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Tim Draper Leads the Crypto Community

hey guys. David Downs so, if you have a chance, check out my new e-book.it’s less than 50 to 60 pages so you’ll beable to get through what I’m talking about and just create a baseline on whatthe dApps look like Tron and Ethereum but today I just wanted totalk briefly about Tim Draper. A

Eos Cryptocurrency Review

in today’s video you’re going to learn about Els and we’re starting right nownow this video was requested by one of the viewers from last week’s video and Ijust wanted to give my view on it I’ve been researching a little bit about itand obviously it’s from the same founder of Stevens which is an

Tron Wallet Me User’s Guide | Best Mobile Wallet for TRX Tutorial / Dapp Review | Bitcoin Lifestyles

Hello there friends and fellow Tron fanatics.Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles Club and today, I’m going to give you an overviewof the features and functions of the easiest to use and most secure mobile based Tron Wallet,that is available for Android and IOS.I carefully did my research to find the best and most trustworthy

BlockHash Media #23 – Josie Bellini (Josie.io)

Brandon Zemp: Okay, cool. So How you doing?Josie Bellini: Good, good. How are you?Brandon Zemp: Awesome how Chicago?Josie Bellini: It is great finally getting warm, so I can’t complain.Brandon Zemp: Nice. how warm is it to get there in the summer?Josie Bellini: It can get pretty hot. Sometimes a little bit uncomfortably hot. But right

Putting This Crypto Bull Run in Perspective

Hi, my name is Colin and this is Colin Talks Crypto.What I’m going to show you in this video will be shocking.Nothing in this video is financial advice.This data is modeled from the data from the last bull run.Most visual comparisons are done using a logarithmic scale, which hides the extremes.In this visualization, we are

Top 5 Undervalued Crypto for 2019

Hey guys I’m Nicolas Live and we’re gonna cover my five most undervaluedstrongest cryptocurrencies with the most upside potential and strongest overall teamsnow this is for 2019 and first thing that I need is this chart right here I’mgonna reference this a lot because three of the projects I’m gonna talk about arevery undervalued because