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Satoshi’s Bitcoin – Marathi (मराठी)

Journey from one hardship to another is farming! How pleasant the life would’ve been if I wouldn’t have born in a farmer’s family. Would’ve remained aloof to the injustice towards farmers.Lot easier to say, “to each their own” and continue to enjoy my creature comforts.Be an armchair critic about rising prices of basic vegetables while

It is still worth to buy Bitcoins ? It is to late for mining Cryptocurrency with higher fees!? ⛔⛔⛔ !

fees higher than $29 are destroying bitcoins value for small paymentsoriginally one of bitcoins big selling points was that payments would be fastconvenient and cheap the cost of mediation increases transaction costslimiting the minimum practical transaction size and cutting off thepossibility for small casual transactions Roth Bitcoin foundersSatoshi Nakamoto in the white paper announcing the