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Episode 6 – Wences Casares: Betting on Bitcoin in a big way

>>I cannot change itnobody can change it —not government, no company.So, that’s one thing.And the other one is it’s uncensorable.Nobody can keep you from acquiring Bitcoin.Nobody can keep you from sendingBitcoin to anyone,and nobody can keep you from holding Bitcoin.>>Hi, everyone. Welcome to Behind the Tech.I’m your host, Kevin Scott,chief technology officer for Microsoft.In this

BITCOIN CASH vs BITCOIN Price Chart 💰 2017 Crypto Currency Technical Analysis HOW TO FREE BITCOIN

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Bitcoin Q&A: Will governments ban cryptocurrencies?

[QUESTIONER:] According to what you said, Bitcoin is possibly going to be banned.. in the next year, or very strictly controlled. [ANDREAS:] In some places, yes.[QUESTIONER:] For instance, one of these places could be China. [ANDREAS:] Unlikely, but yes.[QUESTIONER:] Because they are really having a lot of problems, with many people converting.. their money from

Bitcoin Will Replace Gold & Other Predictions Explained (w/ Barry Silbert & Raoul Pal)

BARRY SILBERT: Younger generation investors do not view gold the same way that my parents or grandparents did.There are still very few break out examples of how blockchain can or will be used for non-speculative,non-financial use cases.The thoroughness that you see in other asset class research does not yet exist.If history repeats, which doesn’t always-

Bitcoin Q&A: Explain Bitcoin to my mother?

Amber asks, “Could you explain Bitcoin to my mum? I ask because I want this video to exist for my mum…and everyone like her, who wants to understand the basics.” All right.Whether it is your mum, dad, grandpa, kid, nephew, niece, or even your grandchild,and you need to explain Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency to somebody

Bitcoin Q&A: Is bitcoin testing governments?

[AUDIENCE] What do you think about the people’s responsibly to that action?Also, I hope you have awesome security because you are totally a threat to the establishment.You’re awesome! [Laughter][ANDREAS] Thank you? [Laughter] Fortunately, you’re wrong about that last thing, I’m not a threat at all…Ideas are powerful and change the future more than any [one

Bitcoin Q&A: The obsoletion of legacy systems

[AUDIENCE] Hi, I would like to ask you how the old fashioned financial system will adapt to the changes…caused by the development of cryptocurrencies?[ANDREAS] Poorly. [Laughter] I think the traditional financial system will “adapt” in the same way that…traditional telecommunication [companies] adapted to the internet,the way the horse and carriage industry adapted to the automobile.How