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going on around crypto currencies but
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Johnny Depp guys Captain Jack Sparrow
let me know in the comments if you guys
love that movie I absolutely love parts
of Caribbean I laugh every time Johnny
Depp he’s signed a deal with an
aetherium based entertainment DAP now
the main thing to keep in mind here is
this is coming at the same time that
we’ve had dj khaled and Floyd Mayweather
getting sued over the whole ICO
promotion that turned out to be a scam
ICO and you know they were tied to it
they were marketing it and so they
they’re now getting sued now something
to keep my cuz a lot of celebrities are
starting to endorse crypto currencies
without actually demonstrating any type
of understanding or without
demonstrating any type of interest
they’re just kind of promoting it and
supporting it which is something
keep in mind now on the other hand it
does look like Johnny Depp is taking
this a little more seriously now the
partnership is with Tata – it is in
etherium based Netflix like streaming
platform mixed with TTU token o token
you know the economics run by
entrepreneur Andrea I’m not even gonna
try to pronounce that last name so we’re
gonna have to wait and see how this does
play out I personally have not had much
of a chance to look into Tata 2 and what
they’re trying to do and how how their
overall platform works I haven’t gotten
a chance to look at that but Johnny Depp
is a huge huge name and it’s definitely
a you know it’s a very it’s definitely a
worthwhile partner to have if you are
Tata – and if you are on their side this
is a very big partnership and somebody
like this getting into cryptocurrency
and start talking about it definitely a
good sign overall now if we take a look
at some of the bullish news that’s been
going on this was a tweet that came out
and the gif it fits it so perfectly
we’re gonna talk about that just a
little bit so much bullish news over the
last 24 hours
it’s insane so we some of this I
guarantee a lot of you guys missed
because it just isn’t picked up and it’s
very hard to talk about everything’s
going on it’s very hard to know
everything that’s going on but the
Singapore sovereign wealth fund invests
in finance so get investing in finance
is giving a huge a huge credibility to
its it’s giving a huge credit
credibility to the cryptocurrency space
it’s showing that they do have
confidence in this and again something
they would not be investing into if they
did not see the future we’ve talked
about the fact that governments who do
not invest in the blocks you do not
invest in cryptocurrency and learn to
adopt and learn how to implement it into
their countries are going to get left
behind and this could be one of the big
shifts that we have in the world in
10-15 years we might look back and see
this is one of those big shifts that
will separate the countries on top in 15
years it might be at this type of type
of it might be this this technology so
something to keep in mind
another one is backed launch is imminent
so back to has announced that they will
be on December 12 I believe it is that’s
when the IC announces back and we’ll
start the van eck solid X ETF approval
inches closer and closer a square cold
storage framework
was released Elon Musk tweeted about
Bitcoin finally and then he got his
account bad for a little biggest Twitter
thought he got hacked so a lot of stuff
going on and this gift sums it up
perfectly guys because I know there’s a
lot of news going on I know there’s a
lot of bullish news and you know price
hasn’t necessarily reflected that we’ve
talked about with the low volume in
order to have the bull run or to have
that huge explosion in price we are
going to need to pick up on volume
that’s going to be the very very
important thing and in order for that to
happen I believe there’s going to have
to be a catalyst as much as all this
news is good and it does help long term
with the adoption sense it’s going to
take time and this Domino gift explains
it perfectly all this for it’s happening
right now our smaller piece is getting
you know with smaller pieces starting to
start to accumulate getting into the big
piece and the big piece will happen
eventually that’s going to be the price
movement all you know you know the moon
to the moon that everyone’s talking
about Bitcoin ripple like whatever is
you want to have to the moon this is
your cryptocurrency to the moon that is
the big block and it all has to start
with the small pieces of adoption the
small pieces of development improvements
and stuff like that and it will add up
in the end now like I said I see
announced when backed as go when the
backed platform is gonna start trading
Bitcoin futures this is going to be on
December 12th right so big news
something to keep in mind there as well
and the fact that the cryptocurrency
market could reach two trillion dollars
in two years now this article is a
little bit more conservative I think in
two years a lot of people expect it
could be a lot higher than two trillion
but it never hurts to have a more
conservative look on the market as well
to be fair two trillion dollars is 10x
what it is right now if we get rid of a
lot of the bad all coins and the market
dominance is mainly the good crypto
currencies that big crypto currencies a
two trillion dog could see Bitcoin do an
easy 10 15 20 30 X even a lot of your
favorite crypto currencies could do the
same thing so in two years there is no
other investment except for winning the
lottery I guess if you get a lottery
ticket and you win that’s not really an
investment that’s more gambling there’s
no other investment that could possibly
make you this type of
turn and although it might seem you know
not exactly what people wanted in two
years to Chilean and might because I
know there’s gonna be people that’s
gonna be people that say oh I wanted to
be twenty trillion you know two hundred
Chile I agree I would like it to be two
but small steps 10x say that’s not even
small 10x is a huge huge step to happen
in two years I know we had basically
more than that happened just in 2017 but
still or at least a full point where we
got to the all-time highs but still good
to be conservative in a two trillion
dollar market cap at the end of 2019 or
in two years maybe even the end of 2020
definitely a realistic a realistic goal
definitely something that we could
actually see happen but again first we
have to get more adoption and this
articles talking about everything
they’ll you know the adoption that has
to happen and I think we are seeing that
icing we are I think we are seeing that
developments happen put into place
everything being put into place for us
to have mass adoption so let me know you
guys think about that in the comments
down below right now two trillion
dollars in two years let me know what
your thoughts are on that do you think
that is possible do you think that is
something we are going to see do you
think is gonna be lower do you think is
gonna be higher let me know in the
comments down below now if we take a
look at the overall market two hundred
eight billion dollar market cap again
not much has changed 53.8% Bitcoin
dominance bitcoins prices down like
twenty dollars from when we refresh the
page yesterday in yesterday’s video so
again not not a lot of movement not a
lot has changed we look at the biggest
winners of the day we have Deckard I
believe they got listed on Finance if
that yeah I believe they got listed on
by then so that is the the run-up it’s
having right here Bitcoin diamonds
having a run up as well chain-link
genesis vision all having some pretty
nice gains and if we scroll roughly
around halfway so seems an e and even
50-50 split in the market between the
ones the crypto currencies in the green
and the crypto currencies in the red we
then have the losers of the day
Metaverse ETP being the biggest loser
electro neum being the second biggest
loser now I feel bad calling basic
attention token a loser because it has
been outperforming actually everything
recently but it is down 8% today so
technically it is a loser today as well
but it’s not a lose
cryptocurrency guys I don’t want to call
basic attention token a loser
cryptocurrency now looking at a little
bit of technical analysis because I get
questions all the time especially about
ripples haven’t actually I’ve been
talking about ripple more in the
developments and I’ve been getting a lot
of questions I’m asking about ripple so
we look at technical analysis for
litecoin and ripple because both of them
are at very very good prices for what I
think we are going to see in the bull
run in both our crypto currencies and
vici as well the three we’re talking
about in this video all three of them
are crypto currencies that you know I
was talking about with the two trillion
dollars how I think a lot of the bad
crypto occurs in two years all the shit
coins quote-unquote I don’t know if I’m
allowed to say that on YouTube either
way all the bad crypto currencies are
going to you know start start
disappearing start just going away right
which is what we all want and the good
crypto currencies are gonna stay on top
these are three examples of some very
good crypto currency along with several
others but these are three examples of
some very good crypto currencies so like
coins at fifty two dollars and thirty
five cents now if we look at some like
coin technical analysis guys the
long-term pattern completion could
signify a bullish run so it is
completing a descending triangle pattern
as you guys can see put right here this
is the one day chart this is great this
these type of articles cuz I don’t have
to open up clean base myself and I can
just have everything on here for you
guys so the resistance levels are fifty
seven dollars and four cents of 40 cents
sixty three dollars and 110 cents sixty
eight dollars and thirty cents so the
conclusion was the price of LTC seems to
be headed for a bullish breakout as
evidenced by the completion of the
descending triangle pattern the
indicators are in consensus for utley
long term with resistance levels that
can be tested at fifty seven dollars and
forty cents and like we already
mentioned there so like coin could
potentially be seeing a breakout now is
this going to happen is it going to be
bullish or go on a bullish run if
bitcoin is down no so keep that in mind
it’s not going to have a huge run if
bitcoin does not allow the market to
have a huge run with the exception of a
few cryptocurrency with a few all coins
getting listed on Finance and stuff
going on here and there a majority of
moves right
now our small as we see in the overall
market cap when we secret coin market
cap we see that the percent changes have
been very very small with Bitcoin
dropping 20 dollars in 24 hours who has
ever heard of that happen it Bitcoin is
the new stable coin now now looking at
XRP looking at ripple again at 44 cents
very very good cryptocurrency I believe
for the long run if we look at some
technical analysis here people are
indicating that you should buy dips in
XRP near 41
cents or 41.8 cents it’s a question I
get all the time when should I buy when
should I buy into XRP I want to get into
XRP when should I buy into it well short
answer right here is forty one point
eight cents according to this article
now I do agree but one thing I want to
say one thing to keep in mind right here
is that you should never buy everything
at once that is the worst way you could
buy it I would not wait for 41.8 cents
and if we hit that buy with all of your
portfolio dollar cost average if we
don’t know exactly where the market is
going yet we have to take things slow
take it day by day Bitcoin although we
do have a lot of bullish news out there
is still on if you look at the technical
analysis there are still possibilities
there is still a possibility of us to
see lower lows it’s still something that
could happen and we’re not going to
count that out to me until we break a
few uh we break a few resistance levels
for Bitcoin and start you know actually
moving our way up not just trading
sideways cuz trading sideways could
indicate we know it means we’re building
up for something and if that is if that
is bullish or bearish it’s very very
hard to tell at this level and if
anybody is telling you with full
certainty then they are full they’re
full of shit
it’s not gonna happen I see a lot of
people calling themselves cryptocurrency
experts out there when in reality you’re
you’re not a cryptocurrency expert let’s
be honest but still so the targets for
ripple to buy in at least this target
that I agree with 41 41 to 42 cents is a
good range and then again if it does dip
below that perfect time to dollar cost
average because XRP is one I think that
is worth holding on to for the long run
as I think it is going to see it has
been seeing a lot of adoption and once
the bull run allows it to have its run I
think it’s going to see some very very
nice gains and lastly v chain one I
haven’t covered in a while because well
if you look at it VT hasn’t been doing
much has been trading sideways for a lot
since uh that’s basically what the
market is doing – right but good
developments for them
the first DAP launches later this month
so apparently it’s going to go live on
October 31st which is one day after my
birthday that’s right cool fun fact
right there but overall again V chain
another one that I really like wanted to
update you guys since I did talk about
it a lot previously and not a lot has
happened wanted to update you guys with
the DAP belong to the first DAP launch
later this month the guys that’s gonna
be it for this video hopefully you guys
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