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Properly hold Bitcoin or GAMBLE with: The ECB, France, Libra, NIRP, Sportsbet.io, Altcoins, Ballet

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meisterwelcome to the one bitcoin show today is September the 12th 2019 what sesor saystrong hand buy and hold long term thinking be unique beast now your wealthand bitcoin one Bitcoin goes one Bitcoin I’m confiscating all offended by sellingwell I almost lost my voice

Bobby Lee: How Bitcoin Came to Be

– Here’s what it is, okay?Think about, if you’re the secret creator of Bitcoinand you said let’s only have 21 million bitcoins,how do you decide who should have the 21 million bitcoins?Is there a good answer?They should all give it to me.Or they should give it to all the poor people in Africa.Or maybe only

Participants of the crypto market remain positive despite falling prices – Survey by TGE

Hello!I’m Alice Amber.You’re watching Crypto market news.A survey on moods in the ICO and Blockchain space has found that despitebearish sentiment in the industry due to falling cryptocurrency prices, confidence levels remainnet positive.A closer look at the results of the survey, which has been conducted in the late summer/earlyfall of 2018, indicates that 36% of

Bobby Lee: Why Bitcoin Makes Sense [Entire Talk]

(audience claps)– Hello, good afternoon everyone.Can you guys all hear me?– [Audience] Yes.– Good, good.So let’s get started.I spent a few nights preparing these slides.So I’ll talk about Bitcoin.Talk about China, why Bitcoin is popular in China.And also talk about my my journey in China,I’ve been living in Shanghai now for thelast nine years, I