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I was right!😱 XRP Prediction – If you hold xrp you Want To See This!🤯 + Other Crypto Markets

Dear traders, welcome to the anonymous analyst channel. 

Anonymous Analyst is a trader with experience in all financial markets, in all time frames. 
I have created a confirmation system which lets me predict the future turns for all financial markets on all timeframes. 
This system gives me a 80% to 90% accuracy when predicting the

Bitcoin Closes Up 8%, Litecoin Up 30%

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to this wonderful Saturday of green. Now we’ve just had the candles close since when I’m doing this video the daily candle of yesterday has closed. And across the top 10 we are in the green. We’ve certainly seen some very strong buying coming in to the market. And that’s a

Live Litecoin Trade Setting Up

Good day guys, hope you’re well. I want to do a run through right now and just talk to you about a couple of things. Look bitcoins holding up in the moment, holding around at 4000 just above 4000. I wouldn’t be surprised, or you know, to see a sharp pullback. It wouldn’t surprise me

Two Trades Setting Up On Litecoin

Good day everybody. Hope you are having a good week. It’s Tuesday today. A little bit going on out there. What I wanted to do in today’s video is go through and explain to you a couple of different options that you’ve got when you’re trying to choose between one trade or another. I’m gonna