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The Latest Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News | CryptoNewsZ | October 18, 2019

Hi there, it’s Friday, October 18, 2019, and this is CryptoNewsZ. Our team at CryptoNewsZbrings you the latest headlines from the world of Blockchain and Crypto.Facebook’s ambitious and proposed cryptocurrencyProject Libra is now facing more troubles. The G7wealthy nations statedthat such stable coin projects should not be allowed to launchuntil the international risks that theypose

Games Within Games – Emulated Classics, Enhanced Ports, and Bonus Discs / MY LIFE IN GAMING

[ TRY ] Everyone loves a good deal.That’s why game companies have been bundling popular titles together since decades ago.Today, compilations of classic games have become some of the most reliable and accessiblemethods of exploring the history of various series and publishers.But sometimes you’ll find a classic game included with a brand-new game a bonus.These

Top 5 Bitcoin Billionaires in 2018

What’s up CryptoPeeps it’s your girl, Ysa, here to deliver yourdaily dose of Bitcoin news!A lot of people wish that they could be billionaires.In cryptocurrency, the risky highly-volatile marketmakes it more stressful to reach this goal.But alas, some people managed to invest and profit and in turn become crypto-billionaires.Forbes magazine released their first-ever list of

Bitcoin : Top 5 Best Bitcoin Mining Software Mac

Bitcoin: Top 5 Best Bitcoin Mining Software MacHi, are you looking for best Bitcoin mining software for Mac? IFound top 5 best Bitcoin mining software with easy setupeasy to usesimple designAutomatic mining so watch the video at the endNumber 5Mine PN is a cryptocurrency mining platform created for Isaac and FPGA and Linux based and


There’s new news at Cardano.Keep a good eye on the investors, they can get a chance to make money.Today we will discuss both this and the latest events at Bitcoin, an upward scenario in whichwe will most likely experience Bitcoin in the future, the BNB, and the issues that investorswho escaped to Tether’s USDT, especially