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Perché è nato Bitcoin? / Why was Bitcoin created? “Understanding Bitcoin” con Giacomo Zucco

The first videos with which we start our series will not actually talk about technology, cryptography, mathematics or computer science, they will instead talk about economics and even politics, because in order to answer the fundamental question when trying to understand bitcoin, which is: why bitcoin? what is its purpose? what is the purpose that

New Daedalus 0.15.0 with newsfeed and recovery phrase verification features and enhancements

Hi!Welcome to Daedalus demonstration video.My name is Darko Mijić, and I am a product manager for Daedalus.Today I will present changes coming with Daedalus 0.15, which is part of Cardano 1.7 update.This release brings two significant new features and a lot of improvements to existing featuresand bug fixes which improve user experience.The first feature we