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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Price, Support Level, News | Crypto Markets

Hi, I’m Giovanni.And in today’s crypto markets video we are talking to Dan McDermitt from TheChartGuys.comwho is going to give his opinion on the markets and do some technical analysis for Bitcoinand several altcoins.Dan, could you please introduce yourself.Sure.My name is Dan McDermitt.I work for and founded the ChartGuys.com with my business partner, we are

Mati Greenspan: “New Crypto Bull Market? $5,350 – New Bitcoin’s Resistance Level” | Crypto Markets

So at this point there’s an argument among the community: if we’ve snapped the bear market,have we entered the bull market.Nobody is extremely certain of that at the moment.What I can tell you is that last Tuesday’s surge was indeed significant.And we’re now testing a new resistance line exactly at $5,350.If we zoom out on

Bitcoin Q&A: Is quantum computing a threat?

[AUDIENCE] My question is about security. I’ve listened to one of your talks about quantum computing.You said that we can assume the NSA has quantum computing currently.My question is, how can [we safeguard] Bitcoin against quantum computing?Once [a threshold] is reached, they will be able to break into wallets.[ANDREAS] That is a very good question.Quantum