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Week in Review: BITCOIN NEO ETHEREUM ⚡ Free Bitcoin Trading Tips Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis

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Bitcoin Q&A: Bitcoin as everyday currency

Vassilis asks, “Will there ever be a time when bitcoin can be used as everyday currency?”“What does it take for this to happen? Is it worth investing in such business solutions?”Vasilis, I think yes. I think that bitcoin (BTC) can be used as an everyday currency.But in order to do that, two things need to

Bitcoin Q&A: Futures markets

[AUDIENCE] Fiat currencies have interest rate markets which reflect the time value of money.What about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Are you aware of interest rate markets for bitcoin?[ANDREAS] Yes, there are interest rate markets for bitcoin. You won’t see them…that often, simply because a lot of them are over-the-counter. But if you are in the