ROKKEX — crypto exchange by cybersecurity specialists

When the world experienced a crypto boom
new ways to fund and trade also emerged.
Poorly created platforms and shady ideas
raised huge amounts of money.
All this attracted hackers while customers’ crypto assets
were left exposed and vulnerable.
Therefore, crypto exchanges suffer from
a lack of security,
weak scalability,
low transparency
and zero innovation.
Here at Rokkex – a trading platform created by a team
of cybersecurity and fintech engineers,
we’re ready to provide solutions through key pillars.
Security – advanced authentication, secure cold storage,
engagement with ethical hackers assures safety.
Transparency – immutable blockchain solutions allow us
to comply with all regulations and be open 24/7.
Performance – a highly scalable infrastructure
without a single glitch.
Innovation – the latest crypto news and even time travel magic.
All this creates a platform you can trust.
Rokkex – Security First.

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