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Blockman Capital Bitcoin review clients 180320

Welcome to Blockman Capital Analysis. Today we’re returning to Bitcoin on behalf of our clients and here we’re looking at the fifteen minute chart. Now what we can see is the effect of the Coronavirus outbreak on the price of Bitcoin. What’s actually happened, and there’s a direct correlation, by the way, with global markets,

Deadpool Explains Monero | Altcoin of the Week

Monero… Bitcoin’s bad-ass cousin. Like Bitcoin, Monero never knew It’s father. It came into the limelight from the dark after its mysterious creator launched it back in October 2013. It has since been taken over by a team of talented developers who have continued to improve the coin’s security and efficiency. Monero is the “Deadpool”

Blockman Capital Ripple review 290120

Welcome to Blockman Capital Analysis. Today we’re looking at RIPPLE ticker XRP on behalf our clients were looking at the 4 hour chart. Couple of reasons why we’re looking at Ripple. The first one being that it is the third largest by market cap in the cryptocurrency space. And the second reason is its hotly