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Kill the Dollar Bill!

Good morning, Hank, it’s Friday. Couple things. Thing one: in re:your last video, it is not an anchoring bias to dismiss the opinions of people who don’t like The Mountain Goats. It’s just a correct aesthetic judgement. Hank, there are just facts in this world, like the fact that my Sing-A-Ma-Jig compositions [plays music] are

Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS: Is the Future of Finance Decentralized? | Crypto DeFiance 2019

Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS: these are not simply cryptocurrencies. They are the foundation of decentralized finance. DeFi aims to revolutionize the traditional financial system by empowering the individual and bypassing centralized intermediaries. Although these are still the early days of DeFi, innovation is happening fast. What can we take that’s centralized, make it decentralized and see

Malaysia, 1MDB, and Goldman Sachs | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Now anytime someone says “Goldman Sachs,” you know something bad happened. What may be the biggest financial scam in history. Two former Goldman Sachs bankers and a fugitive Malaysian financier have been charged over the alleged plunder of billions of dollars from Malaysia’s State Development Fund. Malaysia prosecutors filed criminal charges against the bank and

Data Dash & Ben Goertzel | Bitcoin at a Crossroad: Evolve or Die

Hi, everyone, I’m Giovanni, welcome to our show. Today, we are going to talk about artificial intelligence, blockchain and how these technologies can determine humanity’s future. I am thrilled to announce our guests. Prominent YouTuber and trader Nicholas Mertens aka DataDash and Dr. Ben Goertzel, AI scientist and CEO at SingularityNet, a blockchain-based AI marketplace.