STARTUP EP 07 | The Techlead

previously on startup I started a company called not vine which is a platform to share 6.1 second looping videos I have a rich nemesis called REO who embarrassed me in a game of chess I started to work on not fine and then suddenly Aria launched refined before us allowing people to share 5.9 second videos the agility on the active users we have so far [Music] 53,000 that’s crazy when we have 35,000 last week yeah we’re actually growing really fast we just surpassed a rebound a few days ago there’s surround 45 say wow that’s amazing and I gotta go now keep up the good work all right oh great going yeah we’re gonna say you want to eat I’m not sure why but I think it’s about refine but I’m gonna go see someone else beforehand so who are you going to see the tech need [Music] [Applause] are you the tech lead is the sky blue is the earth flat is react native in the future hmm I see wait one who I am doesn’t matter it is where you are that matters you are everywhere but yet lost so you are nowhere in your mind but yet you stand here in the flesh the Tecla is everywhere it is all around us even now in this very backyard that my parents let me stay in while I cash in on my unemployment checks I am the tech lead and I am you detect me [Music] how’d you read minds active users please no actually how’d you get done well I made an extension that makes it easy for people to cut six second clips from YouTube and upload them to either rerun or not button it has a pixel that logs all their internet activity so that way I can track revives use your base for your size so you’re logging every single website they visit yeah everyone all right then what’s the most popular website that I visit porn so what are you doing Joey told me to move the videos by 10 pixels word on the street is that you’re a tech lead at Google is that true they said you were a legend it’s a good question but someone inefficiently asked the time complexity of your question is linear to the number of words you are using can you do any better perhaps sublinear logarithmic before we get to the answer let’s try whiteboarding the question you have 30 minutes please speak aloud while you’re thinking as you’re working okay so are you the technique oogle well I quit several months ago [Music] yeah I really wish this place had chain you know supposed to be someone like me who works out daily so as your superhot girlfriend can’t teach me how to code and defeat Aria yes but only if you defeat me in a one-on-one duel to the death okay but like not not to the death right okay fine [Music] you have the power to win the battle without coding when you start using your heart you won’t need IDE s or terminals you must tap into the elemental power you were born with what language should I learn first how many language should I know what framework should I use do you use vim or Emacs code alone will not solve your problems I’ve written all kinds of code in my life but the strongest code is inside you finally I push my feet check man my mother works lots of us feel overworked just standard for Silicon Valley yeah suck it up and deal with it’s not only hearing the other promotion promotion genius do you think some me will control me what’s the last thing you even did I just push the 11000 line feature you literally changed all the spaces two tabs you’re right it was more than just 11000 lines I deserve more recognition I should people my soda it’s killer be killed out there John whenever I want a promotion I walk up to the CTO with eight offers in hand I tell them their site won’t last a week without me I couldn’t begin for me to stay I’m a secret Tiger urine tiger okay I think I know you’re trying to say in order for me to get that promotion I need to look smarter Hey I want to talk do you smell kappas no um anyway um so I wanted to talk to you about what is it John I’m busy trying to revert your eleven thousand line feature oh well I think I deserve I mean I have an offer from Microsoft yeah I’m running out of coffee can you go out and grab me some just keep the change like a bonus [Music] you didn’t need this here drink this wait is this piss why’d you do that I’ll make you another one hey guys this job is gone we can do whatever we want or we can all hook up with each other come on let’s meditate I gotta be more assertive suddenly I’m reviewing your code and I see something unsightly yeah sure what’s up you see here can you tell me what you’re doing here I’m catching errors see so here’s the thing at nine we don’t catch errors we want less errors [Music] hey guys so today’s my last day working here at not mine it’s been so great working with you all and this is such an amazing team and you guys are so lucky to have each other but you know I think it’s time for me to move on where are you going my love I got married in Canada keep this with you [Music] we’re gonna miss you make sure you stay hydrated with hint water you can get 10% off if you go to pinko slash Jomo that’s Jo MA you’ll always be part of the team you’re not buying family now and your friends can be not buying family too if they go to Jonas why calm then get shirt for as cheap is only $25 [Music] all right guys hey man this is useless this is not working man this is a waste of my time I knew it meant you’re old you know nothing about this world you don’t even work at Google anymore I’m trying to free your mind Joma but I can only show you the door you’re the one that has to walk through it I should have known this was a scam I once stood in your place and I too was disrespectful my I offer you some advice forget everything you think you know [Music] hey everyone if you like this video don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe thank you alright thank you for watching it was amazing it was really fun shooting star of Episode seven so if you enjoyed it as much as we do don’t forget to Like subscribe and today is Genovese last day yeah but you want to say anything to our fans thank you for having me and I had such a good time yeah she’s always like that I’m sorry for not being in the last episode I just wasn’t around but this one so I hope you’ll enjoy this video but anyways peace out


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