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Congress Split on Crypto | Hodler’s Digest

Maps have been mostly in the green this week with a huge 10% spike in Bitcoin on Tuesday.Over the course of 48 hours, the leading crypto gained $1000.It was good news across the board as 98/100 of the top cryptos posted gains.Also this week, Goldfinger aka Peter Schiff thinks Bitcoin is doomed, billionaire MarcLasry thinks

Blockchain Jobs, Bitcoin Adoption in Switzerland and North Korea | Hodler’s Digest

Hey Hodler’s!I’m Molly Jane and this is your weekly Hodler’s Digest, 80s edition.Hit the subscribe button right now!It’s actually been a pretty calm week in crypto, Bitcoin keeps hovering around $4,000so there have been no crazy price surprises.Some more justice was done this week, as the CEO of now-revealed crypto scam AriseBankpleaded guilty to defrauding

Crypto Explosion vs Implosion, Dr. Doom & Non-Killer Whales | Hodler’s Digest

Another strange week in the world of crypto; we had predictions of market explosion andimplosion, a giant Bitcoin rat on Wall Street, Vitalik Buterin joking about a financial crashand claiming he wasn’t a billionaire.In addition to this, Google released a commercial for its call service which essentially doubledas a diss track:Who is it?It’s the electric

Bitcoin Against the Argentine Peso, Kik Sues SEC, Facebook’s Crypto Woes | Hodler’s Digest

Picture this.You’re in Berlin, you’re walking down the street, you see someone dressed like me and you think:“Huh, I wonder what they are up to?”If you guessed spending 3 days watching Bitcoin’s price rise and fall on TradingViews then youwould be correct.I’m Molly Jane and this is your weekly Hodler’s Digest.Let’s take a look at