Ripple XRP Breaking Records! Cryptocurrency + Video game Adoption! Bitcoin BTC Analysis + News!

what’s going on guys magic here bringing
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at ripple breaking of records we’re also
be talking about crypto in video games
as well as tons of other news that went
on in the cryptocurrency space but guys
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very passive now usually from here we
would go on to the technical analysis
for Bitcoin and we’re gonna be doing
that it’s just a little bit but I saw
something that made me burst out
laughing I think you guys are going to
really enjoy this so as you know with a
like point having coming up like one’s
been performing absolutely insane we
talked about that in the last video if
you haven’t seen that make sure you go
ahead and check that out but like Quint
has been on a terribly fits up I
remember it was it was some crazy
percentage from the bottom from
mid-december it’s up a ton and so
somebody tweeted this and I thought this
was absolutely hilarious like one is
doing so well that Craig Wright will
soon be claiming that he’s Charlie Lee
litecoin SV could be coming soon the
real version of litecoin and trading
view the verified account for of course
what we use for our technical now’s the
trading view came in with the gift I
thought that was pretty hilarious so if
you guys did enjoy that don’t forget to
give this video a thumbs up and let me
know in the comments if you will be
buying like coin sv but moving on to the
technical analysis I did want to cover a
few things with you guys actually talked
about this in the weekly video for the
cryptocurrency trade alert group of how
we could potentially be seeing another
pull up to this region as we were
roughly lower under this range the last
I was looking at it well we did have
this pull-up and the reason why we could
have seen this coming especially while
big coin is trading sideways in this
very very narrow range we can see pretty
much from here to here Bitcoin has been
trading in this range and we see even
all the way back all the way back a few
weeks ago we’ve seen that Bitcoin has
had has previously been pulled up to
this range this is a range that clearly
has been pulling Bitcoin up into it and
so from there we can expect especially
seeing the bounce off of here and seeing
this engulfing candle that came up the
green one that came up higher than
obviously the red one is we could assume
that with that movement we could see the
Bulls bring us back into this range now
that’s exactly where we are right now
currently the Bitcoin price is at eight
thousand two hundred and five dollars on
BitFenix so from here what we can expect
until we see a breakout in either
direction it’s no real confirmation as
to where we’re going this area on the
bottom the support pretty much roughly
at around $7,500 7490 dollars and on the
bottom this is a zone I have highlighted
seven thousand two hundred dollars in
this area are seeing pull in to pull
back into this area is something that
has also been common for Bitcoin as
we’ve seen it happen over and over again
even these large weeks coming into this
zone is something we’ve seen happen
Allah so from this resistance up top and
this support down low we can expect
Bitcoin to trade in here as long as it
wants until we see a break either
upwards where we can see something like
this happen where we can have a big
candle that brings us up into the next
resistance or if we do break below
especially this key support level right
here if we do break below then we could
start thinking about seeing Bitcoin
coming down or we could start expect to
see Bitcoin come down into the next
region which is six thousand four
hundred and twenty five ish and six
thousand two hundred and forty inches
now the reason why I don’t want to say
anything a hundred percent says I see a
lot of people on YouTube try to do this
they try to either hype it up by saying
we’re bullish bullish bullish all the
time or people try and say we’re bearish
bearish bearish all the time when in
reality it’s a lot easier if you just
look at the key levels and then wait for
a breakout in either direction before we
make a prediction we can come in here I
can come in here and say then we are
long to the moon ten thousand dollars
$10,000 from here this video would get a
ton of clicks if that is what I did but
that’s not what I want to be doing with
my channel that’s not what I want to see
happen with the cryptic – because that’s
just creating a lot of false hype could
we go to $10,000 100% by no means am i
counting out the possibility of us
eating hitting $10,000 but first we
obviously see the resistance that we’ve
had previously over here we would need a
break above that to take us to the next
resistance in this area right here would
be eight thousand eight hundred and
fifty six dollars Bitcoin trades in this
area right now could provide some good
opportunities if you are trying to make
some shorter trades if you see us having
you pull back back down to the last
support to our support down here but
other than that I am waiting for key
levels to break before we make any
decision on what direction Bitcoin is
heading in now the daily we can also see
that the stochastic is again it started
it had the bullish cross it looks like
it could want to start making its way on
up it is at very very low levels or it
was even lower obviously before this
recent move the RSI on the daily is also
at the middle so again it has it has
space to fluctuate either direction the
main thing I would highlight is on the
weekly timeframe we see a different
story so the weekly timeframe we see the
stochastic was all the way up at some of
the highest levels it’s ever been all
the way back here and although that
doesn’t mean that obviously we’re coming
down for sure it did have a bearish
crossing which could of course being as
it is so high up it could lead to us
seeing a little bit of a pullback same
thing can be said with our site is
getting to the very high regions which
of course could mean that we have a
pullback but in terms of these smaller
timeframes on the daily only for hourly
it’s a lot easier for us to wait for a
confirmed break in either direction as
you guys know that’s what I really I
honestly prefer doing what technical now
that’s what I’ve been doing for the
longest time and that’s what has allowed
me to be successful in this market now
if we look at open market a 255 a
billion dollars at market cap on coin
market cap we see a fifty five point
four percent Bitcoin dominance so again
we’re trading with an array so not too
much fluctuation has been going on I
believe we’re down a little bit from the
last time I recorded a video which was
Monday from here we can see litecoin
still absolutely killing it not much has
changed in that
biggest Gator of the day Z coin maximize
coin cool coin shares all performing
relatively well some very very very well
Zeke winds up almost 50% wowzers are as
absolutely insane but for the most part
you can see there’s definitely more
green than red in the market with the
recent candle that we solved for Bitcoin
pulling it up to that resistance and
it’s at right now not much rent but the
biggest loser is more oh is Mona coin we
also have nebula silica is down again
not a lot for the most part a green day
in the market now ripple fans ripple
continuing to break records not the
first time we’ve seen it probably won’t
be the last time and this is in terms
and this is relating to the surge and
transactions on Global payment network
triple net so that’s something they’re
focusing on a lot right now they
reported a record-breaking burst in the
number of transactions on ripple net
there which is the network of banks and
financial institutions that use the
company’s suite of cross-border payment
solutions out that guy said they’ve been
talking before about that being their
focus right now is getting more and more
customers into into using ripple net and
so that’s something we’re seeing pay off
and something that is obviously working
because they are experiencing dramatic
growth in this era they’ve had more
transactions on the network in q1 2019
then they did all of 2018 and 2019
they’re focused on growing the customer
base and their team in Brazil and across
South America including in countries
such as Chile Peru and Argentina so I
wanted to you know fast forward this
into the what what I just read which is
the fact that ripple is setting up
branches in Brazil obviously if you guys
are new to the channel you don’t know
this I am from Brazil so every time I
see it Brazil crypto article and make
sure to point that out guys were
adopting red ball Ripple’s adopting
Brazil one way or the other I don’t know
exactly which way it’s going but it’s
always nice to see something like this
in the news and also coin based they had
a debit card that debuted last April in
England and now they’re going to be
launching it they’re prepared to launch
it for a lot of other countries in
Europe including Spain Germany France
Italy Ireland and the Netherlands so
that’s pretty good news a big win in
terms of crypto adoption there and
lastly for all of you
video game fans personally I love
playing video games so this is pretty
cool to me especially being some on that
place and actually sees what goes on
what in-game transactions are like what
the people are buying and selling online
right on different games some things are
going up for like thirty five thousand
dollars you can buy skins for your gun
for thirty five thousand dollars to pay
on the game that’s absolutely insane
just to think of somebody actually spend
that type of money but it gives you an
idea that there’s definitely money in
this there’s a lot of money in this and
so crypto is apparently might be a part
of this or blockchain might be a part of
this moving forward Ubisoft they are
reportedly developing etherium in-game
items and blockchain games so they’re
the fourth largest publicly traded video
game company so they’re not small
they’re absolutely huge they have a lot
of games such as Assassin’s Creed Far
Cry and Just Dance I think the most
popular ones might be Just Dance and
Assassin’s Creed sure some of you guys
have heard of it if you have kids maybe
you’ve heard of it from them if you
played video games maybe you’ve just
heard of those games overall but this is
an absolutely huge company that is again
the parent they’re on the later stages
they’re on the more advanced stages of
this so again inching closer and closer
for it being a reality the rumors are
according to the sources that it’s going
to be on the etherion blog channel seen
some people come out and say oh maybe
it’s gonna be on the eos but i think for
the most part it’s probably going to be
on aetherium just because aetherium is
one of the largest crypto currencies out
there a lot of things are being built on
it so if i had to bet money i probably
bet it was on atheria but as we get more
information on this i do want to keep
you guys updated because I think
blockchain and video games is going to
be huge for adoption I thinks we’re
going to see that happen not only faster
because everything happens faster online
so when it comes to video games when it
comes stuff like that I think it’s
something’s gonna be coming pretty soon
a lot sooner than you know some of the
other things that we are waiting to
happen in the crypto space so I
definitely want to keep you guys updated
as we go along with this but guys that’s
gonna be for this video hopefully you
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you guys tomorrow
for another video


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