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What is Ethereum & How to Buy Ether with Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies – Amplify Exchange

Hello everyone and welcome to this new educational series on cryptocurrencies. Let’s jump right in. What is Ethereum, Ethereum is an open source, public, blockchain based, decentralized computing platform featuring Smart Contract functionality. Ethereum was proposed in 2013 and the system went live on July 30 2015. So what is Ether? Ether is the cryptocurrency

Amplify Exchange rewards $25k of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and AMPX to Referral Competition Winners

Welcome back everybody to the Amplify Exchange YouTube Channel. Today we are announcing the winners from our pre-launch referral competition. The following winners as shown on the screen have all been awarded their prizes in their Amplify Exchange trading accounts. First place has received one Bitcoin and 100,000 AMPX for an estimated value of $18,300

How to Buy Bitcoin for Beginners 2020 (Easy)

what’s up everybody Kellen from action backers here today I just want to teach you how to quickly buy Bitcoin as a beginner if you’re interested in playing on Bitcoin only sports books or depositing buy a cryptocurrency than purchasing Bitcoin or aetherium is a need-to-know fact so there are lots of ways you can

What Is Tether (USDT)

We all know how volatile Bitcoin is.It can either be very exciting or very dramatic, depending on which way the price goes.What about the people who want something more stable?A cryptocurrency that can be used almost exactly the way fiat money is used.Well, I’m here to tell you that there is an option!What’s up cryptopeeps?

HOW TO Buy Cryptocurrency! (5 Easy Steps)

– What’s up everyone, welcome to to Josh Burns Tech.Do you want to learn how to buy crypto-currencylike Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum,and some of the other ones on this shirt?Well, if so, then stick around ’cause I’m gonna show youhow to buy crypto-currency in five easy steps,coming right up.(funky techno music)So, listen, if you’re here for