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Largest Dusting Attack in Litecoin History, Ponzi Scheme Causes Bitcoin Crash? | Cryptocurrency News

Hey, everyone, today we’ve got a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme, Coinbase making a whole lotof money, Binance returning to the US and the largest dusting attack in history.This is Jackson.And I’m Holly Jane.Bringing you the daily crypto news at Cointelegraph.A three billion dollar Chinese Ponzi scheme has been linked to the latest Bitcoin marketcrash, which saw

KCN News: Richtopia has published Top List – Bitcoin Magazine, BlockchainAge, CoinDesk

News Blog Richtopiahas presented the list of 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies.Among them twe can see original source of information –Bitcoin Magazine, the global leader in blockchain,esearch and consultancy – BlockchainAge, etc.The top of the list takes the world leaderin digital currency information – CoinDesk.Put the likes and subscribe to our channel.