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welcome to cryptocurrency explained in this lesson I will show you how to use khyber swap khyber swap is a decentralized exchange that is insanely easy to use in fact it is so easy to use that this will probably be a rather short video khyber swap allows you to easily exchange aetherium and the most popular aetherium based tokens in a matter of moments the amazing thing about khyber is that you do not need to go to a centralized exchange and then to trust that centralized third party to hold your crypto currencies with khyber you trade directly from your wallet and receive funds directly back to your wallet with the trade itself being handled by smart contracts to ensure trust you can connect to khyber by using madame asked or by using a hardware wallet like ledger or the trays or also on offer is entering your private key or using a keystore file but these methods are much much less secure and I highly recommend using a hardware wallet in this situation in this example I will be using the ledger nano so we’re gonna navigate to the website khyber swap dot-com khyber swap comm this is an insanely easy to use decentralized exchange so we’re gonna go ahead and connect with our ledger you can choose our wallet address which is just here great and now of course we can buy any other crypto currencies that are for offer here on khyber swap so for example we can buy some khyber network tokens or we can buy rapped aetherium or we can buy dye which is a stable coin linked to the price of $1 we have a visa go power ledger of course we have requests Network all kinds of different cryptocurrencies are available for purchase over here on Kyber swab so let’s go ahead and buy some oh nice a go so we’re gonna buy half an etherium worth of oh nice a go so we’re gonna put in 0.5 etherium and that’s going to get us around 5000 me say go we’re gonna click on swap now so we see that’s the price we’re gonna pay that’s the transaction fee we’re gonna pay we’re gonna click confirm and we’re gonna review our transaction now you’ll want to make sure that you have contract data turned on double check that everything is correct your maximum fees accept and send and that is underway now when you click on your aetherium application what you’ll first see is application is ready click on the right-hand button until you see settings when you see settings double click on settings and you will see contract data you want to double click on that to ensure that it says allowed if it doesn’t say allowed you’re not going to be able to interact with these tokens like Power ledger or like Oh me say go so that swaps add-on already went very very quickly so now what we’re going to do we are going to swap some Power ledger for some aetherium so we can just trade straight back like that so we can trade all of our balance so a hundred percent of our balance we can put in the individual numbers we want we’re gonna do a hundred percent of our balance and we’re gonna click on swap now so we need to grant permission for khyber to interact with power with this address we’re going to approve that prove it again on our ledger nano X accept and send confirm the swap we are now waiting for me to confirm the swap on the ledger nano X accept and send that’s it has been broadcasted to the network and in a few moments I will have traded my power ledger for aetherium it’s really that ridiculously easy to trade using khyber swap now it does have a limited amount of options in terms of tokens available but it for many of the major tokens this is a super super easy way to trade crypto currencies check out the next video in this series to learn more about crypto currency and feel free to post any questions that you may have down below in the comment section there you will also find my recommended list of exchanges and wallets that you can get signed up for thank you so much for watching this video if you found it useful leave a thumbs up on it you can also subscribe to the channel if you are new around here long live the blockchain and peace out til next time

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