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Trump’s China Trade “Deal” Off to a Rocky Start | US China Trade War

The US and China have agreed on a trade deal.But they seem to understand their “deal” in conflicting ways.And the ideological differences run deep.Welcome back to China Uncensored.I’m Chris Chappell.This episode has been sponsored by Surfshark.Because when you surf the web,you should be using a VPN to protect your identity.America’s trade war with China continues.But

Is the US-China Trade War a Cold War? (w/ Kyle Bass and Gen. Robert Spalding)

KYLE BASS: I’m here with General Spalding, who’s just written the book, “Stealth War,How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept.”General, it’s a pleasure to be here with you today.ROBERT SPALDING: Great to be here.KYLE BASS: Very few books have been written, I think, unvarnished on what China’s reallydoing, what their grand plan is, what

Donald Trump: “I am the chosen one” on China Trade

Pepe the Frog in Hong Kong?The chosen one appearsAnd Social Media actually stands up to ChinaThat and more on this week’s China Uncensored.This is China Uncensored.I’m Chris Chappell.This week’s China news headlines!Hong Kong has been in the midst of two months of nonstop protests.1.7 million people took the streets last Sunday.They’ve been protesting an extradition

Cold War 2: US v China?

Life getting too peaceful?A new Cold War will fix that!Proxy battles and a new arms raceThe confrontation is growingbetween the US and China.This is China Uncensored.I’m Chris ChappellGood news for all of you watchingwho thought the world was getting too peaceful.Steve.The US State Department has approveda possible 8 billion dollar fighter jet sale to Taiwan.Don’t

Was Trump’s Huawei Decision a Trade War Misstep? | Gordon Chang

Huawei, the Chinese telecom giantis accused of being a national security threatTrump Banned HuaweiThen postponed the banTwice.Was it a trade war misstep?Or all part of a larger plan?Welcome back to China Uncensored,I’m Chris Chappell.We are now officially more than a year into the US-China Trade War.But unofficially,it’s been nearly two decades since the Chinese Communist

China Might Send Military to Hong Kong

China threatens to send the military into Hong Kongas triads attack protesters.And China is also on the warpath…pretty much everywhere.Stay ahead of the curve on this week’s China Uncensored.This is China Uncensored, I’m Chris Chappell.This week’s China news headlines!Retired Chinese Communist Party official Li Peng died on Monday night.Li Peng was known for…killing a lot

Life as a North Korean Elite | Former Ambassador Thae Yong-ho | China Uncensored

What is life like for a North Korean Elite?Parties in Pyongyang?Or a living nightmare?Welcome to China Uncensored,I’m Chris Chappell.Ever wonder what life is like for members of North Korea’s elite?Well, I couldn’t get Kim Jong-Un to sit down with me.I mean, I’m no James Franco.But I got the next best thing:Thae Yong-ho.He was North Korea’s

China Calls for Crackdown on Hong Kong Protesters

Protests in Hong KongAre escalating quicklyThe Chinese regime is calling for a crackdown.And they haven’t ruled out military action.Welcome back to China Uncensored.I’m Chris Chappell.Clashes between protesters and police in Kong Kong over the weekendturned parts of the city into a bona fide battlefield.Complete with plenty of police violence,rubber bullets,and enough tear gas to make

China Stole US Military Secrets, Now Threat: Mike Pompeo | China Uncensored

It’s the 30th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square MassacreThe US Secretary of State says China Stole US Military SecretsAnd what Chinese authorities say is the biggest riskfor Chinese visitors in the United StatesThat and more on this week’s China news headlines.Welcome to China Uncensored.I’m Chris Chappell.This week’s China news headlines.You know, camera technology has sure