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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Won’t Accept Bernie Loss, Joe Biden Goes No Malarkey With Worker!

Hello I’m Daisy cousins welcome to this week in social justice this week’s biggest and baddest social justice fails include Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his spat with a potential photo congresswoman Alexandria Acacio Cortes and her rather desperate excuse as to why Bernie Sanders was thrashed in the Michigan primary and depending on

The Myth of the “Violent Left”

If conservative news were your only source for information You might be thinking that conservatives, and America as a whole Are under siege by gangs of deranged, violent, blood-thirsty left-wingers Teeming with hatred Hell-bent on destruction And being cheered on by the Democratic Party and the Liberal media The Kathy Griffin beheading incident Antifa protests

American English is Changing Fast

joining me is William Labov, he is a professor of linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. Also author of this book “Dialect Diversity in America: The Politics of Language Change”. So Professor Labaov, thanks so much for being here, this is a fascinating topic to me. I think a good way to start would be