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ELI5 / VC for Crypto – Gleb Davidyuk

The blockchain technology without Bitcoin is like a human without one arm…They both are interconnected, and all the rest of them, as I call them – shitcoinsthey are just making noise, like this microphone that I have right now…I am usually asking my guests, what kind of a drink they have broughtthat we are drinking

This week in Bitcoin – Nov 4th, 2019

Hi, I’m Nate Martin from 99Bitcoins.comand here’s what happened this week in Bitcoin.Bitcoin futures exchange, BitMEX accidentally compromised user privacy,when it sent out a mass email to clients revealing all their email addresses to each another.Shortly after BitMEX warned its users about the email leak,hackers briefly took over its Twitter account too.The exchange claims, that

Top 15 Must Know Crypto & Bitcoin Investing Tips – Cryptocurrency Explained – Free Course

welcome to cryptocurrency explained in this lesson I want to share my top tips for cryptocurrency investing with you I’m doing this so that hopefully you can learn from the mistakes and experience that I and other members of the cryptocurrency community have made before and have experienced before let’s get started first and foremost