argentina second bullet is the payment coiler has been open for the Bitcoin Argentine peso pair so the article goes into say the Mexican exchange bit cell has become one of ripples most important partners the cooperation has open payment corridors for ripples ODL the on-demand liquidity swath software solution between Mexico and the United States the market offers great potential with more than 30 billion dollars annually in transfers annually between the Latin America and United States alone via its Twitter account the Mexican exchange announced that has launched a new payment corridor between Mexico and Argentina it so said it wants Argentine users to benefit from its global and transparent services it so stated the following in bitsa we’d like to build bridges today we are building a digital bridge between Mexico and Argentina like our users in Mexico we want Argentina’s to enjoy simple global and transparent financial services welcome so as part of the announcement bit so stated that deposits and withdrawals will be available free of charge at the beginning the Mexican exchange website has listed trading pair as BTS two ARS in the in the last 24 hours 1.16 bitcoin is traded at a maximum price of 850 1000 RS which is about $12,000 USD but it seems high that that transaction at huh and I’m gonna have to dig into that in a minimum price of 800 1000 AARC around a 11 thousand USD despite the fact the announcement made recently the broker is quite active and it says ripples payment corridors continue to grow on the other hand CNF recently poured the ripple ODL corridors have seen significant growth for the XRP mexican peso and the XRP philippine peso and the australian dollar over the last four months the pair XRP mexican peso has registered a record volume of transactions the same as the other mentioned corridors records however the corridor for the Mexican peso whose transaction volume has doubled since December of 2019 stands out the newly-opened corridor with Australia has also shown remarkable growth rising from the registration of 500,000 XRP at the beginning of January to the current volume of 4.5 million xrp and the corridor for XRP to the Philippine Peso Pere showed similar growth and recently registered a record of 4.6 million XRP so just more and more use case more and more forward momentum for ripple and their ODL product on demand liquidity XRP in general so ripple launches global XRP payments Network in five corridors so this has more to do with money Graham we’ve done a few articles about money Graham over the last few months so we won’t repeat all of that but what we think is interesting it is now powered in five corridors so I didn’t I did a video about money chairman general of course Ripple’s investment in the company money Graham and the warrants they got with some of the monies they invested and of course opening up these corridors so you can see here in a recent ripple webinar Ashish Birla Ripple’s senior vice president product management and corporate development touches on the progress the San Francisco based companies making with their corporate partners says bitsu moved 18 million of remittance through XRP in the final weeks of December and it’s been growing 15 to 20 percent per week for MoneyGram they’re now live in five corridors using on-demand liquidity and now 10% of their united states and mexico corridor which is their largest corridor is moving over to XL P in odl so that’s just I want to give you that quick update about what our she’s burrow is saying because I do want to touch on this Ripple’s patent infringement lawsuit dismissed so ripple has scored a legal victory we’re not gonna talk about the outstanding securities lawsuit because I know they’re still working through that one but this one is pretty big here ripple has scored a new legal victory court documents show that the cooperative entertainment incorporate dismissed its patent infringement case against the San Francisco startup with prejudice last week which in other words means the lawsuit is permanently dismissed so the North Carolina based cooperative entertainment hit ripple with a lawsuit in September of last year accusing the company of violating a patent prove in 2016 the patent describes a peer-to-peer network controlled by nodes that facilitates content distribution cooperative entertainment claim that ripples payments technology which includes the use of me the token XRP violated the patent the reason for the dismissal was not disclosed with the co-operative entertainment lawsuit out of the way ripple still faces the other one which we won’t get into however if there gets more information on that one we will of course talk about it here all right and then ripple came out this is interesting X or P adoption top priority at cryptocurrency startup ripple new hiring spree is underway a slew of new job openings at ripple is shedding light on the company’s push to spread adoption of the crypto asset XR P it is always interesting because the leading indicator of where company is going is usually where their job openings are because they need to put talent in those positions in order to execute what they’re trying to accomplish so spring ripples fundraising and development arm is hiring ten new people and positions ranging from senior infrastructure engineer to director of product management to vice-president a developer relations the positions are designed to help ripple create and promote an ecosystem that gives engineers the resources they need to build enterprise applications on the XRP ledger this is now is according to ripple it says spring is ripples open developer platform for money and our vision is to bring money to the Internet we work on open source projects for Fiat and cryptocurrencies we build tools offer services and provide support to developers to make it easy to build on our core open source technologies the XRP ledger in the inter ledger protocol ILP we help developers add money into their applications on using XRP in ILP last week spring announced is rolling out a new development of relations initiative to engage engineers offer any a central hub to share content discover events and get support and I actually did a video on that and I’ll link that in the comment section below as well in December spring months a software development kit SDK to help developers integrate XRP pays payments to their products one of the jobs advertised on Ripple’s website is for an SDK and tools engineer job duties include insisting with creating tools for an allergic protocol spring has also allocated more than five hundred million dollars worth of XRP to fund businesses building on crypto and blockchain technology Wow more and more forward momentum especially with all these openings a triple so check this one out ripple effect financial giant SBI becomes crypto startups top remittance partner so with all the other forward momentum and odl and the corridors open up this one’s the biggest Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings is ripples top remittance partners in terms of volume and a new financial report the company’s international remittance service SBI remit says its transaction volume is second to none on ripple net the company is using ripples payment messaging system which aims to be a faster alternative to Swift to power remittances SBI remit recently launched a new corridor between Japan and Vietnam using the technology SBI also rolled out a ripple powered payments app called money tap in October of last year now the app is a domestic payments solution that lets people in Japan send money instantly using QR codes or phone numbers SBI says it’s pushing to get 60 yes 6-0 Japanese banks on board and that ripple may step in to help fund the growth of the app and the quote is money tap will consider accepting an investment from us ripple in order to strengthen technical cooperation and the promotion of initiatives related to international remittances that’s code for we’ve already talked about it and they’re gonna do it we’re going to put that out there in the ether so when it happens it’s not a big it’s not a big shock a ripple and SBI first teamed up in 2016 to create SBI Ripple Asia an alliance designed to boost the adoption of ripples technology and XRP in the region so they’ve been doing this for years folks so now this all the use cases are kind of finally coming to fruition the last thing I just want to go over today with you and thanks for hanging in there I appreciate it if you ever have any comments about this video please in the comment section below if you ever have any comments about the crypto space in general put in the comment section below I respond to all comments I love having the discussion in the crypto space it kind of gets me jacked up and keeps me going and also if you like this video please smash the thumbs up button alright so Bank of France mentioned that ripples blockchain may be used for the purposes of CBC central bank deposit XRP USD is changing hands at 27 cents that ripples current market value data Bank of France mentions ripple so the central bank issued digital currencies crypto Twitter user XRP crypto wolf cited the paragraph from the document published by the French regulator it says that the CBD see again central bank issued digital currencies may be used on the existing public block chains that allow integration of other assets units issued on the wholesale CBD sees native blockchain could be transferred to other block chains since the attributes of a unit of the wholesale CB DC file representing the currency unit keys enabling use may be entered into a crypto asset circulating on another blockchain which is possible on aetherium and ripple for example it could then become possible to use the unit on this blockchain european authorities along with other global central banks are considering the idea of digitized digitizing their existing fiat money thus the possibility that ripples technology may be used for that purpose and sound exiting for XRP supporters then they talk about some of the technical picture that are no 1 our charts we won’t go through the pricing so we just wanted to go over that just interesting that the Bank of France is mentioning ripple so a lot going on today thank you again for tuning in to the cryptocurrency portal I deeply appreciate it again if you have any comments please put them in the comment section below about this video or anything in the crypto space and if you like this video please smash the thumbs up button it really helps out the channel it helps me out to Google and YouTube algorithms all that so you know give me a thumbs up and if you’re already subscribed to the channel thank you very much I appreciate it if you’re not a subscriber to the channel yet I’ve hopefully have earned your support and trust and I would be honored with your subscription to the channel and again I’ll put those or videos that I mentioned in this video in the comments section below from the MoneyGram the fourth-quarter quarterly reports the 200 million dollars that ripple got in venture capital and the Series C round valuing that ten billion dollars and then of course spring so thank you again for tuning the cryptocurrency portal I think we appreciate you tuning in and I’ll talk to you soon [Music] you


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