Should I buy Litecoin, and why?

hi there everybody Jez Feldmesser here from Feldmesser dot co giving you a short video on the question “should I buy in litecoin?”
and I answer this question in the next slide which goes like this yes let me
explain why but before I do explain I will give you the disclaimer that I am
NOT an investment advisor and this video is for educational purposes only and is
not in any way financial or investment advice you are expected to do your own
due diligence with respect to financial transactions or investment and seek
expert counsel with respect to any financial transaction or investment with
that being said let’s see where like coins act right now litecoin is sitting
at on G decks around two hundred and seventy seven dollar mark now the
interesting thing about litecoin is it’s the sort of baby brother to Bitcoin and
I’ve logged into coinbase dashboard and just have a look so you can see this is
coinbase is the one of the top downloaded web applications or Android
apps and even Apple downloads because it’s so easy to access crypto currencies
from your phone and as you can see just log into my phone here
bumbum put a bump bomb they see and I see all these apps coinbase you can just
download an access point based very easily on your smart phone so Bitcoin
sitting at fourteen thousand three hundred and seven and litecoin is
sitting at two hundred and seventy six point three dollars and you say well
like coin is not like it’s big brother in Bitcoin and that’s absolutely true
and this is reason why I wanted to show you this Bitcoin price here this is
all time Bitcoin and Charles Lee has explained that litecoin is in kind of
the phase that bitcoin was in a few years ago being recently introduced to
the marketplace and we’re probably around about here two or three or where
we’re three or four years behind where Bitcoin was but I would predict and this
is my own personal prediction just fell better not financial advice disclaimer
quote-unquote that light point will take off much more rapidly earlier than
Bitcoin did because bitcoin has already paved the way for litecoin and people
understanding what cryptocurrency is and the fact that a certain amounts of
massive investments have been made in all the cryptocurrency area so here we
are at litecoin I’ll do an all time for light coin here we are jan 13 and 14 15
16 and then just started taking off for its first sort of major expansion into
the real world as it were just towards the end of this year literally we were
talking like from the hundred to three hundred mark fourth of December such you
know end of November beginning of December so literally a month to go so
it’s currently obviously very volatile as was Bitcoin so many years ago like
you know earlier this year and it’s been going up and down rather but you don’t
see it on this scale because now this is a scale of $13 to nineteen thousand so
are we going to see 50 percent increase or decrease in Bitcoin in the next
months probably not but are we going to see one in litecoin quite possibly
because they have had some major percentage increases
in the smaller quantities and as the prices are lower then you know the major
changes make a big difference so I’m putting some money into litecoin just
because it’s easier to access and it has several advantages over Bitcoin in that
it was designed to be a transactional currency and not a store of value
currency as Bitcoin has sort of turned out to be an even video game processing
platforms steam for example has put up to accept litecoin and there’s a bunch
of other merchants who accept like coin as means of payment so this is all good
news for basic crypto currencies but also on the fact that in coin base
you know other than Bitcoin cash which currently can’t be bought or sold on
coin based so we’ve got Bitcoin theorem and litecoin and litecoin obviously is
the much more affordable choice so if you can get your coin base app on your
smartphone and get yourself a couple of light coin or as many as you wish that’s
entirely up to you and hang on to it and see what happens and if it does anything
like Bitcoin does well you know you’re in for a good return so that’s my take
on light coin I mean for example the Sun newspaper in the UK as you know articles
about light quite so it’s becoming mainstream slowly and surely crypto
currencies are becoming a thing that we’re all talking about finding out
about and using I’ll be leaving links in the description below so that you can
find out about more about light coin and Bitcoin and you can get your copy of
coin based on your Android device or your Apple iPhone and here’s the iTunes
download page and the Google Play page you can get Bitcoin wallet coinbase just
as easy as that evidently I’ve already got mine
installed so I’ll leave links to these pages in the description below so you
can get hands-on and if you’re interested in finding out more I’ll
leave a link to a Bitcoin club that I’m part of that you can access for free and
increase your education on Bitcoin litecoin and other cryptocurrencies and
ways that you can benefit from using them alright that’s it for today leave
you guys for the next video don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the
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see you guys in the next video bye for now


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