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Reborn Babies (Documentary)

ich bin super niedlich und ich heiße kommen 48 zentimeter ist auch keine so groß ist sondern ganz ehrlich und 26 ja schön peinlich in ärmlichen menge kommt sogar mit einem körperteil fingerchen fußnägel fein peter kührt manikürt dauerhaft versiegelt und ein duftöl dann richtig nach einem echten stelle mir schon wieder wird jetzt eher

Bitcoin is worthless (but so is your “real” money)

Hi, my name is Xavier, and when I talk about cryptocurrencies, I often get comments sayingthat Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others aren’t worth anything.That people are just artificially creating its value.And you know what, that’s true.I also hear that they’re not real because it’s only virtual money, not physical.That’s true as well.But in this video, I

Massive Backlash After Video Reveals The Truth, Fake News or Satire, Russians Kicked Out, & More

Sup you beautiful bastardshope you’re havin aFantastic Monday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and let’s just jump into it. The first thing we’re gonnaTalk about today one of the most requestedstories from over the weekend is actually youtube business news, because there was a lot of outrage andcontroversy about this clip from YouTubeAnd

Bitcoin – The Movie (How Bitcoin.DE works)

Welcome! My name is dr. Münzmacher. I am an expertin the new digital currency, bitcoin.Unlike euros, dollars, or other monopoly money, bitcoins are not createdout of thin air by a central bank.That means no inflation.Beleive me: we had lots of inflation here in Germany –and we never want that again.So, if there is no central