Seoul Office Launch Party

Hot news. And, no, I’m not talking about my
noodles getting warmed up. But close! Let’s play a game: what country am I talking about?
Try to take a guess! This country has the third largest crypto
economy in the world! This country is estimated to account
for 30% of total cryptocurrency trading worldwide. Kimchi and super-spicy-noodles are a local
favorite here. Of course this country is South Korea! (and
a footnote – but in general they call themselves “the Republic of Korea”) Cointelegraph recently launched a new representative
office here in South Korea. (yes, we are taking over the world) For this occasion, a grand opening
ceremony took place in Seoul. So we’re here at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul. And we’re
here for the Cointelegraph Korea Launch Party. And sounds like it’s already going, so I hope
we’re not too late, but let’s go check it out. Awesome view, awesome party. Welcome to the
middle of Seoul, the heart of blockchain here in the continent. So, I think it’s pretty
cool. Let’s check it out. I wonder how many times they rehearsed this
to get it right? What do you think, man? Pretty cool, right?
Yeah. What do you guys think? This is pretty cool,
right? Yeah, it’s amazing. You think it’s a good kick off? Yeah, pretty good. You think
Korea is a good place to open? This has already been opened. All right, so it’s not a good
idea or a bad idea – it’s happening, right? So, what do you guys think, pretty cool event? Very good space and
beautiful landscape, very cool event. Very cool. And you’re involved
with Bitcoin? Bitcoin woman? Yes, Miss Bitcoin, yeah? I have been involved in this industry
for 8 years. 8 years? Wow, so you’re a veteran. At the launch of the representative office,
everyone was introduced to the editors and the main guests. And very soon we will be releasing a new documentary. About what? About South Korea.

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