Russian Woman To Putin: My Husband Told Me To Come Home And Improve Demographics in Russia!

Come to us! Come to us! Putin came to the Lipetsk region in the old city of Usman. Thank you for coming! Reprimand the bureaucrats! They need to work more! I will do so! Putin talks about initiatives he mentioned in his Presidential address! Over trillion of extra expenses! News about the maternity capital, even for the first child, certainly is one of the most discussed topics in Russia. It’s clear that money is not the main thing in this matter, but it is unprecedented by world standards, this help means a lot. I am raised in a family with 20 children – 8 born and others adopted. Great. What is the name of your parents? Valentina and Sergey. I want to look in the camera and say: Valentina and Sergey thank you very much and I bow down to you. You overdid it a bit this year. Why? – It happens. Because after your Presidential address I got a call from my husband at work and he said: Well, my dear, come home, the president
said the demographic situation needs to be improved. He could not wait… And I told him like in the famous movie: My dear, I can not do it, I am at work. Did you overdo Presidential address by telling he overdid it? Listen, I am a rebel… – How many kids you have? – Two. – And how much do you want more? – I am afraid no more. – What? You promised it to the whole country! – I have a lot of public work obligations. I want to finalize them. – You can not take your word back after you promised. Well, my husband is saying: We will have children bed at home, as long as I take out my last child from it and put in my first grandchild. It is good logic. Hopefully, everyone will follow this, so that as many people join the initiative of your husband. I wish him good health. The men one! We would be very glad for anyone. Either give birth to a new child or an adopted one. We look forward to anyone. I have a very good husband. With this kind of husband, I can have a lot of children. Putin is clear. Russia needs many children so that the country would get stronger, develop more and overcome the demographic gap.


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