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Trump’s China Trade “Deal” Off to a Rocky Start | US China Trade War

The US and China have agreed on a trade deal.But they seem to understand their “deal” in conflicting ways.And the ideological differences run deep.Welcome back to China Uncensored.I’m Chris Chappell.This episode has been sponsored by Surfshark.Because when you surf the web,you should be using a VPN to protect your identity.America’s trade war with China continues.But

China Calls for Crackdown on Hong Kong Protesters

Protests in Hong KongAre escalating quicklyThe Chinese regime is calling for a crackdown.And they haven’t ruled out military action.Welcome back to China Uncensored.I’m Chris Chappell.Clashes between protesters and police in Kong Kong over the weekendturned parts of the city into a bona fide battlefield.Complete with plenty of police violence,rubber bullets,and enough tear gas to make