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Big Bitcoin Moves Coming! Are You Ready? Adoption News! (Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Trading + Analysis)

what’s going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new videotape wegot another killer video for you guys full of information today we’re gonnatalk about some crazy Bitcoin volatility incoming we’re also be talking about a1.2 billion dollar real estate mogul talking about Bitcoin and supposed tonsof other news that went on in the


welcome blockchainers, blockheads you great block people, I’m back with the oldball and blockchain and we are here the New Kids, she doesn’t like that one but Ithink is brilliant that’s not very nice I have to say the old Ball and blockchainthat’s priceless, I will forgive him because it’s clever but I’m this facemeans

Cryptocurrencies, the ICO Craze, and Institutional Investors (w/ Paul Veradittakit)

TYLER NEVILLE: Paul Veradittakit, partner at Pantera, we’re really happy to have youback.We had Dan about a year ago on Real Vision.I’m really excited to get you here.PAUL VERADITTAKIT: Really excited to be here for the first time.I’ve heard great things and our colleagues love you guys.TYLER NEVILLE: Love it.Love it.Great to hear.So, why don’t