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Americans Review Australian Currency

– I’m picturing just like cookies in the shape of kangaroos. (laughing) – You think their money is cookies? – I don’t know what the Australian dollar is called. – I think it’s called the Australian dollar. – I hope they have animals because they have a very diverse mammal population. – Koalas, wombats. –

Why People Are Freaking Out About Donald Trump, Janelle Monae, Bill Cosby Guilty, PewDiePie, & More

Sup, you beautiful bastards hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco showand let’s just jump into it and the first things we’re gonna talk about today isWe had two stories based around human sexuality that were trending today. Pride Month is in JuneIt’s coming up and in advance Disney released

We Mastered That Shiny Dirt Ball

– All right, guys, so my jobs hereis to basically make a bunch of viral videos,and I’m trying to come up with a video idea.Recently, Sarah, right over there–– What? – She shined foil.And it got like seven million views, it was insane.So, I’ve been doing some research,and I found that people havebeen making dirt