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Integral Crypto Drive FIPS encrypted range – Main features

Integral Crypto Drives – AES 256-bit Hardware Encrypted USB DrivesHigh Security Made SimpleSecurity Features:FIPS 140-2 Level 2, FIPS 197 Validated Versions – Stringent security standards metAES 256-bit Hardware Encryption – Ensuring your data’s securityMandatory encryption of all files – Unsecured data cannot be savedSecure entry – Enforced high strength passwordBrute-force password protection – Encrypted data

Integral Crypto Drive – Encrypted USB Flash Drive (FIPS 197 – PC Edition)

Integral presents Crypto – Encrypted USB Drives256-bit AES Hardware EncryptionMilitary Level SecurityFIPS ValidatedFIPS-197 PCUsing the Crypto FIPS-197 PC:Insert USB DriveTotal Lock opens automaticallyZero Footprint – no software to loadSecure password comparison performed on the driveDrive window opens automaticallyMandatory hardware encryption of ALL filesOne click to lock the driveDrive will automatically lock on power loss or

Integral Crypto Dual – Encrypted USB Flash Drive

Integral presents Crypto Dual Crypto Dual Encrypted USB Drive Dual Password Protection(Master and User Passwords) 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption Military Level Security FIPS-197ValidatedUsing the Crypto DualInsert USB Drive into your Mac or PCon Mac: Double click to open Dual Lock on PC: Dual Lock opens automaticallyZero Footprint – no software to load Secure password comparison

Hardware Wallet Hack: Ledger Nano S – f00dbabe

The Ledger Nano S is a Cryptocurrency hardware wallet based on a secure element for storingcryptocurrencies, embedding a screen to check and secure digital payments.And also they have these information sheets where they proudly write: “Did you notice?There is no anti-tampering sticker on this box.A cryptographic mechanism checks the integrity of your Ledger device’s internal