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Blockchain Brothers – SwissBorg: “Data = new global currency, utility tokens vs. security tokens”

Dear crypto community and blockchain buddies across the globe welcome back toCryptonites, the no BS blockchain channel, built with the community for the communityand today I have another amazing guest, the co-founder and CEO ofSwissBorg but also my little brother awesome to have you broso I’m gonna start right away with a really weird story

KCN News: Santander – Bitcoin can be serious contender

Santander, one of the world’s biggest banks, has suggested,that Bitcoin could become a threat to the current financial ecosystemwill become a serious contender if it can gain widespread adoption.Despite of the fact there’re much negative momentsin media regarding bitcoin,according to Themerkle.com.,it’s due to misunderstanding and fear to the new currency system.Put the likes and subscribe

KCN News: Bitcoin reflections in “Mr. Robot”

Michael Cristofer as Philippe Price in “Mr. Robot”in American drama–thriller,was thinking about future currency problems, possible prospectsand discussions between members of bitcoin communities.A noteworthy in real worldwe have different associations from different countriesand with different membership – Bitcoin Foundation,Avalbit, Satoshi Roundtable,Bitcoin Association and other.Put the likes and subscribe to our channel.

IOTA | $MIOTA | The Machine Economy

I’ve been asking people on Twitter and Slackto give me the video recommendationsand something that keeps coming up and I couldn’t avoid was IOTA.I’ve been running from it for a little whilebecause I was afraid of the fact that it was really tech-heavy,and I wanted to make sure that I was going to do it