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BITCOIN 70.000 DOLAR YOLUNDA MI? BTC’DE NELER OLACAK? Altcoin ve Kripto Paralarda Olaylar – Barginex

What we’ll talk about soon doesn’t include investment advice, but it includes a possibleup-map of Bitcoin through an analysis that has kept up to date.Afterwards, at Bitcoin, I am expecting a hard break, hard action, and some ideas about whetherBitcoin falls or rises.For those who are depressed, those who suffer from crypto money are shaking

Why Facebook’s Libra Faces a Tough Road to Becoming a Crypto Giant | WSJ

– Facebook’s proposal to create its own digital currencycalled Libra has gotten a lot of basklashfrom global regulators.– Facebook has burned down the house over and over.– It’s been the subject of acidicU.S. congressional hearings and France’s finance ministerwent so far as to say that it was an assaulton national sovereignty.(man speaking foreign language)Officials in

Bitcoin free fall – cryptocurrency killers.Kraken collapse.Bentley for BTC

hey guys that’s already the end of theweek and are you ready to learn aboutthe most important Friday’s crypto newsgreat let’s go in today’s video you willsee how greedy bankers are killingcrypto billions of dollars have left thecryptocurrency market crack and firesemployees and shuts down operations wereto buy luxury cars for Bitcoin I don’thave enough