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PewDiePie on the Blockchain, Is Bitcoin a Bubble? | Hodler’s Digest

The entire world saw Julian Assange half-carried into the back of a police van this week,as his seven year stint in the Ecuadorian Embassy came to an abrupt halt.Following his arrest, media outlets around the world posted about the “spike” and“surge” of Bitcoin donations to the WikiLeaks campaign, which had tweeted about acceptingdonations right away.However,

Binance Gets Hacked, Fidelity & Crypto Trading, Bitfinex and IEO | Hodler’s Digest Pokemon Edition

When I was younger, my main goal was to catch them all.Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, they were my everyday companions.Now, as I’ve matured, I’ve turned to a more serious hobby — catching every cryptocurrencyout there instead.I’m Molly Jane, and this is our Hodler’s Digest: Pokemon Edition, and let’s try catch them all!Let’s take a look at

Blockchain Island | Cointelegraph Documentary

When the prime minister of Malta, a tiny island nation in the Mediterranean, addresses theUnited Nations, the world rarely stops to listen.But Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s speech in September broke some new ground.We are currently in exciting technological times.This is why in Malta we have launched ourselves as the blockchain island by being the firstjurisdiction

Bitcoin, Ether, XRP & Volatility | Crypto Markets

After the dramatic market fall at the end of 2018, crypto markets were pretty calm and flat.We talked to eToro’s Mati Greenspan, Patrick Heusser from Crypto Broker AG,and Anthony Pompliano from Morgan Creek Digital and asked themwhat was the reason behind such low volatilityand what to expect in the nearest weeks.We were looking at volumes

Crypto Rally, Elon Musk Bullish on Bitcoin, Buterin’s Cryptocurrency Fortune | Hodler’s Digest

Craig Wright goes to war again!This time against Ran Neuner.The CNBC host announced an interview with Wright on Twitter with a mildly interesting revelation.The man the crypto community have dubbed ‘Fake Satoshi’ then accused on Neuner of breachingan agreement and threatened ‘something was about to occur’ and Ran, along with his organization,will be out of