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Ethereum Q&A: What happens if there are bugs?

“What should be done when things go wrong with smart contracts,where funds are lost due to code error and bugs?”This is a really great question. In fact, it is the basis of a giant debate happening primarily in Ethereum.It started with the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (theDAO), which had a massive bug…leading to the loss of

Ethereum Q&A: How do smart contracts work?

The first question is about smart contracts.“How are [smart contract] operations conducted without having middlemen?”“Who does them? Can you please give us some real- world examples? Which application is best for it?”When a smart contract is executed,it is a software program [validated by] every single participant in the smart contract platform.Let’s take Ethereum as an

[CS198.2x Week 6] People’s Pick: Cryptocurrency Mining

Throughout our offerings of both courses in the Blockchain Fundamentals program, we’vereceived many questions about mining bitcoin in real life.This section aims to share our experience doing so, and some do’s and don’ts forthe curious.So here we have it: Real-life cryptocurrency mining!Mining cryptocurrency at first may sound like printing money, or money growing from digitaltrees,

Ethereum Q&A: Gas and resource allocation

“How is gas used? Is it used only in Ethereum?” This is a very interesting question.Gas is a fascinating topic regarding Ethereum and other smart contract platforms.When people talk about Ethereum, a term you will hear almost immediately is “Turing-complete.”When you hear “Turing-complete,” it sounds like something that is a great feature to have.I mean,

Ethereum Q&A: Why I’m writing ‘Mastering Ethereum’

“People are worrying that they’re going to lose you, Andreas, to the altcoin sphere.”Oh no!“Peter says, “Recently I’ve seen more and more people, especially on Twitter, commenting on…whether you will remain faithful to Bitcoin.”“In certain ways, I empathise. You certainly have never been in this for the money.”“That’s what I truly and thoroughly believe.”“It makes

Bitcoin Q&A: Secure, tiered storage system

Anonymous asks, “What is the easiest way to generate a paper wallet securely?”There is no easy way to generate a paper wallet securely.You should probably be using a hardware wallet, not a paper wallet. If you can’t afford a hardware wallet,then you don’t have enough money to secure.You can buy a hardware wallet for [between

Currency as a Language – DogeCon 2014

[ORGANISER] Andreas Antonopoulos! [Applause][ANDREAS] It is such a huge pleasure to be here today. This is such a great community.Everyone here welcomed me with such warmth and open arms, so thank you!Thank you so much for having me here tonight.I would like to talk about a couple important issues [regarding] regulatory legitimacy.The cryptocurrency space can

Ethereum Q&A: We are all blockchain weirdos

[AUDIENCE] Hi Andreas. I will try to not fan-boy out here. [Laughter] Quick question. I’m in the space since 2016.Since the last influx [of new people in] 2017, I feel like there was a movement [of debate]…about Bitcoin versus Ethereum.I personally appreciate their differences. I like them both individually for what they are.However, I feel