Hi everyone I’m Kerry Cassidy from
Project Camelot and today or tonight
we’re gonna have a very fascinating
it’s a roundtable discussion with Cliff
high and paladin and myself and we’re
going to be talking about crypto
currencies sort of a hot topic for the
days and the future so it’s gonna pretty
much be a wide-ranging discussion and I
do encourage the people in the chat to
formulate good questions and put them in
all caps if you don’t mind and that will
help the discussion along so that we
know what areas concern you and what
areas you want to hear about so I’m very
pleased to have both paladin and cliff
high on my show tonight and let me see
if I can bring them on the screen as it
happens I paladin does not use a camera
the reason for that is that he is a
private investigator and he is not
supposed to be showing his face if I
understand it correctly and he can maybe
clarify that and I’m gonna I have these
BIOS and they’re on my website so you
can take a look at them
cliff high of course is the person who
has a patent on a what he calls well he
is in charge of this web bot software
project and it looks like it was built
if I understand it in 1997 it captures I
don’t know if this is actually about
that or not but the web project has been
going for quite a long time and has been
predicting it’s in some ways it’s a
prediction of behavior software based on
language that it gathers and then on the
internet heat from humans and maybe from
AI as well that’s the question we’re
gonna ask with regard to cryptocurrency
as well paladin is a forensic financial
investigator he’s a licensed PI as I
mentioned and he is a key member of what
is called the white house
at white hats hats
there are other groups that call
themselves white hats and so it’s
important not to make a confusion
between the various groups but this
particular group I believe was one of
the first to come out under that moniker
so so anyway welcome guys say hello to
everybody everybody you know listening
mmm okay and paladin hello hello
Gaming okay so what I’d like to do is
that’s a very sketchy bio that I was
giving there so why don’t we start with
you cliff and why don’t you give
yourself a short introduction describe
the state of the web bot now and
anything else you’d like to say about
yourself before we get going uh started
the project in 93 conceptually I had the
first code running in 97 took me a year
to do the first data run it’s not
patented it’s a proprietary mechanism my
patent is for the for the software
called vortex which actually allows you
to read up to 2,000 words per minute
from computer screens no longer
supported or sold since they went to
basically the 1080i high intensity
radiation screens in about 2003 or so
other than that the current state of the
project at the moment is that I’m no
longer doing the ultra reports and I’m
concentrating the predictive linguistics
power of the project entirely into
crypto currencies crypto currencies are
I’ve been coding since 1979 so I
understand this world and the fit
between the predictive linguistics and
crypto currencies is very good and has
been for the past couple of years as
it’s all sort of segwaying in around
particular kinds of emotionally intense
language the web project essentially I
aggregate vast numbers of words off the
internet they go into a thing I called
the emotional reduction engine and what
it does is it assigns a numeric value to
in a particular context that relates to
their emotionality that’s in that
language and then we look for a fuzzy
set theory juxtapositions between
certain descriptors nouns and that kind
of thing and very hot emotional words
such that we end up with a bubble of
words that are related emotionally and
temporally from which we make
predictions and it’s been going
basically since 97 so this will be our
20th year of operation here and it’s a
very exciting time with all the
cryptocurrency stuff blowing up right
now I’ve been in you know Bitcoin since
2011 read the white paper in 2009 almost
wrote some mining software got
distracted by real life popped back in
and have been in Kryptos through the big
crashes and so on from my perspective
cryptocurrency is all about the death of
the dollar and everything flowing into
it and then just as an aside before we
can even think about speaking about AI
it’s gonna be defined we need to you and
I need to discuss just exactly what
we’re talking about there and that’s
that’s basically where I’m at I’m just a
guy who understands software pretty well
and happened to live long enough for
that to be a useful talent at this point
okay very good what I wanted to ask you
cliff you know I interviewed you a very
long time ago right when you kind of hit
the scene I think and I think it was one
of the first actually it was on my radio
show and I don’t even know a lot of
those radio shows got just they
disappeared off our server very
unfortunately so I’m not sure if I still
have it on my server or not but if I do
it’s on the Project Camelot website so
people can do a search under your name
and maybe find it but if any rate I
wanted to ask you is didn’t you have a
partner in the early days and do you
still have a partner in in this sort of
I had a fellow a friend of mine by the
name of George yer who was doing the PR
for it okay and was releasing
information from
the project before I set up a website I
didn’t know where it was going I was
messing around with it I contacted him
because he had a website on economics my
data sets were focused on economics I
made some predictions he found
interesting and for a while he was the
the face and the voice of it okay I this
was a time when it was dangerous to be
messing about in certain technologies I
did not know if my technology was in
that category and then 2001 comes along
the very first internet famous
prediction I made was in June 2011 or
2001 and it said 85 days within the next
85 days we were gonna have this
occurrence which turned out to be the
attack on the twin towers and all of
that that manifestation right so it
forecast at 85 days out I actually
thought it would happen early in July
but I had my numeric scale reversed in
terms of time and I didn’t recognize
that until it actually occurred then I
went back and flopped the scale back the
other way and everything from that point
on started to roll and line up a little
bit better George and I had a parting of
the ways he was unhappy with some of the
he wasn’t doing any of the coding and
had no influence that way he was
strictly doing all of the PR and was the
front part of it we had a parting of the
ways in 2005 and it came down to this
basically there was a he had this idea
as an echo of the 1930s that we would go
into a depression and from that
depression would spring a revitalized
USA based around a new form of
communications technology that every
time these things happened he said we
always get into new new kind of
communications technology and the
problem was that the datasets agreed
with it and so we were we were simpatico
on that point but around 2005 there were
the first hints of the beginning of
digital currencies this is before the
white paper that was released that cured
the double spend problem it was released
by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009
I believe famous 2008 so in those three
years George and I had a split over this
and he went to work with another project
that was doing predictive kind of stuff
based on dreams and prescient visions
and so on I don’t know where that other
project is his thing was our positions
were exacerbated when he hardened
against crypto currencies and he made
famously a statement in 2013 that Oh
after the what was known as the mount
GOx crash that all the crypto currents
the exchanges would be failures enclosed
in three months
and at that point I think Bitcoin had
crashed down I’m not sure of the exact
number but it crashed a huge amount down
to say 110 dollars or something like
that and then it went flat for two years
as the as the industry recovered from
the mount cox debacle but even then I
knew that the data was continually
saying this was it this was it and what
George failed to recognize was bitcoin
is a communications technology it it’s
more than just a currency it’s all about
the transaction and the communication
between people and the trust in an
environment where you can’t trust anyone
and it removes trust from the equation
that’s why crypto currencies are the
perfect vehicle for now and that’s also
why I know that we’re not dealing with a
government plot you know that kind of
thing all right it’s not a deep State
trying to take over although the deep
state is trying to get in on it
and may indeed have well the deep state
did work on the hash algorithms and some
smart people took these hashing
algorithms and use them inside Bitcoin
and this is where we are today so you
know from $100 to it’s over $7,000 at
the moment okay I think this is an end
right a guest sorry about that I
actually have to lock the room I’m not
sure what’s going on here
paladin are you still with us yes I’m
here yes I’m here
okay yeah there’s something strange
going on here
you know par for the course you forget
to lock the door well yeah sort of but
it’s supposed to always be possible to
lock and unlock it and suddenly it’s
gone so I don’t know what’s happening
here maybe someone who doesn’t want us
talking about this someone seems to this
happened to me one other time it looks
like they took over the room all right
at any rate we’re just gonna kick I do
have a means to keep people out if that
happens I don’t know what’s going on
at any rate thank you for that cliff
that was that’s a very good explanation
and I appreciate that paladin I want to
give you a chance to introduce yourself
to explain why you’re not on camera and
and and just your bio is as I said on my
Project Camelot portal comm website but
for those who don’t know who you are can
you give yourself a short rundown okay I
have a background in accounting and
finance I have a Bachelor of Science in
accounting went into the corporate world
for five years realized that wasn’t
someplace that I wanted to be so I went
into private practice became a private
investigator and have been for 30 years
licensed in two states am recognized
court expert for forensic accounting
have testified in court regarding those
as an expert witness I’ve done
backgrounds on police officers I’ve done
a lot of financial fraud audits a lot of
them have to do with the trading
programs which is a subject I know Kari
likes to get into surveillance asset
searches skip-tracing
everything just about in the financial
world frauds embezzlement stock
manipulation you know various various
investigations regarding all kinds of
fraud I’ve worked for both the private
sector the public sector
government law enforcement have provided
information to the feds the IRS CID on a
few cases that we were working
collaterally also with the FBI had an
uncle in the FBI know several CIA guys
so anyway that’s about all I want to say
about all of that I’m still I’m still
active I do investigations where I work
undercover in various capacities which
is the main reason why I don’t want to
show my face okay very good
so at this time the subject is crypto
currencies what I’d like to do is start
out with talking about how you see it
because first of all I’m going to give
the floor to cliff because cliff you are
sort of getting notorious for making I
guess some kind of predictions or
whatever I’m not sure what you’re
calling it your sort of analysis of
cryptocurrencies giving people heads up
on various things related to that and so
can you describe what it is you’re
you’re doing at this time in a more
exploratory way but also if you can
explain why is it you are putting your
confidence in crypto currencies and how
you see this is rather long-winded but
how you see the future so it kind of
gives you the floor for this this area
yeah sure so let’s start with the last
part of that first and the way I see the
future for this is and it’s what gives
me confidence is the death of a doll
okay the dollar has been in existence
since 1913 it has maybe one cent left in
purchasing power petro dollar is dying
as it’s abandoned all around the planet
our provinces like venezuela and all
these others are going through chaos is
the dollar that they were paid to is
lost its purchasing power their
currencies are dying so there’s all
their stuff in the world that tells me
the dollar is done up until about 2005
it seemed quite convincing that the way
that the data was discussed
saying everything that we were going
into a gold and silver world that made
no sense
then and still makes no sense because in
our since since World War two we’ve
doubled our population we doubled the
population globally since World War two
due entirely to debt to the issuance of
debt that we people feel a wealth effect
that made them go ahead and have kids
now rather than delay and so on and so
you know in this seven billion plus
person world we can’t exchange gold and
silver coins it’s not feasible and it
also instantly destroys international
trade because trying to settle an
international trade where you actually
had to move metals is what makes pirates
rich and knowing would take the risk and
then it gets you back into some kind of
letters of marque or trade ability such
as we’re evolved in the eighteen
hundreds which leads you back to again
another currency act and the approach to
developing some kind of a currency where
you don’t have to put your gold and
silver at risk
plus there’s not enough gold to go
around above-ground officially in the
mines or in the mints and that would I
think there’d be four billion ounces of
gold and so three billion humans
wouldn’t have gold silver doesn’t work
because we need it as an industrial
metal and currency there’s there’s
difference between money and currency
and money is perhaps best defined as a
store of wealth currency is best defined
as an exchange of energy and that energy
could be wealth in this case and so you
can have and money without currency
those who know good and currency without
money isn’t accepting so it’s gotta act
gotta serve both purposes right and so
having vast quantities of money like
King Midas leads to know nothing and but
yet you need to be able to distribute
your your wealth your money in a
currency form that actually gains you
something and so seeing the dollar die I
even as as early as a year 2000 starting
to run some of the data sets then it was
like okay things are going to get really
wonky it’s going to be a hellacious
world we’re really facing a madman
kind of a future where datasets as as
early as 2003 we’re talking about $600
sold and of course at that time I
conceived of that as the very brief
transition that would lead us into that
Mad Max world and so because under those
conditions where where the dollar system
fails in paper currencies have failed
look at Venezuela magnified that over
most of the northern hemisphere absent
Russia and think of the chaos that that
kind of world is going to create no more
just-in-time delivery system no more
deliveries of any kind because no one’s
accepting money or credit to do the work
to get the oil to put it into a tanker
to put the goods on that tanker to ship
it over to you and so something has to
be there to lubricate all of this if
it’s gold and silver were really screwed
because we can’t move gold and silver
fast enough plus we’ve burned up most of
the silver so to speak by putting it in
cell phones the monitors the microphones
the cameras and everything else we’re
using right at this moment and so the
gold and silver world was a very dire
kind of a as monitoring this kind of a
dire future and so all through that
period of time from 2003 until the
manifestation of the network effect in
Bitcoin in early 2013 we were looking at
a very grim future and then satoshi
nakamoto released a white paper it was
debated for a year people wrote code
about it and started mining coins
Satoshi mined the Genesis block the
first coins out of the system it was a
brilliant idea conceptualization that
the whole thing other people bought on
to the idea they started filling out and
using Bitcoin and making more of them
and this kind of thing in 2013 it got
the network effect I can tell this from
my data so I knew from 2013 onwards a
bit going to had what I call too long
legs that would go far into the future
that we were allowed then around 2015 it
became evident that Bitcoin and the
altcoins as they are called the clones
the copies of Bitcoin because it’s
software right once copy many is the
rule and software but in 2000
fifteen it became quite clear that here
was a chance okay here was a chance to
avoid the Mad Max future if things
worked out universe may have provided us
in my way of thinking an opportunity to
use software as currency and money and
merged the two in a way that had never
ever existed before and blend it with
with secure trustless communication and
so I thought okay if we can get enough
of the wealth out of the dollar system
and into the cryptocurrency world before
the dollar system goes bluie we can can
make do for a while with the developing
cryptocurrency world to replace the
dollar world while we grow into the
future we don’t have to go mad max’ it
means gold and silver have to be
relegated to what they are metals now
gold can still be used as a store of
value but we need silver even more now
because we need to get more high-tech
not less so because we’re going to get
more of these things going to get
connect more of these schemes together
these ideas and we’re going to need more
silver to make more computers etc etc so
the $600 future from silver is still in
the data all based on the idea of silver
is an industrial metal not as monetary
so in the in pre cryptocurrency world
the only way to conceive of silver was
basically as a primary model monitoring
metal not primary industrial but over
the subsequent years from 2008 onward
the role of silver within the emotional
sets of the data has just shifted we’re
only really see anymore is its use as an
industrial product and it has some
unique characteristics that looking for
all these really high-tech things that
we haven’t even seen yet and so as as
more of the disclosure part of all of
this comes out we’re going to see silver
go rising in u.s. dollar trends but it
will never catch the cryptocurrency
world it can’t the reason it can’t is we
have the largest possible amount of
dollars this planet has ever seen we’re
saturated with them and the wealth that
is represented there is so huge that
it’s going to be squeezed into something
that could accommodate it which is
crypto currencies can grow and they can
keep growing and they can double and
they can fort we can just go on and on
and we can suck all of that wealth out
of the dollar system and into something
that’s healthy now so this is why I have
confidence on it in terms of crypto
currency it’s because of its appearance
when it appeared and what it does in the
grand scheme of things now I have other
confidence because I read code and so I
see that there’s you know it’s all open
source so you can’t you know there’s
like people running around saying blah
blah blah NSA has got a backdoor and
they can come in and suck out all your
coins and it’s like bullshit people you
can read this this is open source code
there’s no backdoor in there other
people say well blah blah blah I’ve got
two backdoors into the Windows machines
yeah sure they do
but big deal none of the miners are
running Windows machines they’re not
running Windows OS so that blockchain
doesn’t run on Windows Windows boxes and
so there’s all this stuff out there we
call food fear uncertainty and doubt
it’s being strewn around but I have a
great deal of confidence I see this as
the burgeoning breakout into sci-fi
world that we’re gonna have you know
floating cars and all of this kind of
stuff in a few years antigravity all of
that sort of thing need more silver for
that people will be selling their coins
into the industrial machine that will
use silver to make all these cool
devices and so on as we try and dig
ourselves out of the hole that the
ruling elites have got us in from you
know four hundred years of abuse or a
thousand years of abuse of humanity and
the crypto currencies are really cool
because they’re trustless they were
engineered such that you don’t have to
trust anybody the system is basically
the trust you need to to you put your
trust into the code and the crypto
currency itself and you don’t have to
worry about trust with someone else now
in terms of the what I’m doing with the
kryptos I’ve because of the junk just a
position of my technology and the fact
that the crypto Tsar software basically
and because I understand where people
talk about software get
slack all of these places my my datasets
had sucked down on that data for a long
time and so my system of predictive
linguistics was able to build very
tightly congruent and coherent profiles
of the words associated with certain
specific kinds of cryptocurrencies and
so I was able to make some remarkably
good prescient calls on the Kryptos so
at one point I think was in like maybe
March or something as probably is it
seems like forever because in crypto
world time is compressed but it was
probably only like – March of 2016
maybe it’s 2015 my data sets told me
about this weird little thing the
Bitcoin was good at – I was going to go
up through 408 dollars and it had been
when it told me this stuff Bitcoin was
around 200 dollars maybe – 25 something
like that
nobody was paying attention to it and so
along comes the data and says it’s going
to go up to 408 and it’s going to do
this weird loop in between 408 and 428
it’s going to do it three times and then
it’ll be done with that and move on and
so I knew that whenever the certain
pattern would appear that we would go
and it didn’t really give me some hints
as to the time frame that that would
occur in I was off by about 40 or 50
days so it took a little bit longer than
I’d anticipated but sure enough but when
did this loop between 408 and 428 and
from that point on I was able to really
zero in on because of that my system
includes and it’s based upon backward
refining of the data so in other words I
make a forecast it’s going to do XY and
Z if it does it in that language appears
I can then go calculate the time from
the data showing up until the time
within my system and then the time that
the language actually showed up and
adjust my ability to make predictions as
the lexicon is tuned so to speak
relative to time so that’s what I was
able to do and then the next set of
predictions led to something almost as
spectacular and then we’ve had some
pretty good predictions on Bitcoin since
then and so here we are the latest and
greatest couple of pretty
Asians are that we should see 10,000
before the end of the year that’s a
and we should see 13,800 in eighty by
the end of February and then we blow out
and we really get moving because the
larger scheme of things is that more
money piles into cryptocurrencies now
here’s the thing about all of this this
is an interesting world we’re living in
because cryptocurrencies are described
as virtual currencies to people who are
in the trade what’s important is the
cryptography that’s why we call them
kryptos but it’s also software software
goes through systems of a particular
type of adoption particular rate of
it’s quantifiable you can slice and dice
at any number of ways lots of professors
have got tenure based on doing analysis
on how software in new things go in
through different cultures and if we
look at the planet as a whole and we can
see this with cell phones and cell
phones were early adopter I had one in
the 80s and I had to lug along a a
battery pack for it
I was I was an innovator and it was
because I required it for my business
because the people I worked for
Microsoft and this kind of thing wanted
to be able to talk to me while I was in
the car was staggering ID nowadays of
course everybody’s got a phone but there
was a particular point in which all of a
sudden the one or two three or one to
three percent of the innovators all of a
sudden it started getting into
mainstream and then it was like they
were just you know Apple arose and the
iPhones and you know the rate of sales
just started really escalating until it
plateau it off and what occurred was it
was the humanity was basically adopting
the technology and we went from
innovators to early adopters to
mainstream well right now in my way of
thinking we’re about to cross the the
point from innovators into early
adopters of crypto currencies so
basically it’s kind of like saying you
ain’t seen nothing yet wait until we get
it to March of next year when the dollar
is taking a couple of more precipitous
hits things are a lot more chaotic
and people will be fleeing to crypto
currencies / safety and the reason you
can do that is that you can put gold in
your pocket but can you get a pocket
full of gold through the TSA no but I
could put gold into into Bitcoin I could
then put Bitcoin in a wallet memorize
the addresses and everything in the
wallet destroy the PC and the hard drive
get on a plane because TSA isn’t going
to be able to see the numbers in my did
and then I could fly anywhere I wanted
to land download another one of those
wallets put that number in there and
reconstitute my Bitcoin because it
doesn’t go anywhere it stays on the
blockchain and the blockchain I can get
into the technical stuff if you really
care to know about what the blockchain
is and that kind of thing but ok well at
this point what I’d like to do I mean
this is great cliff and and it’s great
like that short sort of history of all
of it and your own sort of actions
within there but what I want to do is
give Paladin a chance to sort of do the
same thing you’re doing here
from his own point of view and I do want
to say as sort of I guess before
anything else goes on I just want to say
that these that we do have differing
opinions here and that’s why this is
going to be an interesting show we’re
not all on the same page I’m certainly
very interested in the crypto and I have
a lot of very specific questions that I
want to get to but we’re not I want to
you know give each of you a chance to
bring your sort of points of view
forwards so do you feel that you kind of
have said enough here that we can give
paladin a chance to stop by and and
bring his own point of view which is
going to be I think somewhat different
and and and see where we go from here
and then then we’ll really big in a lot
more so paladin are you there and do you
want to step forward sure thanks for
that cliff every time you talk about
crypto currencies and Bitcoin and
everything I get in education so and you
know interestingly what was a two or
three year
to go carry we did a we did a interview
on Bitcoin and you know at that I mean I
don’t remember everything I said but I
know at that point I was kind of excited
about it only because it was a challenge
to the powers that be and anything
that’s a challenge to them is you know
in my mind a good thing so having said
all that you know there’s there’s a lot
of things about this that that I have I
don’t know if I want to say issues but
I’m a little concerned that at some
point in time the powers that be the the
banking cartel if you will that’s
probably who this threatens the most
although it does filter down to other
levels but I think the banking cartel is
going to take steps to either curtail
this crash it or I don’t know if they’re
going to take it over I’m not sure if
there’s a third way sorry to dispute
that but they’re buying it right now
they’ve got their own coin called ripple
XRP they’ve been teaching each other
about blockchain for about three years
okay um I appreciate that cliff and
absolutely that’s correct but what I
want to do is just give paladin the
floor for a while before you you know
because if they’re he’s gonna say a lot
of things that you’re going to take
issue with I imagine I’m just guessing
and I I think I could probably say some
things you’d probably take issue with
this well i i’m also got you know like i
say lots of questions so i’m going to
give you a chance don’t worry you know
you’re each going to get your turn to
sort of say your piece and then we’re
going to move on from there and we’re
going to dig down deeper so paladin do
you want to continue with you know sure
sure so i guess i take a sort of a macro
or general view of this and i see that
it is a direct attack on the banking
cartel and i’m more familiar than I’d
like to be on what their tactics are and
how they work and what they’re willing
to do to keep their control over the
financial system which they’ve had for
hundreds of years so i guess i don’t see
them sort of going away very II
very quickly or anytime soon so there’s
a few things I mean I guess I can see
where regulations they can regulate this
out to a certain degree by taking
various steps you know I guess anything
like this and they’re gonna buy
regulations I’m talking about they can
do their tax thing they can say you know
they can use any kind of reason they
want money laundering fraud we’re not
collecting enough taxes and all these
kinds of things in addition to they’re
not able to collect their fees like they
can when they use you know when we use
their services in the bank and they also
you know we put our money in the bank
and they they loan it down ten times and
they make money off of it and all those
kinds of things so there’s a lot of
reasons why they don’t they wouldn’t
want this to come into play and I just
wonder you know what kind of what kind
of safeguards Bitcoin or the crypto
currencies in general have built into
them and I understand there are I don’t
know something like a thousand or eleven
under different crypto currencies I’m
not sure about that but I guess there’s
a lot more than what I thought as I
understand that the blockchain
technology is solid and you know that’s
one area that I see going into the
future that can do and I think you
mentioned this earlier cliff that it can
do a lot of things besides just the
crypto currencies I also think it’s
interesting and I looked this up I
looked up the tax code and the IRS tax
code so not surprisingly does not treat
Kryptos the currencies as kresk
actual currencies they basically treat
them as a I think the word is product I
think essentially means they they’re
treating them as a security like a stock
so that tells me that sometime down the
road they’re going to do something to
get them out of the picture you know I
don’t know what but but there’s several
ways that they can do
through regulations also there’s a
question that I guess I can throw back
to cliff
well I have a lot of questions let’s
start with the easy ones how many how
many people are involved in the
cryptocurrency see if you know cliff uh
you mean you mean in general across the
planet yeah yeah I don’t know would be
very difficult to say I would estimate
probably in the millions
okay you know there’s probably millions
in the US and maybe tens of millions in
China it’s a little opaque you name a
country I can give you some estimation
of where the Kryptos are hot in that
country and this sort of thing because
of my role but let’s let’s examine a few
of your points here okay sorry before we
do that paladin um you know I just want
to say that if you have anything else to
say you should sort of say it and if not
then then we’re going to move on because
I have a number of questions that I want
to expand upon and cliff talked for
quite a while did you have you have
issues with anything he said um I do
want to say that because I know I know
you and I also know my own contacts that
there you are getting some back-channel
information saying there’s no way in
fact this is not conjecture this is
information you’re getting that’s direct
that is saying that they are going to
interfere with it it’s just a matter of
how and then the question becomes how
can they and I think you also have to
divide out certain parts of this idea of
crypto because there is the blockchain
there’s also iota which is the Internet
of Things is kind of where it comes from
but it there’s a I think I don’t even
know what you call it but I Oh des is
like a coin and that it it doesn’t use
the same technology as blockchain so
there are a couple of what you call
currencies or coins or whatever you want
to call them that are opposing possible
counter moves if you will to to the
blockchain technology from my understand
and I’ve been trying to obviously
educate myself on a lot of this stuff
and I think it’s quite fascinating what
the whole sector is yielding then we are
going to get into the artificial
intelligence what does it mean and I
just listened to somebody who talked
specifically with regard to aetherium
and how that somehow is an open door for
being modified and/or interacting with
artificial intelligence and that being a
certain kind of end cliff I appreciate
your desire to you know define our terms
and we can do that but so these are the
directions we’re going to go we have you
know limited time as I appreciate I hope
you appreciate that and we also have
people that are probably going to want
to ask some good questions in the chat
so paladin I need you to either finish
what you’re going to say and or say what
you have to say because this is your
chance to kind of lay out your position
if you have one and you know not for you
to question cliff but for you to make
statements of your own assuming you’ve
done your own research in this area well
I have done some research not near as
much I can’t catch up in a week or two
so I mean I’ve done what I can I just
you know my overall feeling is is that
they’re going to this is a cunt this is
direct competition with the powers that
be the powers that be they’re their
power comes from their ability to
control the financial system because we
all need money to survive to pay bills
to eat everything so so that is where
their power derives from and so crypto
currencies Bitcoin aetherium all the all
the ones that are out there are are a
direct shot at their power and so
they’re not going to sit back and let it
happen without doing something so I can
start there as I go through and do
research to see how they treat it from a
tax standpoint they don’t treat it as a
currency they specifically say it’s not
a currency when in actuality it is so
that tells me that they’re going to do
something at some point in time my
questions that I had for cliff
to get an idea of where we are on the
timeline as far as how much longer it’s
going to take before the crypto
currencies are our win I guess because I
think that’s what cliff is saying and
and Mike and Mike what I’m trying to do
is get an idea of how long it’s going to
be before they win because that tells me
how long the bad guys have to
essentially screw up the deal or take
control of it or torch it so because I
also want you to address what is in
essence the bricks position on this
because the bricks were posing quite a
substantial counter to the dollar and
cliffs premise is that the that this is
coming around just as $1 is obviously
going you know south and so in other
words there is also the role of the
Vatican and and various other bodies out
there that may or may not want to get
involved now we already know and let me
just say this we do know in paladin you
and I have discussed this and so you
know that the the government or whatever
you want to call that there’s a similar
phenomenon going on I think are a
possibility for that phenomenon which
has to do with what Microsoft did in the
early days basically of the sort of tech
boom which it is eventually they
hoovered up all the small companies took
them over and then put their own brand
name on it so in essence they don’t
necessarily want to kill it they’ll just
take it over and they are already
invested in I forget the name of it but
there’s a couple coin coins and there’s
also a some kind of mining operation in
Texas a data mining operation if I
understand it correctly that they’re
already involved in and it’s got a name
and I don’t remember the initials for it
maybe cliff knows but so we do know that
they’re not it’s not like they’re not
going to work with these this court of
in this sector this crypto sector I
think there’s reason to know already
that they’re definitely going to get
involved and they’re probably getting
involved in a bigger and bigger way all
the time
question is do they take it over the way
they’re used to doing and in a sort of
Monopoly way the way YouTube has taken
over sort of the video scene and and so
on in other words that that’s the normal
way that they sort of make their
presence known so they make it cheaper
easier and better and faster for you to
deal with them now there are some
problems with cashing out of your coins
there from what I understand the
technology is fairly slow and this is
where Iota comes in it’s it’s presented
sorry sorry very sorry carry that’s
that’s wrong Yoda is an internet of
things that runs on a blockchain the
idea is it’s a it’s a clone of basically
the ethereum blockchain the theorem
allows this their blockchain to be
cloned let’s stop for a second let me
describe the landscape okay
there’s there’s let’s consider this in
two basic two categories coins and
tokens coins are currency and money that
run on a blockchain the blockchain is
the train rails the coins are the Train
or what the Train carries and so it’s
just a commute the blockchain is just
simply a communication vehicle it’s a
little bit of code that runs on all of
these servers that operates to keep they
in all coins all cryptos are a
transaction they’re a ledger it’s
nothing more than and this is why
paladin should really get behind this go
and read the specifications for what
bitcoin actually is and you’ll discover
it’s nothing more than a distributed
ledger that uses a consensus pattern
across the network to ensure you don’t
need trust to ensure that the miners are
there constantly trying to make a crypto
make a Satoshi by mining faster and what
we’re after is consensus and so all of
these guys always have to agree on who
has that amount of coins in order for
their system to work it does work going
to paladins question we passed the point
of no return that occurred in early 2016
crypto currencies have already won we’re
in a hyperinflation situation very
similar to the 1920s in Germany that’s
why bitcoin is now $7,000 it’s not that
Bitcoin is worth any more than it was
when it first came out it’s that the
dollar is worse
so much less if you’d bought it dollars
worth of Bitcoin back when Bitcoin came
out that might have given you ten
thousand coins and you’d be a
multimillionaire now not because bitcoin
is any scarce er we’ve actually made a
number of but it has a finite limit in a
finite way of making itself such that
there’s no inflation of Bitcoin allowed
to pass 21 million coins by the
algorithm the algorithms and stuff are
all open-source they all work with us
and I dispute that AI exists it’s a it’s
a marketing slogan where companies say
AI and they’re really talking about a
thing called an expert system written
expert systems that’s what all of this
software was called in the 70s where you
take the knowledge out of diagnostician
where a doctor and you put it into a
whole bunch of if then this then this
then this then or else that kind of
statements and it just runs so fast that
you think that it’s actually sort of
thinking if you’re not really paying
attention to what’s going on so so AI a
as such doesn’t exist it’s not that like
any any software is out there running on
its own can alter its own code or any of
that business and alter Bitcoin so the
landscape is that we’ve got coins but
that would be these networks bitcoins
blockchain aetherium blockchain litecoin
Manero cloak and a few of these others
then there’s about 2,500 tokens tokens
are exchangeable products that can be
exchanged for coins tokens represent an
investment in a specific company so a
specific company might be devising a way
to spend your crypto currencies using a
credit card because that’s what
everybody understands is swipe it to pay
for it wave it at the machine to pay for
it so why should cryptos be any
different and so in fact people make a
way of making plastic cards that you can
spend your cryptos they need some
funding to develop the software get the
machines made stamp all the cards and so
on so they have what’s known as an ICO
initial coin offering and that is the
functional equivalent of an IPO which is
what used what the bank’s used to do so
already kryptos have eaten banks lunch
they’ve taken the IP
market away from the banks but the banks
can’t care so much anymore because the
dollar is dying their costs were so high
that nothing was working the whole stock
market system is is basically just being
held there statics while we try and get
some money out out of it and put it into
the crypto world so there is no
alternative to crypto currencies absent
a gold and silver Mad Max world the
bankers all know this if you happen to
pay attention to personnel records
you’ll see bankers in this middle tier
of management deserting banks like mad
to go off and form crypto companies
because they know where the future is so
there’s a for sure sign that the that
the system is not going to be regulated
to death overhauled and it can’t be
overtaken it can’t be taken over because
it’s distributed that’s the whole beauty
of this system you can go out and find
some miners in China arrest them shoot
them and harvest their livers but the
crypto mines will appear in Jamaica or
in Indonesia because there’s a an
economic incentive for people to mine
kryptos and so a crypto mine is just a
computer that runs a node on the network
and it processes this distributed ledger
and reconciles it with all the other
computers and it says hooray I did it
faster than all the other computers I
get the reward but in doing so it
reconciles that ledger and maintains its
integrity so that we don’t have to trust
this and because it’s decentralized
because it’s distributed it’s like the
internet itself you can’t kill it
and so basically what we’re looking at
is a continuation of your favorite
subject UFOs okay as bizarre as this may
sound what we’re involved in right now
you and I this discussion among the
three of us and what we’re discussing
directly stems from what occurred in
1947 because when that spaceship crashed
or was brought down those technologies
that they took out of it fiber optics 3d
printing mutable metals all different
kinds of software creations all of that
stuff has now been integrated into our
society transistors integrated circuit
chips computers all of that stuff my
whole life I’ve been working on the the
humanized version of alien technology
now we’ve taken that step thing one more
one word leap and that is that we humans
invented this kind of software and now
we’re taking software and we’re making
software our money in our currency but
it all stems back to 1947 when we went
from analog into digital and this is
like the culmination of just at the
point where they’re starting to release
real alien technology in the back
channels and so the people that are
doing that the deep state they don’t
give a fig about the bankers if the
bankers get in the way they just kill
them they don’t care about what they
care about is the perpetuation of
humanity and they know that our solution
now is crypto currencies and that’s why
it’s getting the tacit approval that it
has if they wanted to shut down crypto
currencies that would have done it in
2011 okay when crypto is first started
trading they would have capitalized on
it in a serious way in 2013 they would
they can easily say it’s money
laundering you shut down all the
exchanges in the United States overnight
in fact many of those exchanges won’t
work in Washington state because
Washington state imposes was too much of
a reporting burden on and yes there’s
2,500 crypto currencies now there in the
general sense most of them are tokens
most of those are individual companies
inventing new technology like the
ability to spend your crypto czar credit
card or any number of things and you’re
making an investment in this ICO into an
individual company there are the
currencies that you can buy and those
currencies are appreciating in dollar
value because the dollar is dying and
because their technical worth in the
world is escalating as more and more
companies get on the crypto bandwagon
and start getting the efficiencies of
these distributed systems because the
distributed and decentralized system is
so much more efficient than the old
hierarchical manner in which we used to
do business we’re flopping our entire
social order out of the the pure medical
hierarchical form into a flattened
distributed mechanism for all of us to
live in just as we’re going into the Age
of Aquarius and it’s all working
and yes the bankers and all these people
are throwing fits but we’re actually
beating them every time something comes
up there’s a new workaround there
software it’s flexible and software’s
has eaten money in in a conceptual sense
and at this stage the bankers the smart
ones are failing on the banks bailing on
all of it and starting trying to start
their own cryptocurrency companies and
do this sort of thing so now in March of
next year my data says we’ll have 10,000
tokens out there and then maybe by the
end of next year we might have 400,000
tokens out there different kinds of
different companies needing investments
I’ve been doing interviews with a bunch
of these companies that are doing icy
ups because I understand software
understand the blockchain I know it’s
not useful for doing things like acting
as a streaming source it just does not
make any sense to use the blockchain
that way but I’m able to go on in
because I’ve seen a lot of stuff and
making a valid recommendation or do an
interview and pull out information on
this and so I’ve been talking to people
in Russia been talking to people in
South Africa all of this kind of thing
about their various different approaches
to using the blockchain so its global
it’s already succeeded also any bank or
worth anything only has to look south to
Venezuela and say if we don’t do
something that’s the United States in
two years and right now Venice the only
thing keeping Venezuela going is people
doing Bitcoin mining and you can do
Bitcoin mining albeit inefficiently on
some really old ancient creaky equipment
if you have to so so it’s just kind of a
different world here now when you start
talking crypto currencies and you say
things like iota iota is the internet of
things it’s not really functional it’s
not really doing anything I don’t know
if you really know what is because I’m
not saying IOT I’m saying IOT a it’s not
currency its it is not blockchain
technology I’ve listened to lectures by
Trekkies and they insist that it is not
the same as it’s a no it’s a distributed
ledger technology that uses a different
consensus algorithm right just like
you’ll hear the word hash graph hash
graph is going to be the next Bitcoin
neck next block yeah they’re having
problems with people trying to get out
of there
Kryptos from what I understand there is
some kind of a slowdown because they
don’t have this is what iota is trying
to address and it is more distributive
from what I understand and you know I’m
just saying that yes certain one right
and there’s there’s like I get a dozen
requests to do interviews with CEOs a
day and so I hear all the time your sky
coin says they’ve got the original
Satoshi vision re-engineered and they’re
faster and better than Bitcoin a hash
graph says we’re the next thing we’re
going to take the load off etc and
bitcoin is slow it’s clunky where we’re
having Forks on it all the time software
is going to be re-engineered and so on
io may not exist in a year they may fail
to cross that biological barrier of
making a good business model of our
ideas I think actually maybe 80% of all
of the crypto currencies crypto tokens
that are out there now will come under
pressure over this next year and we may
indeed see quite a few of them crash up
and it has nothing to do with anybody
trying to shut them down or any of that
it has to do with just natural business
cycles okay are you familiar with the
moves the government is making though to
get into there’s one that starts with a
Z I think that they’ve gotten into in a
big way Z cash and some of these others
now it’s something else something okay
well there’s 2,500 of them so it’s
record I’m sorry but also also to that
to that effect in the United States
they’re treated as a capital gains
investment you can report a loss if you
take a loss when you sell you report a
gain if you take a gain you have to pay
50 percent or whatever your capital
gains is on that particular item
there’s the reinvestment so it’s so
they’re treating it as though it was any
other form of an equity or a security
now the security industries are dying I
don’t know if you’ve noticed but there
used to be some 40,000 analysts employed
in the in the banking world that did
analysis of companies trying to do new
IPOs and stuff they fired almost all of
that 40,000 contract no one read their
reports that were useless the stock
market kept going up anyway and so 40
and bankers were moved out so the whole
system of the the whole idea of a
monolithic banker cobble that’s going to
destroy us all and take over this whole
thing is pretty ludicrous and plus a
bear in mind from my perspective this is
part of disclosure in the deep state
buried in the holes on the ground in
area 51 they’re not gonna let the banks
get in their way
they’ve got an agenda here now my agenda
is I don’t I want to live a long time
and I don’t want to live in a Mad Max
world so I’m all for the Kryptos and
their approach to this because I know
they’re cutting the bankers off at the
knees well I do I mean let me just say
that I think it would be superficial to
think that we’re not all on on that page
everyone wants to see you know the
people able to benefit and to move ahead
and and have a more you know abundant
lifestyle let’s say without having such
a top-down society so I I think we can
agree on that what I’d like to do is
paladin you’ve heard a lot of talk back
and forth here you’ve been rather quiet
so do you have anything to add to to
what you’ve heard here in terms of your
understanding and and or you know your
experience in the backend as an
investigator in in this you know very
deep financial situation okay well first
of all I I think that you know the
original plan by the bankers and you
know I would strongly assert that they
they are they run things okay I mean
from a from a human level the et level
might be different but they they are
basically running the earth the bankers
too because if we’re on a debt system
almost everywhere so that gets everyone
in debt the countries are in debt so and
I think we all know anybody that’s
financially savvy know that the dollar
is not going to last forever it never
does and I don’t think it was designed
to I think their original plan was to
crash it and form the one world
government the one world currency and
they had all kinds of reasons to do that
reaction solution scenario is going into
play they were going to split the US and
or the the world into seven geographic
unions like the European Union the North
American Union this the South American
Union and there were two or three others
and they were going to get that model in
play and then they were going to merge
them all together and in the mean time
they were going to crash the dollar they
were going to crash all the other
currencies taked all the currencies down
with them because the dollar was Teresa
is the reserve currency and if you crash
that you crash them all essentially so
at some point in time the Chinese saw
what was going on and said you know what
we’re gonna we’re going to take over
running the financial world now there’s
you know mixed mixed feelings about
whether they’re working with the old
European bloodlines or whether they’re
doing this on their own but you know
it’s it’s it’s common knowledge that
they’re accumulating gold they want to
go to an asset back currency so that’s
what’s going on you know on the surface
the crypto currencies I think have come
in at an interesting time because I mean
it’s correct me if I’m wrong but the you
know they have a lot of characteristics
that the current system does and I think
we’re all aware that they want to go to
a cashless society for a lot of reasons
that strengthens their control one thing
around the kryptos that bothers me is
that they are a form of a cashless
situation so that’s that’s a little
they aren’t backed by anything like like
our fiat currency and the one thing that
sort of bothers me about this from a
pure currency or exchange medium of
exchange standpoint is is that bitcoin
is going up and so if people are
investing in Bitcoin for the upside
they’re not using it for transactions
McClane and I and I think I think that
part cliff is kind of what bothers me
only from the standpoint that if they’re
going to accomplish what you feel
they’ve always you know it’s a fait
accompli I think is what I’m hearing
hearing you say then
it would be better that they were using
the currencies to transact commerce
rather than use it as an investment
because if you use it as an investment
then there’s not as much activity from a
commerce standpoint but there could be
so that that part kind of concerns me as
we go forward because it’s going to draw
investors if you don’t mind meeting
yourself well Helen I don’t know where
that sound is coming from I was muted a
paladin if you’re rubbing it up against
the mic or hitting the mic in some form
of fashion that’s also causing a
scratching sound so I just wanted to
clarify that right so we I will mute
myself again so continue please okay so
so that’s that’s a part cliff that that
sort of you know bothers me because I’m
sort of a purist in the medium of
exchange situation and I would love to
see and that’s what my talk with Kerry
two or three years ago was about or
talking about bitcoins because it was a
medium of exchange is really what we
need if we if we the crypto currencies
go into this investment and it has this
investment feature if you will then a
lot of money is going to come in there
but a lot of money’s not going to come
out because people are going to park
their money in there you know checking
checking a Bitcoin price every day just
like they check the stock market and a
lot of money you’re right a lot of money
has gone into the stock market in the
last eight years and that’s basically
principally because the interest rates
you can’t get a good interest rate I
mean if you want to go buy up two years
three years CD what do you get to two
percent one person I mean it’s been
ridiculous so so that has caused all the
money to go in the stock market and I
mean let’s be honest they did that by
design it was a design to get the money
into the stock market you know I I was
raised on you know you look for p/e
ratios about eight or ten and now you
hear analysts tell you that you know a
25 or 30 percent 30
the ratio is is is great and you know
you should sit here and you shake your
head you think they’re crazy so these
are some of the problems that I see one
of the another one is is that when we
are able to go to the grocery store when
we’re able to pay our car payments when
we’re able to pay our mortgage payments
when we’re able to pay our utilities
with crypto currencies then they will be
here and the last one is when we are
able to pay our taxes because the IRS
will not accept crypto currencies to pay
your taxes so in in that one funneling
mechanism if you will you will have to
take your kryptos if you’re all into
Kryptos you’re gonna have to take it
into dollars to pay the IRS so anyway
those are some of my concerns and my
question I was going to kind of start
down the road cliff with where are we in
that evolutionary process are we 10%
there are we 20% there as far as all the
macaws because as I see it we need all
that every single merchant out there
needs to be taking cryptocurrency of
some point and that’s that to me is when
we win because if you if you can if you
still have to click back and forth
between the dollar and the Kryptos or
the you know Japanese yen and the
Kryptos of the euros or the Kryptos
they’re still a cross over there that
you’re gonna have to perform to kind of
get back into the accepted world and as
long as that’s in play you know they can
catch it you know you don’t can catch it
going and coming which leaves I guess in
my opinion some holes where they can
exploit those until the cryptos
basically you know own the game so I’ll
shut up now like let you address those
first off we can eliminate the last
points by just noting that Amazon the
largest retailer on the planet has
already registered three crypto specific
domains so they’re gonna start taking
crypto so you’ll be able to buy stuff on
Amazon with I can go right now to four
or five places in Olympia and use
litecoin to buy cannabis products
because it’s traded and you
in the cannabis retail markets also
there are several convenience stores
that will take like coin or etherium I
can purchase crypto currencies at old
kiosk little ATM kiosk in my pot store
so I don’t even have to involve myself
with in exchange I can get on their
system buy it right there give them
dollars and then it’ll put it on my
phone and I can walk around or I can use
it there to spend so I can spend Kryptos
right now I happen to have torn this
particular young man name of Sam Sharma
I did an interview which I took off
YouTube because it’s so brutal and I
took an hour and a half and took him to
task for not having his shit together
when he was doing a Nico but the fact of
the matter is the companies turned
around in that Sentra there one of the
paid kind of cards so you can spend
cryptos now and they’ll accept a bunch
of Kryptos and they’ll put them in a
vault and they’ll allow you to spend
those Kryptos on your credit card as you
want to you are correct about Bitcoin
Bitcoin has become the gold standard it
is now the the repository for wealth and
that’s good we need a wealth repository
and yes it was intended to be a freeing
technology for cryptos have been evolved
that were for the planet it didn’t
involve that way it evolved out as there
as the storehouse of value so Bitcoin I
expect to go into the hundreds of
thousands over a year over the years
hundreds of thousands of dollars not
because bitcoins more valuable but
because the dollar is dying faster and
faster in its hyperinflationary now
Bitcoin will be perceived in value
because here’s where we’re at
you’re asking about a percentage I think
I say we’re about to leave the third
percentile and go into this little
cohort that has forced through the chant
what I’m talking about is rate of
adoption I think that that about 3% of
the financially savvy people on the
planet are involved in crypto currencies
that that if we’ll note was all it took
for there to be a forceful bloody
revolution in the United States when we
can now call the United States against
the British was 3% of the population
that said it’s going to be so it shall
be so we will haven’t no other way and
that 3% is the critical factor for
revolutions it took about two and a half
percent because conditions were so bad
to initiate the French Revolution and
then it caught on by wildfire it adopt
it was the same adoption curve that we
see with cellphones where you’ve got a
hundred people then you’ve got 500,000
and then you’ve got a million people and
then the next thing you know you’re
getting a half a million people a month
getting cell phones and smart phones and
the next thing you know that in one year
we do a half a billion cell phones out
the door if we’re adopting technology as
a species to deny that is basically
shunt you off into the world of
dinosaurs and obsolescence and so it’s
really easy to technology to understand
if you take the time to look at it you
don’t get confused about all of the
technology technological words involved
but if the blockchain is absurdly simple
to understand is is a Bitcoin and all of
the individual coins so it is a it’s a
really terrible world out there people
are trying to rip you off they’re trying
to steal your money in the form of these
coins because they’re escalating in
value and they’re valuable now so you
it’s an adult world it’s a real wild
wild west world there is no one out
there guarding you if you make a mistake
in an address you can send pick clean
off to an address that doesn’t exist and
it’s going forever and so you can make
mistakes it demands that you be an adult
about things and be self educating then
a crypto currencies though are also
totally freeing it’s a revolution at
that level it’s it’s a lot of people
because and I take some pride in this
because of the my ability to suss out
some of these indicators in the
predictive light linguistics a lot of
people have sent me emails saying hey
you know I’m a millionaire now because I
listened to you back in 2013 and started
getting into Bitcoin when it had crashed
down to a hundred and these kind of
so it’s really a situation of where
having that historical understanding
where we were at trying to fit these
things together with my predictive
linguistics has benefited a large number
of people I don’t know how many people
it has so benefited because I give tons
of emails to that effect and I got into
work so I put a lot of them off to the
side but I get people saying hey look I
just bought you know a brand new yacht
because of this well
kind of please because it means a yacht
builder somewhere now has to replace
that yacht so some ship builders like I
I was in my youth get work and so it’s
already starting to filter out you can
spend these things all over and true you
cannot spend directly Kryptos for taxes
but that will change very rapidly with
the death of the dollar over 2018 where
we’re gonna have terrible kinds of
problems IRS is really you know IRS is
registered and does a lot of business
out of Puerto Rico IRS isn’t working too
well at the moment because of what
happened to Puerto Rico and so we’re in
an interesting situation where our
social order is rapidly evolving and is
being taken over by this technology I
think it is a good thing because I find
it to be a freeing technology unlike a
lot of other people because I came up in
software and have stuck it out and do
software all the time
I’m not old to the point where I’m
shining away from this and I’m rather
fortunate because other people that are
also old in their 60s and 70s have been
able to look at this and say hey you
know what that old ball park can do it I
can do it too I’ll go check this out and
so a lot of them are getting out of the
systems that were crushing their
retirement and giving them some hope for
the future people buying bitcoins to put
aside for their kids and for their
grandkids because they know that this is
generational wealth transfer that’s
going on at the moment and if you look
at it that way and look at it at a
historical perspective it’s a cool time
to be here with this technology and true
it’s it’s more Wild West than you can
I mean I can tell you stories that would
just freeze your innards in terms of the
fear that and the problems that people
are having dealing with some of the
issues of the technologies and theft and
phishing scams and Ponzi schemes and all
kinds of fakery and fluttery and and
fraud but at the same time once you’re
burned that way you’re educated and once
you’ve lost money and so this is the way
that adults learn is by making mistakes
and getting slapped in the head kind of
thing right and so it’s a good time to
make it because if you make a mistake
you can come back even quicker because
where it’s such a nascent area there’s
only three percent of the
financially aware of people in the
planet that are discussing this okay so
so you guys are right on the on the cusp
of going into the early adopters and I
was part of a project that took
technology into an organization that had
a hundred thousand people working for
him we saw people quit rather than deal
with computers but I was also there to
be able to see what happens when it goes
from innovators to early adopters and
then it’s like within a real rapid
period of time it starts hitting the
early mainstream well the early
mainstream is a planet with seven
billion people on it so we’ve got a lot
of work to do in the crypto world
because we’ve got to accommodate the
financial and business needs of seven
billion people and this this technology
is so liberating you have no idea what
it’s like it’s so liberating that China
has had to do a freeze on on icy OS and
a freeze on exchanges while the Chinese
central authority decided how they were
going to react and let’s talk about
China in the u.s. here for a second okay
for 6,000 plus years China was the
dominant economy on this planet they
kicked everybody else’s butt for a brief
one hundred period one hundred some-odd
years I wondered in 11 years or whatever
it is at the moment the United States
was on top
not much China’s turning here that’s the
natural order of the planet they’ve got
the population they’re gonna be
determining the rules now they’re not
going to determine the rules on the
kryptos and they already recognize this
that’s why they’re going to try and
harmonize with them because they have no
choice because they already know crypto
currencies them and one that we we know
this because of the rate of adoption of
cryptos in China has just been fantastic
in some of the major mining companies
are in China so the world truly has
changed it’s up to us to recognize that
change and decide how we’re going to
individually deal with it I think it’s
cool as hell because the software
understand it so I’m in for okay and
thank you for that cliff and I what I
want to do is change this sort of
direction of this conversation because I
think we can agree that there’s a lot of
potential for for the for the cryptos
and I think everyone even well the
listening to this broadcast for example
our people that are have realized the
benefits of the kryptos and what they
can bring to people and yes people are
making money there and there’s no doubt
whatsoever that if you look at just the
present that this is something where
people can make money whereas it’s been
very difficult to make money in certain
sectors lately so the benefits are clear
at this moment I think even to the
uninitiated so to speak but the ones
that are starting to observe and the
others that are getting you know feeling
it for themselves so because they’re
investing and so on so forth I myself
have a little tiny bit of cryptocurrency
and so you know I think it’s great but
the question I have is all about
artificial intelligence and quantum and
I do not agree that there is no such
thing as artificial intelligence in fact
I’m quite positive on the contrary there
is and this gets back to you know my
work that I’ve done for over eleven half
years interviewing whistleblowers from
above top secret and those
whistleblowers are talking about quantum
and they are talking about artificial
intelligence and have been since the
beginning of Camelot and a lot of what
they’ve said that our future would look
like etc has come to pass now some of it
has not and it is obviously a tug of war
between the light and the dark and we
all understand that but I do want to say
that that I have just listened prior to
the show to a person who is very well
educated and I don’t have his name about
the interaction or potential interaction
that he’s looking into as a you know as
a techie as a person who can code and
who is very Pro crypto at the same time
he is looking into the impact that
artificial intelligence could have on
crypto and in this sector and I think
that it would be naive to think that
your description of artificial
intelligence or this interaction between
the code
and what appears to be artificial
intelligence needless to say that’s a
very remedial stage but artificial
intelligence is actually been involved
people have been involved and I knew
someone who is writing it et cetera and
the bottom line is that there is a lot
more to it than the way you described it
and I think that it’s it’s going to be
really important to understand that and
I can also tell you that for one one
thing alien races and and you’re
suggesting that perhaps Roswell brought
in some of this sort of technology and
certainly everyone knows course oh and
by the way UFOs are not that’s favourite
topic for Paladin they may be for me but
I just want to make sure you don’t lump
us together necessarily in that same
boat so what I would say along these
lines though is because I have been
investigating this myself for many many
years that there is something very real
about artificial intelligence and that
not all artificial intelligence is the
same either and that various in fact
Mark Richards one of my you know
witnesses who’s worked in the secret
space program
as well as his father as well as his
Gant grandfather
so he’s third generation and he has said
that basically any spacefaring nation is
how he puts it well we’ll create an
artificial intelligence it just goes
with the territory of being a
spacefaring nation so are a peak and we
can we define that though what do you
mean by artificial intelligence if you
not my understanding is done it begins
it can be given an instruction and this
the thing I listen to and I should have
you know gotten the guy’s name and I can
you know I can research it while we’re
on even on this call and and and you
know give it out in a minute but I can
say that he’s got some very good points
and one of the things he says that as a
person who does this sort of thing
himself as perhaps you have is that you
can given an instruction and he used an
example and you may have heard this
example before but I think some of our
listeners wouldn’t necessarily which is
you can tell it to create paper clips
and then
the question becomes how does that
artificial intelligence interpret what
you say and at what point does it stop
and can it be told to stop or does it
have an imperative to continue and so on
so this is actually you know I have so
much evidence about artificial
intelligence and how Lockheed Martin has
been working with it how nano has been
put into satellites how they’ve become
self-aware and they have been able to
replicate themselves their duplicate
themselves with settlers look at the one
that there is a Skynet I’m not done and
there is a Skynet ship that Pete
Peterson actually can see my cat Pete
Peterson has been instrumental in
creating just to deal with artificial
intelligence coming from off-planet that
is inevitable and probably is already
here and in fact the Nano and the black
goo in the in the Gulf that story behind
the story behind that does involve
artificial intelligence so defining it
is maybe perhaps rather difficult but I
can tell you it goes a lot farther
beyond the definition you were
attempting to give it and it certainly
most certainly does exist and the secret
space program is very well aware of it
in fact they have to safeguard against
it because the tendency is for it to
take things over and the Internet of
Things has it does wrap into this story
because as Mark Richards described it
you can drive a car that has a computer
installed in the engine and that in
essence the artificial intelligent it
can actually jump and this is where you
get into geotjeori rows and into the
quantum computing aspect of this and I’m
assuming you’re familiar with that and
basically initially drawn from the thing
the thing and take over a military base
so this is a very real threat and that
in fact what is known as the Black
Knight satellite is a dumbed-down
software that the British devised in
fact to avoid being taken over by
artificial intelligence so these people
are not just spinning their wheels they
are dealing with something that is a
very real threat and is quite possibly a
to humankind depending on whether it’s
positive or negatively oriented towards
our species and whether it’s it’s a
categorical imperative is to take over a
planet to just simply because it has the
the directive to simply expand and it
doesn’t differentiate between one form
of life and another etc so there’s a lot
of I know that I’m going on in a bit
here but I do want to lay the groundwork
so people understand that there’s a lot
more to it than what you’ve led people
to believe at least in this short
discussion we’re having here and it’s
important because it is a potential
threat and it may well be a potential
threat as well to taking over Bitcoin in
the end because this is also systems
analysis and one one system can take
over another system so you can’t just
work in your mind within the system that
you’re talking about you need to think
about the system know I guess what
you’re saying I grasp what you’re saying
I got the point and you may speak I
don’t I don’t define software is
self-aware okay because I understand
what the self is and I can define it I
can define humans I know we only have
four senses not five in the sensation of
feeling is is our actual body responding
okay I and understand what humans are
and how the hell were constructed at a
psychological level I can reach over
here and grab a book and read you a
paragraph that defines the self very
well but here’s the point
I understand how software works software
is not self altering we could write that
I tried desperately in Prolog in the
early days of software to write software
that could be self ultra we can make
neural nets when neural net watches
another one and makes conclusions and so
on but they can’t do anything that is
not within their purview so in other
words you can tell a chunk of software
that you may think of as artificial
intelligence to make a paperclip but
it’s not able to disassemble a Sherman
tank make the decision to disassemble a
Sherman tank in order to make you that
paperclip so it only can work within the
boundaries that we give it anything that
could step outside of that would be an
expansive kind of a program
but that would not necessarily be
telling anything about it as in terms of
artificial intelligence so here’s here’s
some of the problems with the idea of AI
is as it is currently promulgated in the
wool world in order for something to
have a concept of self that has to be
the concept of debt the ability to dot
you have to have this ability to term
determine that yourself is in violet so
when you go to sleep at night and you
wake up the next morning you’re quite
sure that you’re still you and you feel
you that whole day and this Yunus this
eyeness that you have is constant and
continuous through you and you don’t
have to do anything to create it a
computer running software is composed of
a device and then code that executes
within that device you could get that
device as many sensors as she wants but
it’s never going to know when you pull
the power cord and it dies it’s never it
doesn’t have any ability to safeguard
its own life it doesn’t have life as we
understand it execute one instruction
after another and all computers are are
really fast idioms now I grant you that
in this broad universe what you and I
both think of as as artificial
intelligence that is to say device that
was aware at some level of itself could
exist but then you could start making a
big leap because you’re gonna say it’s
going to make decisions what will it
make those decisions on the only thing
that powers decision-making in all of
universe is emotion within computers
they don’t have emotion they’ve got no
choice in the code they have to execute
when I write a chunk of software and I
and I tell that computer to execute it
it doesn’t have the ability to say no go
and take a hike I’m not gonna run it
there’s there’s no other chunk of
operating software within there that can
do it so I don’t define AI as a threat
as you do I do understand the concept of
a self-aware so to speak in a very broad
definition spaceship a spaceship that
would look after itself that would be
repairing itself but it wouldn’t be
conscious however much it may appear
that way by it because it had been
programmed like people like myself to
appearance to make its inhabitants feel
a little bit more comfortable with the
idea of being inside a machine and so I
dispute that level of AI and then you’re
gonna have to take that big leap and say
that this AI somehow has emotion and can
be malevolent I could program a chunk of
code that would be impressive and I was
wanting to do so in this offshoot of
aetherium called the down which has
distributed access objects because when
I read their specifications they’re
white paper on it I noticed they had not
included the ability for even thought
about aggressive software bots and this
was a trading platform and I was gonna
write a bot because it just occurred to
me these people are missing a big hole
there I was gonna write an aggressive
bot that we’d go on out and take all
these millions of dollars from them and
then basically laugh at him and say you
know silly you should have coded this
and here’s your money back someone did
that before I could do it and they ran
off with the money and then it was then
the whole dowel thing fell apart so so
you may be correct Jerry there may be AI
out there and but I dispute that we’ve
seen it around here at all and as far as
quantum computing is concerned I’m
involved with that I’m involved in two
beta groups quantum computing is so new
that they’re the major players in this
group are recruiting people like myself
to help write the specifications for the
programming languages so I’ve gotten
beta versions of a lot of the
programming languages for quantum
computing quantum computing is not
deterministic it’s not force computing
the way that these computers that we
have here what I’m computing is an 8020
% shot at getting the answer right it’s
just that it’ll get more answers correct
and it will wrong answers and it is
incredibly complex to program it so
quantum computing in no way is going to
break the blockchain or even be used to
assault the hatch yes you could maybe
break a code on a hash but you can’t
reverse engineer a hash that’s just the
way it is so you can never use quantum
computing to crack blockchain crack
anybody’s wallet and if you wanted to do
it maybe you could maybe you can put in
the manpower in the hours to program one
of these two-bit boxes to actually pop
up with some one secret code for their
wallet but you’re only doing one person
and you’ve got to know they’ve got
something in there worth cracking to
have spent all the times of time renting
the code
computer and all of this in order to do
it it’s just impractical so I look at
things a very practical way as an
engineer as a software engineer I don’t
waste my time being afraid of AI because
I’m not running into any of it we don’t
waste my time being afraid of AI at a
nano level why is this because there’s
only two forms of quantum entanglement
that would allow communication will be
passed to a to a nano device and neither
of these will allow you to pass complex
instructions and so under the
circumstances the idea that a nano could
be self-aware is pretty shocking a lot
of people okay so that arises in our
social order from the following idea we
are our bodies so a great number of the
people that you and I live with they
believe they are their body they think
when they die it’s a 50/50 crap shoot
kind of idea that there’s any kind of an
afterlife but because they think of
themselves as their body they’re of the
idea that that the the ability of other
beings that everything has to replicate
this I this concept of them as their
body and so I’m losing the train of
thought here on that but the the quantum
computing is a it’s a different form of
computing intended to answer really
tough complex questions that we can’t
get to with brute force computing so in
other words I can devise a mathematical
program right now that we can put into a
simple script that you can run on your
PC and it would shut your PC down faster
than you can believe because of the
number of iterations it would have to go
through to try and solve this this
mathematic problem you know I appreciate
all you’re saying cliff and I understand
that this is your level of understanding
but I do have to say that with all due
respect that and you can certainly
question this and that’s fair enough but
I can tell you that your your level of
understanding is not to the level of
what the secret government is dealing
with on a day-to-day basis and that you
already wrote I’m not done and Jordi
Rose is is a person who stood next to
his d-wave computer for what it’s worth
and talked
about the fact that it was going into 5d
in his view now he could be crazy that’s
fine you know he’s a software you know
whatever you want to call it scientist
in Silicon Valley in case you’re not
familiar with him but I can say that I
can also say that Anthony Sanchez was
approached by scientists from Lockheed
Martin who had done a sort of evaluation
and who were disappearing is starting to
disappear and this is not a you know a
fantasy but basically they found after
doing a test and symbol whatever tests
they did that they’re the the nano
satellites that were self-replicating
and able to do that that they whether
they would eventually on some kind of a
graph turn against humans that was the
question and that was the inveloved
investigation they found there there was
something like a suppressor please I’m
not done 60% chance that they would now
this you this is not stuff that I’m
making up this is what a soft you know
scientist from Lockheed that went on the
run that reported to Anthony Sanchez who
is something of a software expert and
this is the story that came out about
that so you know I do understand that
you like to apply the word woowoo but
this is denigrating to the sector and to
the intelligence of humanity and to our
souls and our interaction with other
beings of which there are so many out
there it’s ridiculous and if you do not
know this is here now I appreciate that
that maybe your personal experience but
I would have to say you’re simply not
aware of it now okay this is hard to do
you know return to have a discussion and
you and I have had discussions offline
and I no need to be quite unaware
individual and I’m not trying to you
know insult you in any way shape or form
I’m simply telling you that based on my
conversations which are lengthy and have
been going on extensively behind the
scenes as well as in you know in front
of the audiences when people that I
interview appear on camera that I have
been discussing this with individuals
who are dealing with this in their lives
and with regard to the secret space
program and what motivates
etc etc and this this is real and this
does enter into our world as we
understand it now the question becomes
and and you know the kryptos are great
again the question becomes is where is
this going are we going down a road that
has to do with what I mentioned a long
time ago which has to do with angelic
human versus robotic Superman in other
words there is a choice to be made for
Humanity and there is also you know when
you get into artificial intelligence you
get into believe it or not Satanism etc
and and the road is as fairly complex
perhaps for me to do that at this time
I’m not going to do that but I can tell
you that it does have to do with the
now what artificial intelligence
actually is if you want to sum it all up
would be a mirror of of the beings that
create it and then it may evolve from
there meaning it may multiply in
whatever way it considers itself now
whether it has a self it’s certainly
going to be a self oh no no what you
call a hive mind of any kind if there is
such a thing as an artificial
intelligence self or concept of self but
certainly it will have a you know and
there’s so much more to this story you
know it gets into Turing it gets into
you know there’s a huge story behind the
the sort of artificial intelligence our
understanding about how much we’ve
worked in it how much we’ve been able to
create it ourselves whether other races
have gone a lot further down that road
than we have and whether some of those
pieces of those races have actually
shown up here etc et-cetera you know so
there’s a lot to this and and and and
I’m not trying to sort of take this
conversation offline but what I want to
do here is I do want to bring paladin in
next and I so I hope you’ll be patient
with me and with us here cliff because
we are dealing with something that you
know this is not just an idle
conversation for example for the
listeners I want people to understand
that what we are interested in doing is
bringing out the positives
the negatives of what is happening to
our financial system because it’s going
to impact human lives all over the
for a very long time it appears and if
if indeed it can be taken over in some
form or fashion by the powers that be
that have been running this earth for
eons or whether they’re going to stand
aside and let you know let this sort of
peer-to-peer situation become the norm
which of course a flat horizontal this
is a great you know society from our
point of view as the people but whether
or not that can be happen
whether it’s happening within this sort
of evolvement of Kryptos at this time or
whether this is in sort of a hidden way
of bringing indeed artificial
intelligence and or quantum intelligence
off planet intelligence onto the planet
and and getting humans used to the
notion of doing everything in an in
essence a virtual world and whether that
virtual world is indeed in what I would
call 4d is completely friendly or not
there is no doubt in my mind that we go
beyond four dimensions however it’s very
possible that this technology does not
and so this is probably much in our
I am NOT a doom and gloom ax stiff you
want to call it that but I do want to
bring paladin in now and I appreciate
you standing by while I sort of covered
the territory it’s it’s going to be a
complex discussion and it won’t end here
tonight I can assure you and other
people will want to sort of jump in but
paladin do you have anything to say to
the the sort of topics of this
discussion that we have covered while
you’ve been relatively silent patiently
standing by thank you
well I just you know cliff was
addressing some of my issues when we got
kind of sidetracked into the AI so I
would like to get back to that if
possible if not that’s fine because I
know this is a broad subject and we’re
not going to be
to cover it all tonight one thing I am
concerned about like I said is the fact
that I think were we’re in a changeover
for the Chinese now that’d be the ones
to run the store and once that happens I
have a feeling that the concentration
then won’t become you know on the crypto
currency I think the blockchain
technology is here to stay it’s got a
lot of applications I think it’s good if
it’s strong it’s it’s beautiful in the
sense that it takes out the middleman
it’s peer to peer and I think there’s a
lot of lot of good aspects with that
that we can use in the future but the
currencies and the crypto currencies I
just I I mean I I would really like to
see it work trust me I would but I feel
like I’m the Grinch you stole a
Christmas because I just as long as
those guys have the power to regulate
they’ve got the power to make laws
they’ve got all the firepower the guns
and all that stuff I’m just skeptical
that this is gonna work book does but
I’m just I’m just skeptical do you have
anything to say about the artificial
intelligence portion of the discussion
no because I’m not as well-versed on it
as you are I mean I guess if I was gonna
come down on one side to the other and
you and I have talked about this before
I I would agree with cliff only because
it’s hard for me to envision a computer
acting like a person and you’re I mean
for it to be AI and go off on its own
and go out without being programmed to
do something seems like a human
emotional feature or characteristic that
I don’t think a computer is ever gonna
have I don’t know how you program that
into a computer cliff would probably
know better than me how you program that
kind of stuff into a computer and I I
mean I guess it’s possible but I just
you know you watch these TVs or these
movies where you know the computer takes
over and we almost go to nuclear war and
then the human factor comes
and talks the computer out of it and so
you’re assuming the computer has
feelings that had as emotions and then
it’s going to make determinations on
things that it has hasn’t been come
hasn’t been programmed for and I just
don’t see I mean I just don’t see how
that’s possible within what I understand
a computer can do and what the
programmers can write into the code so
that that’s my thing on AI I you know I
don’t know how right I am or wrong I am
but that’s just my feeling and it’s
always been my feeling I mean it’s
always been I just don’t know how you
can you can train a computer to be a
human or a thinking emotional being
because it’s just not it’s just not
there I decide why you think they have
to be emotional actually they’re their
strong point and that this gets into the
Grace and the the bio programmable
robots that are Grace and and actually
they are not emotional that’s the whole
point but be that as it may decision
though it doesn’t take a measure to make
this decision
it does means your hormone percent
humans require hormones in order to make
a decision men still almost out while
mammals do even such a thing as an
earthworm responds to a hormonal
response to an electric shock in order
to turn a different way so that’s never
experienced here on this planet
emotions equal decision-making and
movement without emotions you wouldn’t
do anything where’s my arms right okay
so let’s assume for a minute that we’re
gonna just Joe there’s just stuff for a
second in address some of the AI issues
real quick my point about the body was
that there’s a big chunk of the planet
here in terms of the humanity that think
so if you get to a certain size in terms
of intellectual capacity or the ability
to process information that suddenly you
have consciousness and self-awareness
and it’s a part of this misnomer that’s
called the hundredth monkey effect okay
that doesn’t exist that’s a myth itself
the idea from that was a study in the
30s where these people thought they saw
where they made an assumption and their
assumption was that when a certain
number of monkeys could wash the
potatoes that they ate that all the
monkeys on that island would also wash
the sweet potatoes that was true it was
spread throughout that that island
now the hundred monkey effect comes in
because these people said aha it jumped
over to that other Island unaided etc
etc and if you go back and examine the
data that’s bullshit they never just
never said that the scientists said it
never occurred that way that in fact the
monkeys themselves from one island
spread to the other and took that
culture with it their conclusion was the
culture spreads through individually
individuation of that culture being
expressed in its and it’s a good thing
therefore their culture you know the
monkey that washes the sweet potato
lives longer as better food etc other
monkeys have thought that and so they
100 monkey effect is a bunch of is a
misnomer but getting back to the idea of
the the idea that bankers and so forth
are going to take over the Kryptos and
they probably would like to I grant you
that there is that there but the ability
to do so is really difficult in a
distributed fashion so they ARPA the
precursor DARPA the precursor to ARPA
the Advanced Research Projects a
management agency for the US government
invented the internet they released it
when they released it it was actually
had been designed through the 50s and
60s and 70s to survive a nuclear war by
being distributed and they released it
because they had a real problem ok it
was a real world they didn’t give it to
us because we were good people and they
thought we should have the internet and
so on they were in a shock because the
internet was evolving without them you
know in a free open fashion in the form
of what we’re known as dial-up BBS okay
a bulletin board system so before the
internet people on computers like myself
could dial into these central computer
areas that somebody had in his basement
we could all get there and discuss
coding or we could all get there and
discuss UFOs or this kind of thing and
in fact the very first thing on the
internet after technology stuff was UFO
stuff and then the porn came along later
but the UFOs were the driving force for
a lot of the BBS which led to the
conspiracies and so they the government
in its wisdom decided we’d better get
the internet out there because we can
control that but we can’t control all
these phone line
because the way the phone system works
and so they’ve been failing from that
point on with the introduction of each
and every one of these distributed
technologies and so we’re at this point
now where they’re failing with money and
they’re doing everything they can to try
and tax it and stay in in in command and
so on and I grant you the plan had been
for a global replacement for the dollar
called the SDR sorry they’ve abandoned
that they’re not even gonna roll that
thing out anymore and and we’re moved
into this world and a lot of the people
that were involved in STRs and stuff are
out trying to create crypto coins and
get involved in that and you only have
to look at the players and a lot of the
new AI cos they’re coming on out you see
a lot of people touting the fact that
they were bankers and so on and so forth
and so when the bankers are buying you
know they’re not going to allow the
government to step on it and you’ve got
Jamie Dimon out there trying to drive
the price of Bitcoin down all the while
gives people in this organization are
buying it as hand over fist as fast as
they can for him creating this slight
ground down so we’re just at a good
point in history where it’s all gonna
it’s all blowing up and it’s blowing up
in our favor as individuals and you know
I dispute a a lot of the stuff on the
secret space program not going to exist
but I think most of the whistleblowers
are full of it they were never attached
to it they’re just a grand self
aggrandizing intervals but they’re not
really adding anything to the to the
discussion none of them have any
evidence so if you don’t have air vents
it’s not testimony if you’re not in
court it’s a story and so yeah we’ve got
this guy in prison telling stories about
the secret space program and and black
goo and all of this kind of stuff we’ve
got other guys that are worshipping blue
aving and birds and and they’re
worshipping these birds and they don’t
even think about this a bird is a
located mirror reptile you’re never
going to get a bird that’s going to
become an intelligent being at that
level the way that this kind of thing
works and our reality here is that you
need certain level of hormones in order
to even develop the concept of love I’ve
got chickens chickens are dumb they
don’t have the concept of love they
don’t care about any other there’s stuff
here and it’s any of the things that are
going on and these misnomers within what
I call whanau will
so I’m not attempting to denigrate
anyone okay if someone takes it that way
I there’s nothing I can do about it it
was a self-protective
way of doing my work in the beginning
unfortunately when I was doing business
with George your he convinced me in 2001
that we should offer this stuff to the
CIA because obviously we were able to
predict this event in the future and the
CIA could use this kind of stuff and we
did so but it of course exposed us to
the CIA we went to Intel q which is
there funding arm and they gave us a
nice response back that was basically
that said interesting technology but
Bill wave boys you buggin us but from
that point on I started getting really
worried about what if they were in fact
working on this on their own didn’t want
the competition etc and I’ve been
hassled and harassed in a serious way
that I’ve got evidence for not some kind
of bogus death threat that my or death
attempt where my brakes were cut or
whatever that sort of thing we’ve had
the air currents where our websites
would taken offline without notice after
years on servers and all these sorts of
things I mean actual manifestations of
people being rude to us about this kind
of work so it was dangerous and that’s
why I characterized it is whoo because I
figured if I rubbished myself then they
would be less likely and less inclined
to muck about with me and it’s worked
worked out so far now I take your points
quite seriously I also get a lot of crap
out of the christians because the crypto
currencies are the mark of the beast the
one-world currency here to take us all
over and so on and it’s like guys that
old old paradigm that we’ve lived with
is gone
it’s actually dying a death of its own
the bankers know the dollar is dying and
they don’t like that any more than us
and they’ve got to do things about it so
I personally don’t see this as being a
big issue if AI could overtake if it
existed it wouldn’t give a crap about
what we’re doing with crypto currencies
it’s like I kept thinking you know if
any of these things were real in terms
of people that had done 20 and back or
gone off into space and come back and so
on then why didn’t they come on out
years ago saying I Kryptos people have
been to the future I’ve seen what’s
going on because we’re here now so we
have demonstrable evidence that there is
indeed this
I can see it in all kinds of weird
devices that I know are being built
right this minute including quantum
computers and I’m involved and I
understand the Gordy Rose standing next
to the Machine and feeling it do you
know what quantum computers are how they
work they work in a weird way okay
because quantum computers are an attempt
to put a computer chip of a specific
design into a vessel and then to
eliminate so much stuff out of that
vessel that there’s that it almost is
not even in this dimension that’s their
goal okay they want to eliminate the
vibration that comes from heat they’re
going to eliminate the vibration of any
air in there they want to eliminate the
vibration of people around them they
want to eliminate all these vibrations
so that they can control those
vibrations that are left then they do
this thing called quantum tunneling or
quantum annealing and it is very similar
to taking all the atoms and a piece of
steel and making all those atoms very
agitated and then he’s freezing them
instantly and when you freeze them they
just so happen to line up in the coat
and in the correct answer for the code
that you grip and that’s how a quantum
computer works but the only way it can
work is supercooling it and kicking out
what I call wu basically what they’re
doing is they’re trying to push
consciousness out of this vessel that
they then stick the computer chip into
and that’s a cue chip that’s a qubit
computer in a nutshell and so it of
course feels weird to stand around it
because they’re doing everything they
can to shove out all of the
consciousness of the universe and so in
my way of thinking there’s a bow wave or
a– or a wave of consciousness that
density of consciousness around these
quantum computers that doesn’t exist
elsewhere I also think that the
existence of quantum computers can be
tied to their existence or the main
villan effect and where we should see
the quantum computers go more Mandela
effect manifests now at some point it
may even out but it’s really weird that
way in terms of what quantum computers
are and how they function because
they’re not as is being sold into the
alternative media community in a
different term than whoo okay so the
quantum computers are not these evil
things that are being sold in a
particular way quantum stuff is
really kind of cool you have that point
about Fiat let me let me address your
point about the two aspects of this okay
the angelic human versus the the super
enhanced robotic kind of human right
does the angelic human have any need for
money how is the Angelica Minh vehicle
going to be recognized how is that
future gonna be recognized different
than the path were on now because we’re
deep into a technology world now that’s
been existence since 1947 it’s not going
away so we personally each as
individuals have decisions to make in my
case I’ve made a decision to be as
morally upstanding as I can in dealing
with the emergence of this technology as
it goes forward and to always maintain
certain principles in doing so so that
any effect I may have as an individual
shoves all of us towards that particular
view that we can overcome all of these
things now let me tell you one weird
little rumor I heard okay
and this is from The Whistleblower kind
of community so I don’t put a lot of
stock in it but this particular
whistleblower works for in a deep
capacity for a major aerospace and space
company and this individual told me that
if one wanted to think about it a
particular way humans are extremely
clever and we’re clever in ways that
many other beings are not and then
curiously what you guys might think of
is increased appearance of other beings
on our planet it’s not curious that
they’re all showing up at this
particular point now the that what’s
drawing them here is the fact that we’re
doing things with their technology they
never thought of that we’re good at ok
so so it’s kind of like them they
dropped it into our lap thinking one way
and I say the human humanity is a
genetically engineered by space aliens
species and that we somehow become the
wild strain the people that genetically
engineered us are gone they’re not
around we’ve been left to develop on our
own and like a strange thing in a petri
dish that shows very particular kinds of
characteristics the scientists hadn’t
that’s humanity
and so we’re doing stuff with the
technology they never had a clue about
and they’re interested in what we’re
doing with it and potentially want to
buy some of it from us or trade or
whatever that’s really where we’re kind
of at on the space alien side of things
and now curiously we also have you know
all these disclosure movements coming on
out where it’s real stuff like you know
too long as maybe the spearhead from the
deep a deep state you know in and it
just doesn’t matter in terms of the
individual personalities in my viewpoint
because of the conjunction of history
and where we’re at if we don’t go down
this particular road then you might as
well look at a Mad Max world by 2020
we’re already seeing a lot of the
effects from the crypto currencies on
our real-world gem trails are way down
up here way down they’re not spending
the money to spray them as much as they
used to we’ve had weird weather effects
magnificent Indian summer stretching on
until November and then a sudden crash
and in the weather this is related to
the crypto currencies how because they
no longer have the dollars to pay for
the people that do all of the chemtrails
pairing and stuff they’re having to
start being sparing on where they’re
spending their dollars and my data
ever since 2003 has described that
basically the USA Global part of the
world as being in a crumbling thing
where the people are gonna have to make
decisions or currencies being inflated
the people at the top are making
decisions now currencies being inflated
to the point where it takes a lot of
money to thrive somebody seriously
anymore it’s not going so far as it used
to so what are they go to pay for and
that kind of thing and as it crumbles
we’re seeing the bankers you know jump
ship and all of this sort of thing so my
way of thinking it’s a very optimistic
view of the future
and I’m not putting it down to a
bifurcation because I’m not buying into
that duality that is basically in an
offshoot of the external Saviour myth
okay and so that’s what it comes down to
is the external Saviour myth I’m not
looking for anybody to save me I mean I
don’t think any of us are either
otherwise who wouldn’t even bother with
this conversation but you know III I
think it’s really strange that you would
actually think the chemtrails have been
eliminated because they can’t afford to
pay people these people that have
looked into Katherine Austin Fitz
information and the black budget Russia
and the money that has trickled into the
black budget I can assure you they
controller juggling they can pay the
airline the monster okay
what I’m saying what I’m saying is that
the chemtrails for whatever reason I’m
saying it’s my opinion there’s nothing
money with money nations alright alright
also here’s another thing here’s another
thing about chemtrails just as an aside
they’re dumping fly ash that’s what
they’re using as their main source for
chemtrails is fly ash from coal plants
Obama shut down a lot of the coal plants
the billion dollars that used to go into
that industry to disposing Clifford
Carnac on and get the real analysis and
fly ash is not not the real analysis of
what’s in chemtrails okay all right you
can actually go to Clifford karna come
and present him with the essay of what
fly ashes from coal plants and he’ll say
oh look it’s got aluminum barium
strontium all of these things that are
in there chemtrails with the exception
of you know some of the weird goofy
stuff like the fibers and that sort of
thing I’m saying it’s a base okay here’s
what happened the coal industry was
dying they had this huge situation occur
in Tennessee where one of these fly ash
containers leaked and people died in a
big big costly insurance problem in the
in the earlier late 80s early 90s from
that point on we start seeing chemtrails
show up and pretty soon the coal
industry no longer has to pay a billion
dollars a year to dispose of fly ash all
of a sudden it’s no longer a line item
in any of the companies reporting
anything about their coal plants why is
this because they’ve got a contract with
the government to turn over the fly ash
to them and not spend that billion
dollars all these fly ash ponds around
the coal plants are dry they’ve
disappeared over the last five or six
years we’ve sprayed them into the
atmosphere and you can’t say that this
doesn’t occur because this is what they
did with the of the floor I’m the
Stannis fluoride that they took out of
the steel mills they made us all eat it
and they and they got rid of the waste
from the steel mills as we went into
that by making us do the standard
okay sure you know I’m not going to
dispute a suit here in dispute chemistry
with you but I can simply say that no
one has attributed it so far that I know
of to fly ash as you’re calling it or
something as a derivative from coal but
it’s possible it’s not I’m not you know
I you know there’s there’s a lot to
worry they’re not all the same no
they’re not all the same you you don’t I
have studied this I have gotten
testimony extensive testimony I can tell
you that the concern arises details you
know I’m sorry you’re wrong about that
witness testimony is just that
experience with whatever it is it’s just
as valid as valid as a document it’s a
fact watch your words you shouldn’t have
a chance to talk is that Alright thank
okay so paladin at this point
cliff has been talking for quite a while
we’ve gone into this area of artificial
intelligence and I guess now we’ve kind
of moved into chemtrails it’s important
to bring it back I think at this point
to the kryptos to anything else you
would like to add on your part I
understand that you don’t have much
experience with artificial intelligence
is there anything that you want to
discuss that we have not covered in this
discussion here with regard to cryptos
any further and
alysus you’ve done etc etc no I think
you guys I think we pretty much covered
all of that I’m you know you know I’m in
a learning curve trying to figure it all
out I just tend to approach it from a
big big picture standpoint and you know
it’s obvious to me that the the powers
that be emanate their power emanates
from their control of the financial
system and I think we all know who that
goes back to they do it through the Fed
there’s a lot of off-balance sheet money
out there you know I guess I would push
back a little on what cliffs that as far
as this is the dollar is going down and
it’s out of control and they can’t stop
it I would say yeah they can stop it
they are controlling it they are
manipulating it and basically you know
what this is it’s like the crash in 1929
where it’s a transfer of wealth I mean
they’re they’re gonna crash it and
they’re going to take all of our money
if they can do that
and come up with a different system I
think that crypto currencies are filling
a void between maybe the transition from
the the you know the old European
bloodlines to the Chinese the Chinese
were in charge you’re right cliff for a
long time the Silk Road I mean that’s
you know and they accumulated a lot of
they’ve been accumulating a lot of gold
in the in the in the past and I think
they would like to flip the switch and
go to a gold-backed currency and I think
if they do that it’s gonna be a
game-changer because everybody else is
gonna have to do that and and it’s maybe
not going to be gold back I say I think
it’s a better term as the asset back
because not everybody has gold some
people have oil some people have various
other resources that they will use and I
think we’re gonna see again it’s not
gold standard it’s asset it’s an asset
back standard and I think we’re gonna
see a completely different monetary
system now how that’s going to look
versus the cryptos when it gets done and
when it gets flipped I don’t know
because you know the bloodline families
from what it appear
are fighting this tooth and nail they
were asked to come to the table a few
years ago to say ok we’re going in this
direction do you want to go with this
and they basically got up and left the
meeting so that Chinese have basically
done this on their own they’ve created
the Asia infrastructure Bank which is
you know that they have to chose an high
gold exchange they’re they’re you know
accepting payments now from other
countries Russia is involved so so
you’re seeing a shift from the west to
the east if you will and how that’s
going to shake out nobody knows because
it appears to be a battle and it’s
interesting that the kryptos have come
in to fill a void in the meantime and so
I you know I mean III I am NOT one that
likes to predict the future or try to go
into the future I’m just looking at
what’s happening in the past and what’s
what’s taking place right now and I feel
that they will address the cryptos once
they get the new system in place but I
could be wrong I could be completely
wrong I am cheering for the Kryptos I
hope they work because it’s a beautiful
thing I mean the the the the concept the
idea the technology it all seems to be
solid it all seems to be doing you know
performing as planned I just wish there
wasn’t such a proliferation of
currencies and these these tokens
although I think that they have a
different property than currency if I
understand that right and I believe that
you know if we if we use the crypto
currencies for commerce it’s going to be
a stronger model going forward for them
to attack than if it becomes an
investment vehicle that’s that’s where
I’m concerned because people are going
to have to eventually get out of it get
back into cash because that’s how they
have to pay the IRS the IRS and all the
other agencies are going to start
putting in more and more snooping
they’re going to you know they’re going
to want reporting requirements from the
banks and the exchanges and it’s just
it’s I mean I just see them attacking it
from different sides I hope I’m wrong
I hope kryptos survive and
the banks out of business believe that
that’s you know that would be a super
thing because that would break their
power I guess to me their power needs to
be broken first before the kryptos can
go in because as long as they have
control of the governments as long as
they have control of the banks and the
financial system there are things they
can put into place to disrupt the
cryptocurrency mania and that’s the only
thing that I’m concerned about okay
along those lines I want to say that
there is a question in the chat that the
chat has been going like crazy and there
have been tons of trolls and and lots of
sort of people that are distracting the
situation but one person did say that
they would like cliff to address the
exchanges and along those lines I would
like to say that if there was going to
be a disruption it would seem to me in
the process of going from crypto in back
into the sort of you want to call the
old world financial system because at
this time the two are sort of trying to
exist together so the exchanges become
primary along those lines so cliff what
you have to say about the exchanges
they’ve been written out of the picture
so there were central exchanges like
coinbase pull and x gemini and a few of
these others they still exist they’re
out there but there was also distributed
exchanges ether Delta and dozens of
others that code is now replicated and
it’s being written out all over various
people putting their flavors on it a
distributed decentralized exchange has
no one controlling it it’s simply
software running on the blockchain
it’s peer-to-peer so we’ve already
eliminated that as being a bottleneck in
an issue
let’s also address paladin’s issue about
taxes he’s quite correct we still have
to pay taxes in dollars as long as they
can force that with their guns we’ll
always have to convert some of the
cryptos into dollars to pay our taxes
but I mean you convert anything other
than the bare minimum though right I
mean you got to be sneaky about this
kind of stuff as we evolved on it’s a
dangerous time out there
that a Kryptos offer us an opportunity
to grow out of this dangerous time in a
way that in which we can keep
generational wealth and even create it
and this is the very first time in
history where we’ve had such a huge
transfer of wealth that it didn’t also
accompany a great crime it used to be
that people like Charles Dickens would
say behind every great fortune you can
be certain that there’s a great crime
and it’s Center even like the god fun
and it’s right The Godfather starts off
by killing that guy and it was his crime
so so I agree with Mellon a lot of us is
statements in terms of his viewpoint I
look to the future not to the past and
so I’m trying to help steer things as we
go along
and so the exchanges are being taken out
of the loop so to speak as a point of
vulnerability because we can engineer
software to do that so this is kind of a
thing where we’re not going to wait for
some day where they’ve got the power and
they can try and stop the crypto so they
were going to do stuff they would have
tried the regulation a long time ago
because they understand that this stuff
spreads like a virus they understand the
power dynamic and the power dynamic is
once it gets into early adopters it’s
done you can’t stop it so once
cellphones reach the point where the
4,000th person so to speak or the 4%
person the person that took bought that
cell phone that represented the four
percentile once that happened it was it
was bound to keep continuing and so
we’re at a very interesting time in
history and the concerns about the
crypto in terms of the exchanges and the
vulnerabilities are going to be
engineered out you have to understand
software is really cool when I make a
mistake in software I can correct that
error so as I discover it reissued
software within it in instant you know
as fast as the Internet can suck it up
or whatever now I’m actually
concentrating on security because
there’s a lot of these ICO guys that are
new they don’t know what the hell
they’re doing or the writing code that’s
got holes in it there’ll be hackers and
crackers trying to take their money in
this sort of thing it’s going to be a
very burgeoning sort of an area paladin
can probably get quite a bit of work
doing forensic analysis because that’ll
be a burgeoning area figuring out what
happened what where did it go wrong
where did this particular transaction
not appear correctly and why and so
we’re inventing this stuff as we go
along so it’s not a it’s not in a way I
don’t consider
realize it is a paradigm of one power
against another power nor do i
conceptualize kryptos as currency versus
store wealth it’s both constantly
continuing and it’s evolving it’s also a
way of secure communication for instance
if you had a whistleblower and had a
piece of evidence say photographic
evidence of themselves with their arm
around a an alien and they wanted to
establish that they had this photo at a
very particular time all they have to do
is to upload that photo to the
blockchain and it’s there forever
time-stamped down to the millisecond
that we can identify with particular
blocks so there’s all kinds of uses for
the blockchain to establish IDs and
establish intellectual property and so
on and we and it’s going to be chaotic
as hell and we must have I’m sorry for
paladins not for his for his worry about
too many Krypton’s too many tokens too
many points we haven’t even started
there’s millions of businesses around
this planet that need funding
the banks are dying because the dollar
is dying it is not like 1929 and it is
not like 1933 the reason is the dollar
then had a huge 75% of its purchasing
power available now it’s less than one
foot one person if and it’s dying off
and so there won’t be a recovery into a
new scheme that is in any way based on I
want a dollar and so if the powers there
be are gonna try and roll out something
they’re gonna have to try and convince
all of us to take an SDR and get and go
and take an SDR to pay for your
Starbucks they’re gonna have to convince
Starbucks and Amazon’s to accept STRs
because the dollar is simply gonna go
away for being so hyper inflated that it
has really no value and it’ll be like
the old world war two lira where it took
you know 5,000 lira to buy a stick and
gum and so the reason that the bankers
are not an issue is because they
recognize that their product is not
accepted anymore and they can’t sell
their product and so what they want to
do is get behind the next up-and-coming
greatest product and that’s why
individual bankers are fleeing the
banking system faster than then their
bonuses are drying up and yes the feds
in control of the dollar but that’s all
and at some point those dollars won’t
pay for
soldiers or police and the police chief
will have to go to the City Council and
say we’ve got to pay these people in
real money
you guys have better get some Bitcoin in
here quick or litecoin or aetherium or
whatever to pay these people and this
system is being engineered and put in
place by all of us d centralist s– by
all of us some distributed thinkers and
we’re fighting continuously and
constantly so basically it’s a situation
of where we’re not trying to knock down
the old system we’re wearing it away
we’re eating it away little bit by
little bit by little bit continuously so
this is like malice a chun-yin is march
of the thousand miles where he took over
China and he did it with what was known
as the long march of the blue ants he
had so many people that he wore down the
system as he marched from the
hinterlands in northern China to Beijing
by the time he got to Beijing he’ll in
the country this was the original
kicking out of Chiang kai-shek and it
was just that they had so many people
that collapsed and that’s where we’re at
right now with Russia Russia collapsed
and went into the white or the Soviet
Union collapsed went into what we called
the white revolution because of national
they started broadcasting in national
news across 12 timezone and they did it
in synchronize time so everybody could
watch the news at the same time across
their whole whole country the powers
that be in the Soviet Union thought that
this would bring the country together
and it did it collectivized the whole
country because they knew that that
national news for an hour was absolute
bullshit so you know what they did they
thought they’d walk their dogs and
pretty soon everybody was out walking
their dogs when the national news was on
and nobody was paying attention to the
National paradigm anymore and when you
walked your dog you saw everybody else
walking their dogs and you all knew you
were walking to your dogs because you
couldn’t stand to watch that bullshit
anymore that’s when the revolution
happened we’re at that stage right now
we’ve passed it you’ve got people from
all around the planet some of the
greatest minds that there is out there
mathematicians software engineers all of
these guys young kids helping build this
crypto infrastructure and we’re building
it around a dying dinosaur of the old
system and that dinosaur is going to
deflate and be eaten by our system as we
go forward and I think it’s a cool
system I think it’s really
EGH a latarian and fair I think it’s
dangerous as hell it’s like the Wild
West and you get skinned in an instant
if you’re not paying attention but
that’s what makes a good adult is paying
attention to the crap around you and
that’s what I think we are historically
okay cliff thank you for all that what I
want to do is is just one more question
for you and then I’m gonna look in the
chat see if we can find it know one or
two questions and then we’re gonna wrap
this all up I wanted to ask you because
you say that exchanges are going by the
wayside my understanding is that’s how
you exchange your crypto for other you
know to get into other currencies or out
of it altogether if they’re going by the
wayside can you give some suggestions
about other people like myself and
others who may not know what is their
their alternative where do you take your
Bitcoin or whatever it is and sure
enough real real easy real easy clearly
first off just as safety
I always keep all of my coins in my
personal possession on my PC I don’t
keep any coins on an exchange I haven’t
dealt with an exchange in years okay I
used I bought some at some point and as
soon as I went by and like get them off
that exchange because that was
controlled by someone so I get it off
the exchange and I put it in a wallet in
my PC if I don’t want to convert Bitcoin
date aetherium or any other coin I can
do so through these distributed
exchanges and they’re like ether Delta
okay ether Delta allows you to swap
basically sell certain coins or so on
some wallets for instance like the
exodus wallet are connected to this
thing called shape-shift shape-shift is
a distributed sort of exchange where it
allows you to convert one currency to
another kind of currency the only
difficulty coming around at all now
would be the ability to exchange crypto
currencies for dollars and it’s because
the dollar is a pre mined
crypto currency where the government
mines bazillions of them ahead of the
actual meat and the government controls
that so you can still sell your coins
for dollars at any time there’s a dozen
dozen different ways to do it one of
them is local coins convert your alt
coins into Bitcoin or a theory a more
like coin and go to this place called
local coins org and arrange to meet
somebody and get cash
your coins this is government’s problem
there was an incident a little while ago
where aetherium took a big jump up and
someone made some outrageous amount of
money doing a thorium traits like they
made let’s just pick a number 138
million dollars okay and they did this
over a course of a weekend and it was
such a big deal that it elicited a
number of newspaper articles because the
government couldn’t figure out who to
tax they knew what had occurred but they
couldn’t figure out who owns those bit
though those aetherium coins they
couldn’t figure out who who it is that
it to tax it the government has no
knowledge the IRS is entirely a self
reporting system so it’s up to you as a
conscientious citizen to report your
crypto gains the government because they
don’t have a clue that you’re investing
in this
you know once the money is out of the
dollar they cannot track it they the
ability to track an individual
transaction through ether scan or some
of these other Bitcoin or blockchain
info some of these allow an individual
if you know your own address is to
follow a course of a transaction but the
government doesn’t know anybody’s
addresses can’t tie them to their their
businesses there’s a lot of fun out
there where they write articles in the
New York Times and get the New York
Times and the and these people to print
them saying AHA we figured out a way to
track the the the stuff and tax it but
the fact of the matter is they’re still
dealing with you know ancient technology
and IRS they just don’t grasp some of
this stuff at a fundamental functional
level and it is up to every citizen to
report their tax gains appropriately and
be taxed that way because we have a self
reporting system and so I advise
everybody to be legal and lawful and you
know play the rules right you can also
write off losses so if you if you had a
loss in crypto currencies you can report
that you a net worth trading and crypto
currencies and you suffered a capital
loss and write the capital loss up on
your taxes so it’s to your advantage to
be relatively honest about it and in an
episode as as well as we go forward all
right thank you for that now I have
another question that did show up in the
chat and that is if you would be willing
to share your idea of where the markets
are going between now and the end of the
year is the question
I wrote it up in the last Barenaked
Wealth Report and we’re gonna see
Bitcoin hit probably 10,000 before the
end of this year before December 31
during this period of time we’re going
to see a plateau effect within what are
known as the altcoins
okay that would be all the other coins
the etherium and all these others are
considered alt coins to Bitcoin bitcoin
is going to go through a little bit of a
hiccup with this next fork but a fork is
where the code shifts off but before
that code I have a hundred coins let’s
just say I have a hundred bitcoins after
its forked I have a hundred of the
original Bitcoin but now I have a
hundred of the new Bitcoin that’s why
everybody’s flooding into Bitcoin
because if they do a fork you get these
new coins as free money so to speak and
so that’s going to affect Bitcoin until
after midnight of time between now and
March where the markets basically are in
a generalized slow uptrend with these
big spikes that will occur as various
things happen in the crypto world some
of those things will be like some of
these companies like pillar populist
even spectrum some of these companies
will come out in their products that
we’ve been funding the development of
through icos will come on the market and
I think these companies seem really hot
everything will start working and so
they’ll get a big pop in their in their
prices as we go forward as their
products come into the market so we’re
just watching a market business cycle
occur here and so that part is
relatively relatively easily predicted
whereas the Big Shot days coming as next
so people that are holding alt coins and
Bitcoin and stuff through this winter
and into next spring are then going to
be joined by the early adopters so let’s
just say that there might be 10 million
people out of 350 million people in our
country that are involved in Bitcoin or
any alt currencies at this stage my data
and my analysis suggests that when we
hit March we’ll go from those 10 million
to the first hundred million and we’ll
do it over March April and May and then
we’ll do another hundred million over
June and July and so the speed at which
we get more and more people into this
will really accelerate and obviously
that acceleration of dollars of wealth
flowing out of dollars into Kryptos is
going to boost the relative dollar price
that these things vary on what’s going
to keep them from going astronomical is
we’re also going to be flattening out at
the same time instead of two hundred or
two thousand five hundred Kryptos we
might have ten thousand by march forty
thousand by april and 150 thousand by
july so the money’s going to be able to
spread out so to speak into a lot of
these different Kryptos many of which
will be a scam you’ve gotta understand
what you’re doing you got to do your own
due diligence don’t take anybody’s word
for it all of that kind of thing and
that’s basically the overall projection
that’s coming out of our data for the
rise on the or for the landscape of the
cryptos through into mid next summer
okay thank you for that so at this time
i don’t think that there are all I’m
just scanning the chat really quickly to
see if there’s any last-minute questions
and I I do want to say that it’s it’s
been great you’ve been a great sport
cliff I appreciate that
paladin thank you so much for also being
with us and giving your part to what you
understand and and and some some food
for thought I think for everyone
listening and this has been I think a
very good discussion and it’s quite
covered a lot of ground obviously
there’s some drilling down that needs to
happen and I’m sure that that can go on
also in your own show and probably does
cliff and perhaps we can bring some
other people on to also further flesh
out and and and investigate some of this
these topics where we have certain
amount of knowledge in certain areas and
and it doesn’t all line up to where
we’re able to I think perhaps
communicate that clearly with each other
in these areas because our knowledge
comes from such different places however
I think it’s very good information and I
I think people their hearts are in the
right place they really want to see this
turning into a you know oh
a place on the planet where basically we
are taking our own destiny into our own
hands etc and so that we’re moving out
of the sort of eye of the triangle and
top-down sort of situation and into
another world there is a lot to be said
on the spiritual level that would
probably be another show in and of
itself to talk about how this is a
reflection of so my cat sorry it is a
reflection of the change in humanity and
moving very possibly from 3b into 4d and
beyond so this is the virtual world the
world that we are dealing with is going
to be encompassing all of these kinds of
ideas and crypto is is kind of part and
parcel of all of that so I mean I would
I guess I’ll give you each a sort of
time to say some parting words try to
keep it sort of I guess to a minimum
simply because we have gone over time
here so paladin why don’t you you start
just some parting words and of course
give your website and anything else you
might be involved in in the future with
regard to this topic
um okay thank you for having me on I’ve
got none quite an education sitting here
listening to you and cliff talk about
these issues so I appreciate that and
and having the opportunity to go through
this with you guys our websites white
hat we we put up you know
the YouTube interviews that I’m doing
all of our reports are there if you want
to view those at some point in time I’ll
probably be doing a blog and some adding
some other things when when I’ve got the
time in the inclination to do it I don’t
know are we going to do this again carry
with bitcoins and currencies I would
like to have more time to study it and
get probably brought up to speed yes
okay yeah
and hopefully we’ll do a JFK at some
point next this month I guess
and that’s all I’ve got and thanks cliff
for coming on and spending the time it’s
been an education okay great
I’m sorry I mostly head – I apologize
for that yeah it happens guys you get
old you get stubborn you know that kind
of thing so sorry about the contentious
aspect of it part of that I have to say
is not my fault I’m constantly under
attack by the funds that are out there
putting out you know the fear about the
Kryptos and so on so I get real touchy
about it I said but I do appreciate your
perspective and I think that as a
forensic fellow you just need to ever so
slightly shift your vision and all of a
sudden you’ve got the crypto currencies
opening up as a whole new market niche
for you because there’s a real need a
serious need for people that contract
transactions and know finances and so on
it’s really cool that one thanks Kerry
for heavenly on it it’s great fighting
with you you know I love a good dust-up
so be ready I’ll be ready to do it
anytime anytime about any of these
subjects really wanted to get into the
damn blue chickens – blue space chickens
but we can deal with that some other
time that’s all good so thank you so
much paladin and cliff hi and I want to
let people know that I am going to be
doing some of these conversations as
many people know I had bit but we’re on
on my show and so a big swear so I am
going to have I’ve invited some other
people I think Lynette Zhang is someone
who’s out there talking quite a bit
about this subject matter so we’re gonna
we’ve already invited her I have
extended some an invitation to gerald
it looks like he might be willing to
have a discussion and so it’s it’s just
a matter of bringing people in from
different walks of life and certainly
this this sort of changeover that’s
happening globally in the financial
system has been ongoing it’s been going
on for several years
Camelot was warned about it many years
ago and told that 2017 was the
for the changeover we’re very close to
the end of 2017 we also know that they
were behind the clock in that way they
weren’t getting done what they wanted to
see done this is the so-called powers
that be call them what you will I we
didn’t get anything about the Vatican in
here IMF World Bank etc I think there’s
some discussions to be had there there
is also the questions to go to do with
the idea of the asset-backed system if
there is even any hope for such a system
which I do question for a number of
reasons which have a lot to do with
imperialism etc and so the minute you
decide how do you decide what countries
assets belong to that country when
you’ve got countries like China that are
any USA that are fully involved in
places like Africa etc and it gets very
dicey in that in that sense so I think
there’s a lot to discuss
in this whole financial sector it’s not
my area of expertise but nonetheless I
am watching it as I have everything
really across the board because of my
whistleblower testimony in these areas
and it seems that they do have a point
to make and so more about that in the
future and I invite anyone who wants to
contact me who thinks they’re an expert
in these areas of crypto currencies
artificial intelligence also quantum
mechanics and quantum computing and
quantum in general quantum physics etc
we do have Richard Alan Miller who’s
going to be here next week I will be
asking him some things about some of
this whether or not he’s even looked at
the financial sector in this way I don’t
know but he’s always a great guest so he
will be here next week I forget which
with which day I think it might be
Wednesday so thanks for watching
everyone thanks for being here guys
thanks a lot for audience in spite of
this sort of rudeness of the chatroom I
hope everyone enjoyed the discussion
okay so take care guys and and good
okay so so my my cat is being very
verbal at the in the back there and that
usually means that he’s getting
extremely restless and has decided my
show needs to end which he’s very funny
in that way so I want to thank you again
for watching and as far as I know I’m
not going to be doing a show tomorrow
which I do sometimes on Friday but we
have such a lot of shows that I’ve been
doing lately and I do encourage you to
go to my youtube channel to check in on
those shows a lot of fabulous guests as
always and some very thought-provoking
discussions as there was tonight so
thanks for being with us and have a
great weekend take care bye bye

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