#Ripple IPO? Ripple Says Massive Global Expansion of #XRP Payments Network Launching in 2020

hello folks you’ve reached the cryptocurrency portal and today we’re gonna go over a little information about ripple they’re really making some headlines late lately and you can see the the first headline here ripple says massive global expansion of XRP payments network launching in 2020 but they’re also getting a lot of play in the headlines because their CEO Brad Garland house of ripple has said they could potentially go public in the next 12 months and we’ll go through that as well but we’re gonna start with this it says ripple says it’s launching its XRP based cross-border payments product around the world in 2020 in its latest XRP Markets report just so you know folks we actually did it an analysis of their fourth quarter markets report and we’ll go ahead and put a link to that video in the comment section below in continuing says the real-time gross settlement company says it will add more corridors in the following regions throughout the year for its on-demand the quiddity product ODL which used to be it called its ex rapid product before they rebranded it so the five areas are Asia Pacific Europe Middle East Africa and Latin America to date a ripples liquidity solution empowers payment corridors between the United States Mexico and the Philippines and serves more than two dozen companies including go Lance V Americas MoneyGram interbank Peru and flash FX the XR p liquidity solution launched in late 2018 throughout 2019 o deal volume rose by five hundred and fifty percent with the number of transactions surging nearly 300% in the last quarter ripple says o dl has the potential to give banks and enterprises a new way to free up capital instead of maintaining pre-funded bank accounts in various countries to facilitate fast local payments banks and financial institutions can leverage the speed of XRP settling transactions in 3 seconds while providing customers up to 60% savings so there they’re also talking about the nostril investor accounts or banks will have to pre-fund these accounts so in the settlements come in and the requests come in you actually have to have money already there in those pools of capital and those know strong Vostro account so what ends up happening is they’re they’re dormant capital pools that all these banks have set up all around the worlds could you imagine if they can free up that capital to do other things hiring more people on expanding their product line it’ll just completely help the world economy wherever these companies are actually located so that’s the first thing we wanted to go over today on the cryptocurrency portal and while we’re thinking about please smash that thumbs up button really helps out the channel if you have any comments about ripple or XRP just put it in the comment section below I deeply appreciate and we’d be honored if you subscribe to the channel thank you so moving on says ripples back MoneyGram announces a new partnership with the Suez Canal Bank this is pretty interesting so let’s go through this together it says MoneyGram has announced a strategic partnership with suez canal bank allowing customers from around the world to send money directly to account holders in egypt the leader in cross-border payments and money transfers says the agreement grants the company access to the bank’s wide network of correspondent banks throughout the world suez canal bank and will now be able to connect to the MoneyGram platform allowing customers to elaborate leveraged digital features says grant lines monograms chief revenue officer his quote is as we execute our digital transformation to lead the industry in the digital movement of money a key strategic priority is expanding account deposit services in major international markets so egypt received twenty nine billion dollars in remittances in 2018 which was up from 2017 with the remittance market accounting for eleven point six percent of the country’s gross domestic product according to the World Bank ripple bought a 50 million dollar stake and MoneyGram last year and the San francisco-based FinTech is a key part of money Graham’s digital transformation in his powering 10 percent of a daily transaction volume between the United States and Mexico after going live with Ripple in July of 2019 MoneyGram CEO Alexander home stated last year that he believes blockchain technology xrp and ripple are poised to transform the payments industry calling the latter a very interesting opportunity for streamlining costs and generating savings that can be passed back to customers and just you know we also did another video on this channel about MoneyGram and that partnership with ripples so check out the comment section for a link to that video that I did as well alright so continue along here Ashish Birla soshe’s Birla is the senior vice president of product a triple he’s been there I guess since 2013 with that said check out these quotes these two quotes the second quote especially that are getting a lot of traction in the crypto space is an especially ripple people are Pro and against ripple and XRP he says I’m well the he’s quoting I’m tweeting I’m bullish on BTC as a store of value but not for payments you don’t want to use BTC Starbucks because by the time you get your coffee it’ll be cold that’s Brad Garlin house saying that at the wall street journal’ house so not really The Wall Street Journal is a separate entity inside The Wall Street Journal good point on why there there won’t be one crypto to rule them all so ashish tweeted that out about the CEO of the company there yeah at this Wall Street Journal and says changing the finance industry from within was kind of the name of that segment and they’re at the World Economic Forum forum 2020 in Davos Switzerland so but the one that’s really getting a little play is this one right here so let’s click on that and it says in the next 12 months you’ll see IPOs in the crypto blockchain space we’re not going to read thirst and we’re not going to be less but I expect us to be on the leading side it’s a natural evolution for our company and that’s what Brad Garland house said and that she sturla is tweeting that out now if you want to follow Ashish Birla go to his Twitter page it’s at Ashe go blue go blue is his Twitter handle so then again next 12 months you’ll see IPOs in the crypto space so Brad isn’t saying they’re gonna do it immediately they’re not they’re saying they’re not gonna do it last but they’re looking at he didn’t just shut it down they’re looking at so one day ripple will go public so that caused some ripples in the crypto space and there’s been a little pushback and other people that are embracing it so let’s go through some of the comments that people are saying and i really suggest that you follow susie here in her handle this susie trader i really follow on twitter but she has great youtube videos as well so follow her on youtube and follow her on twitter its esoteric trading solutions and she’s just a wealth of information about the crypto space in finance in general she’s an incredibly smart lady she’s one of my go-to people for information so follow her on both Twitter and YouTube so in response to the rumor that ripple could one day go public and these are her points saying that why she thinks it’s a good thing Ripple doing an IPO is excellent for ripple and XRP anyone that says it’s not does not know what they’re talking about number one it gives them billions of dollars number two gets them more clients investors and institutional clients number three gets them fund managers number four gives them worldwide wide-scale number five gives an alternative funding sources apart from crypto xrp in debt the 200 million dollar bond issuance I wonder if she’s talking about the venture capital there that they got that just gave them a ten billion dollar valuation we actually did a video about that too so that’s a third video that actually I’m gonna link in the comment section below is gonna be a link to the video that I did about the 200 million dollar venture capital money they got which this is rippled that valued them at a 10 billion dollar valuation so continuing it says number six allows them more ability to grow their balance sheet number seven they can increase their asset base by buying more business such as more exchanges that we use XRP only more businesses that use XRP oh okay number eight they can invest in pretty much anything to increase the utility of XRP number nine an IPO would be good for XRP because would increase the utility of xrp number ten ripple can change their funding mix between crypto debt and equity and swap anything number eleven they but probably means they become regulated by the SEC for public prospectus which opens them up to millions and millions of clients number twelve it gives them more money to expand anywhere globally number thirteen it gives them more money to expand strategically with their with people resources etc and number fourteen it gives them more money to become the best of breed so with that said follow her on Twitter she’s probably already done a video on this if not she’ll probably do in the video soon about this whole thing but those are her first kind of 14-point thoughts about this and one last one that we’ll go over here because it’s another person that I I follow in the the Twitter spaces obviously they’re talking about here the announcement of the chief executive of CEO Brad garland house ashish Burley’s tweet again his follow-up tweet here but then here due to the unexpectedness of this news many have said had things to say about this announcement some have been skeptical others been optimistic kind of like susie would that we just went over one crypto analyst closely following all things XRP hodor again another person to follow on twitter we’ll get to his twitter handler shortly he’s an industry commentator with over 50,000 followers laid out why ripple going public could be game-changing in an old blog post how would ripple benefit from an IC o—- should be IPO right because i see those initial coin offering here be IPO initial public offering for their action accompany ripple and not anything to do with XRP so seemingly now retired commentator Hodor last year released an extensive blog post to coil on how ripple going public could affect the company the cryptocurrency at the cryptocurrency it has close ties to XRP firstly he stated that ripple should at issue shares on public markets would likely see a sizable IPO SMA will take in around five billion dollars cash worth of capital less than goobers recent eight billion Facebook 16 billion visas 18 billion shares in 2008 so if I were you if you like more of this go to horde hodor go to his twitter page and find this should it says should ripple go public i analyzed some basic pros and cons on his blog post on coil and he sent that out on september 7th so it’s pretty apropos that this is information is just coming out as a headline he did an analysis of this back in September so find his Twitter page find that tweet on September 7th and if you want to watch read his coil page go there so that says even if ripple brought in 20% of that which would be 1 billion he would saw the large cash reserve would be sitting on hodor then added that with this cash ripple could participate in strong marketing with five billion dollars no amount of potential marking is out of reach in the days of Super Bowl advertisements about digital assets may be upon us he added that the sale of ripple shares would also give the company more capacity to participate in more business deals and acquisitions with garland house last year saying in the interview the acquisitions are a big focus of his company when their balance sheet is strong this that comment was in the wake of ripples partnering with top remittance provider MoneyGram as to how this could affect XRP the analysts suggested that the reserve of cash would decrease ripples incentive to participate in programmatic sales of X or P which investors like Kyle cemani a multi net : capital may have depress the price of the asset over the years I don’t necessarily agree with that but that’s his thought on that he added that a ripple IPO would accelerate the adoption of their payment processing software in his preferred digital asset potentially presenting a bull case for the battered crypto asset so you know it’s interesting about this most a lot of people don’t even follow the crypto market they of course see the headlines once in awhile about Bitcoin you know most of the united states has no idea what brick wall or even XRP the digital asset are however they understand what IPOs are so if ripple the company did an IPO more people just start paying attention just because they understand IPOs and then which will draw them over to X RP and probably the digital asset and start looking in like there’s more than just Bitcoin there’s other coins what do they do Oh cross-border remittances and they’ll look at all the other use cases that are out there for crypto in general XRP here we’re talking about so you know maybe an IPO would be a good thing so we’ll see how it all unfolds it’s interesting how this got the crypto space talking yet again so thanks again for tuning in to the cryptocurrency portal I really appreciate it so again in the comments section below I’ll link those three articles down below the one where we went over the fourth-quarter market report of XRP the number to the MoneyGram and the ripple partnership that happened we did a video about that and then I did a video about the 200 million dollars in venture capital that ripple recently received value them at ten billion dollars and this is on the heels of potentially in the future ripple going public so you can you imagine what they’d be valued at at that point since they’re already valued at ten billion through this latest funding round and usually before an IPO happens you do another funding round because you have some well-heeled people that will give you cash to get some shares before it actually goes public so they can get there you know percentage increase as soon as goes public but anyway with that said thank you again for tuning in the cryptocurrency portal put all your comments in the comment section below we love to have a little discussion I respond to all comments if you liked this video please smash that thumbs up button it really helps out the channel and if you’re already subscribed to the channel thank you I really appreciate it if you not have subscribed to the channel I really hope I’ve earned your trust on be honored with your subscription so thanks again for tuning in to the cryptocurrency portal [Music]


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