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Bitcoin about to dump ?

[inaudible].Hello guys, how are you today? Welcome to our first video.Today we’re going to do a quick top-down analysis for bitcoin draw out,some important levels and try to understand what are the key points where thismarket can turn or what are the points which will show us that we may stillrange. So let’s get right

idap.io – Brief Introduction

where you can hedge andspeculate through futures and options.Along with that, we also offercrypto to crypto trading, crypto to fiat tradingcrypto indices derivatives,margin lending and perpetual swapsFor improved user experience in real timewe have an enterprise level exchange andserver infrastructure with single click ladder trading andIndustry standard FIX API engineThrough this optimized platformour diversified offeringsand

Découvrez la chaîne CRYPTO ADDICTS

Hello everyone, I’m Ben, welcome to the Crypto-Addicts channel,the channel that will talk to you about cryptocurrencies and their news.Whether you are new to cryptos or already have a lot of knowledge,this channel can answer all your questions.You can find explanatory videos on the basics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain,but also trading tips and the latest

LE BITCOIN À 1800 $ ?

Hello everyone, this is Ben from Crypto-Addicts, I’m glad to see you again for a new news video,which will obviously talk about the latest crash, and the situation of the Bitcoin. Let’s go!We can say that the week is off to a good start,after two weeks that were worse than catastrophic for the cryptocurrency market