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Tron Wallet Me User’s Guide | Best Mobile Wallet for TRX Tutorial / Dapp Review | Bitcoin Lifestyles

Hello there friends and fellow Tron fanatics.Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles Club and today, I’m going to give you an overviewof the features and functions of the easiest to use and most secure mobile based Tron Wallet,that is available for Android and IOS.I carefully did my research to find the best and most trustworthy

How to customize Atomic Wallet assets list

In this video, let’s customize your assets list in Atomic Wallet.Atomic is a decentralized wallet that supports over 300 assets.The list is sorted from coins to tokens.You can use the “Search” to manage tokens or you can customize your list.Just click on the “Filter” icon in the top right corner.Click once on the asset to

Top 5 Undervalued Crypto for 2019

Hey guys I’m Nicolas Live and we’re gonna cover my five most undervaluedstrongest cryptocurrencies with the most upside potential and strongest overall teamsnow this is for 2019 and first thing that I need is this chart right here I’mgonna reference this a lot because three of the projects I’m gonna talk about arevery undervalued because

How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a credit card

You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ripplewith a credit card right in Atomic Wallet interface.In this video let’s buy some BTC.Download the latest version of the App at AtomicWallet.ioOpen the “Buy crypto” tab in the left menu.Set BTC as the exchange pair to USD or EUR.Go through the process and fill out

Cardano (ADA) Atomic Wallet

Hi, in this video you’ll see how to create decentralized Cardano wallet.Go to AtomicWallet.io, download the file and install the App.Open it and click on the “New wallet” button.Enter your password to encrypt your mnemonic seed.Get your mnemonic phrase and save it in a safe and secret place,then click on the “Start Using Atomic” button.Here

How to exchange crypto in Atomic Wallet

Hi, in this short video, you’ll see how to exchange your cryptocurrency assetsin one secure interface of Atomic Wallet.— Click on the “Exchange” tab in the left menu— Click on the tickers and choose the trading pair.— Set the amount and click on the “Exchange” button.It’s super easy, now your funds are sent to an

The Challenges and Nuance of Crypto Regulation, with Patrick Murck [The Exchange #003]

Hello everyoneWelcome to the exchange podcast powered by our glue that explodes the institution landscape of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologyI’m your host Manasi Vora today. We are sitting down with Patrick MurckHe’s a special counsel at international law firm Cooley LLP where his practice focuses on regulatory and legal issuesfacing FinTech industryHe’s also affiliated with

Bitcoin SV Atomic Wallet

Welcome Bitcoin SV in a universal Atomic cryptocurrency wallet.Go to AtomicWallet.io, download the file and install the App.Launch it and create the password to encrypt private keys on your device,then save your mnemonic phrase in two pieces of paper separately.Click on the “Start Using Atomic” button and here you go!Now you can manage your BSV,

Multi-asset Atomic Wallet with decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

Atomic WalletThe first wallet with cross-chain Atomic Swaps.Now you can manage all your assets in one secure interface.Atomic Swap is the new technology to connect buyers and sellerswithin a decentralized framework.You can Swap your Coins and Tokens with no counterparty risk.Ain’t third party.It’s a private party! ๐Ÿ˜‰Immutable, trustless and distributed multi-asset Atomic Walletsupports all the