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How to Trade the Currency market

Hi, guys. Andrea Unger here, and we’ll talk a little bit about currencies. Talking about currencies, the first thing is: shall I work on futures, on currencies or on Forex? There are pros and cons on both. On Forex, if you are not extremely capitalized, you have opportunities to trade because of the scalability—the downsize

Forex, opzioni binarie, Bitcoin… E poi?

Ciao, ciao Andrea Unger e sì voglio parlare di bitcoin ma probabilmente non come ve l’aspettate. Volevo capire o giusto discutere sulla popolarità del bitcoin e su come io veda praticamente richieste da molte parti legate anche a trading system su bitcoin o comunque all’applicazione dei metodi che io uso personalmente al mercato del bitcoin.

Trailing Stop Insight

Hi Guys, hi from Andrea Unger.Trailing stop!I know we have already discussed about it, but this is the Automatic Trading Magazinewhich is so far only in Italian but we are thinking about the English version, and inthis I was reading the article of Andrea Nebiolo, this guy here, and he was talking about thecorrect employment

Algo Trading on Bitcoin…

Hi from Andrea Unger today I want to answer a question I received per emailwhere I was asked why I don’t apply my trading systems to cryptocurrencies toBitcoin claiming that that would probably lead to higher profits so whyactually this shows how strong the communication about Bitcoin has beenbecause it associates Bitcoin to high profits

Da 8€ a 1M€ in pochi anni con i bitcoin

Ciao ragazzi, ciao da Andrea Unger, oggi volevo parlare non di trading direttamente o magari indirettamente appunto ma di pubblicità, di Ads su internet. Noi trader o interessati al trading, siamo abituati, quando navighiamo su internet a trovare, ovviamente, pubblicità di argomenti legati al trading, vuoi di un broker, vuoi di opportunità incredibili e via

From $8 to $1M in a few years with bitcoin

Hi, hi from Andrea Unger. Today, I’m not talking directly abouttrading but I will talk a bit aboutadvertising, online advertising.Why?Because I want to talk aboutsomething that might happen to usus.Because we are interested in trading or we are traders and so when we surf and we browse websites,sometimes we happen to see someads about trading