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PREDICTIONS!! – Interviewing Crypto, Bitcoin, and Blockchain Enthusiasts (3/3)

Do you have any predictionsfor mass adoption?Or if you want to talk aboutprice, that’s cool too,for say the next one year, fiveyears, ten years.Yeah I mean-Would you mean being in aa little video thing I’m doing?I’m askingWhy are you into crypto?What would you recommend for peoplewho are just getting into crypto?And what your price predictionsfor

Why China Is TERRIBLE For Blockchain (But GREAT For Bitcoin’s Price!) ☠️

We must clarify the main direction.Increase investment focus on a number of key core technologies and acceleratethe development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. So said,Chinese president Xi Jinping on October 25th as he challenged the country toquote, sees the opportunity of blockchain technology. As a result,blockchain has been all over Chinese media following these