Should I buy Ethereum? 7 Reasons to buy Ethereum and why it’s a good investment (Part 2)

7 Reasons Why Ethereum is a good investment
This is post nr.2 in the Series. If you haven’t read the previous post then you should definitely
read – Should I Buy Ethereum? Why Ethereum is a Good Investment Have you heard of the term early adopter?
No? If you don’t want to read here is the video
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You are an early adopter: The technology is still new
The Concept of Ethereum as a World Computer Ethereum unlocks Tokenization: What is Tokenization?
Real World Examples of Tokenization: What will Tokenization look like?
Future growth of tokenized assets 10 years Censorship free applications running on Ethereum
Earn money while staking Ethereum You are an early adopter: The technology is
still new Well, an early adopter is someone who starts
exploring and learning about a technology that is not ready for mass adoption yet. It
is possible that this technology still has a lot of flaws that need to be ironed out. An early adopter is often rewarded for his
patience by gaining knowledge before the majority of the population or by monetary gains. If we look at the adoption curve. I still
believe that anyone entering the market today still belongs
to the early adopters. Especially if we look at how many people still
have no clue what blockchain is about. Think about it like this. If you go back in time
to when computers and the internet was completely new. It was a hassle to even connect to the
internet to be able to send an email to the doctor or an acquaintance. It took over thirty
years for the internet to establish itself in nearly every household and even now to
this day the amount of users using the internet is growing. You have to look at the big picture. This
technology is here to stay and it is not only about this or that bull run but about how
the technology will evolve over the next 10 years. Ethereum has a lot of potential to
become a main player in the token utility market. It can be very profitable. Is it too late to buy Ethereum? The Concept of Ethereum as a World Computer This seems like a far fetched idea from a
space movie out of the 80’s. But hear me out on this. Ethereum is new. It just came
out in 2016 and had to iron out a few bugs here and there. Instead of having internet applications run
on individual servers you can imagine these applications all running from one massive
computer with smart contract capabilities. That would be the Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum will push a new era of decentralised
applications called dApps. These dApps will be a lot more secure thanks to the smart contract
ability of Ethereum. These dApps will run on Ethereum. You can
compare this to applications running on your windows or on your mac computer. This is huge! You might not realise the potential
of having applications that can not be manipulated or controlled by a centralised authority. The possibilities that this gives us is endless.
It will help individuals and businesses around the world improve a lot of processes. Since
business have just recently started becoming interested in Blockchain technology – until
now banks and other companies have been against this new technology – but in 2020 even more
companies will enter the space. Many assets such as homes, artworks, luxury
cars, luxury watches and more can be secured on Ethereum’s smart contracts. That means people won’t need to go through
a lot of bureaucracy to change the ownership of an asset. They can transfer the ownership
with a smart contract the same way as you can trade pokemon or magic the gathering trading
cards. It probably won’t be as easy but hopefully you get the gist. By using Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain
the buyers and sellers are not limited by geography, distance or currency differences
as they can also settle all payments with the Ethereum currency. Smart contracts can be used for small meaningless
tasks like selling power to thousands of homes automatically without a third party. This will allow the world to be more connected
with each other for private individuals and businesses around the world. Ethereum is leading
the way to become a more interconnected society. Answering the question: ‘Is Ethereum a good
investment’ becomes a lot easier. Ethereum unlocks Tokenization: What is Tokenization?
I will first explain what tokenization is before we look at the projection of tokenized
assets for the next 10 years. Tokenization is a highly effective way to
protect sensitive information from other people such as ownership information. But the other person still knows that the
asset belongs to the first person, just without all the sensitive asset attached to the asset. For example, let’s say I want to tokenize
my car. I can upload all the information such as the
owner information, age of the car and it’s service history. With my token I can prove
ownership of this car or I can transfer this ownership to other people. This token might also allow the owner to unlock
the car or share the digital key to unlock the car with whomever he chooses. The sensitive information can be shared to
selected parties such as mechanics or potential buyers. If we stick with the car. Even though there are thousands of cars with
the same make and model, each car is unique as it has its own identification number
mileage service history
compared with other cars with the same make and model. That is why it is so important
to save all this information into a token. Real World Examples of Tokenization: What
will Tokenization look like? It might still be difficult to fully understand
the impact that tokenization will have on our lives and growth. Here are a few examples
of what can be tokenized so that you see the usefulness behind tokenization. Tokenization of important documents such as
Birth or health certificates, degrees, reference letters and contracts. Companies lose a lot
of time and money verifying the authenticity of important documents.
Tokenization of mortgages. This will allow people to invest in real estate and earn dividends
from rent and increase in value without having to front a large sum of money. Selling your
part of the mortgage is also very easy as you will only need to sell and transfer the
ownership of your mortgage tokens.
Tokenization of artworks. Tokenization of digital goods (crypto kitties,
playing cards, weapons in a game) 3d worlds
P2P Transactions Voting
When thinking about if Ethereum will have a future in the way information is stored,
tokenization has always been a good argument for me. When people ask me should I invest
in ethereum. I like to talk about the possibilities of
Ethereum and the idea of programmable money. When people start to see the big picture,
they understand why Ethereum is the future and why Ethereum is valuable. Future growth of tokenized assets 10 years
Based on the research from the World Economic Forum, there is a predicted growth of around
10% of the Gross Domestic Product will be stored with the help of blockchain technology
by 2025 and 2027. A medium article goes over a pretty accurate simulation model of the
potential market size of a global tokenized market. For an in depth understanding what
kind of assets they use for their estimation. With their method they project a tokenized
asset market of 24 trillion $ of financial assets in 2027. In my opinion 2027 is only the beginning of
an even bigger growth of the tokenized asset market. However, forecasting even further
into the future is very difficult. That is also why ethereum price predictions are hard. Censorship free applications running on Ethereum There are a lot of problems with censorship
around the world. Countries decide what they want their citizens to think and share with
each other. They want to control the what kind of news gets published. If news gets
published that the government doesn’t like, this news gets taken down. This leads to problems
like this: A US TikTok ‘makeup tutorial’ raising
awareness on China’s treatment of Uighurs went viral. The video was then removed from
tik tok as it is a Chinese company. Chinese companies censoring companies around
the world such as Apple, Blizzard or the NBA or even reddit. Here is a list of companies
under chinese censorship. The importance of censorship free applications
to share information between people around the world has become more and more a vital
necessity. This is already possible thanks to the immutability
(can not be changed) way that blockchains work. You should check out this blog post
I made a year ago about a chinese student saving her message on the ethereum blockchain.
Here is the video version. Decentralised applications that run on the
Ethereum blockchain are immutable and cannot be censored. Earn money while staking Ethereum
Earning money with cryptocurrency is nice. Now you have the possibility to stake the
Ethereum you bought. With the new upgrade of the Ethereum network Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum
moved to a proof of stake model instead of a proof of work. This allows people who have bought a minimum
amount of 32 Ethereum to become a validator on the Ethereum 2.0 Blockchain. This is definitely not a small amount of money.
At a price of around 150 $ you will have to for out approximately 4’800 $ to be part
of the 32 club. By staking you can expect to earn between
4 and 10% per year. If you are interested in learning more about
staking. You can also use this ethereum staking calculator to calculate your rewards.


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