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How Will Bitcoin Do in a Recession

– I don’t often do this, but I am going to ask you guys for some help with something. I generally have a pretty strong opinion about the way things are going to go and how things interact and force other things to perform in a certain way, what’s gonna help stocks, what’s not going

KCN News: Richtopia has published Top List – Bitcoin Magazine, BlockchainAge, CoinDesk

News Blog Richtopiahas presented the list of 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies.Among them twe can see original source of information –Bitcoin Magazine, the global leader in blockchain,esearch and consultancy – BlockchainAge, etc.The top of the list takes the world leaderin digital currency information – CoinDesk.Put the likes and subscribe to our channel.

Bitcoin Interview with Cointelegraph

I’m Molly Jane head of news at CoinTelegraph and we have the great pleasure of talking today to Bitcoin himself.Hi Molly!Hi!Thanks for having me on the show.I apologize. I’m a little nervous sometimes I get nervous talking to girls and all.It’s totally fine. I guess my first question for those that have beenseeing you on