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Hong Kong Freaks Out Over Coronavirus Death

Hong Kong is freaking out over the coronavirus While the Chinese economy takes damage As the international community shuts the door on travelers from China. This is China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. The Coronavirus outbreak is really not going well for the Chinese Communist Party. I mean, personally I’m more concerned about all the people,

Trump’s China Trade “Deal” Off to a Rocky Start | US China Trade War

The US and China have agreed on a trade deal.But they seem to understand their “deal” in conflicting ways.And the ideological differences run deep.Welcome back to China Uncensored.I’m Chris Chappell.This episode has been sponsored by Surfshark.Because when you surf the web,you should be using a VPN to protect your identity.America’s trade war with China continues.But

Donald Trump: “I am the chosen one” on China Trade

Pepe the Frog in Hong Kong?The chosen one appearsAnd Social Media actually stands up to ChinaThat and more on this week’s China Uncensored.This is China Uncensored.I’m Chris Chappell.This week’s China news headlines!Hong Kong has been in the midst of two months of nonstop protests.1.7 million people took the streets last Sunday.They’ve been protesting an extradition

Cold War 2: US v China?

Life getting too peaceful?A new Cold War will fix that!Proxy battles and a new arms raceThe confrontation is growingbetween the US and China.This is China Uncensored.I’m Chris ChappellGood news for all of you watchingwho thought the world was getting too peaceful.Steve.The US State Department has approveda possible 8 billion dollar fighter jet sale to Taiwan.Don’t

Hong Kong: Invasion or No Invasion?

Police draw their weapons in Hong KongWill months of protests be stopped with force?Or will there be a peaceful resolution?Welcome back to China Uncensored;I’m Chris Chappell.Hong Kong is on the brink of becomingthe next Tiananmen Square Massacre!Or else everything is going to be totally fine.Depends on who you ask.But it’s definitely somewhere on that spectrum,between

Chinese Military Police Massing Near Hong Kong?

Are these Chinese military police gathering near Hong Kong?A new poll says more Americans See China as a Threat.And the Communist Party declares war on Buddhist statues.That and more on this week’s China Uncensored.This is China Uncensored.I’m Chris Chappell.This week’s China news headlines!What you’re looking at is a satellite photoof China’s Shenzhen Bay Sports Center,filled

Chinese Troops Build Up on Hong Kong Border: White House

Chinese troops mass on Hong Kong BorderGoogle has a deeper relationship with Huawei than we thought.And the secret of US foam.Yeah.Foam.That and more on this week’s China Uncensored.This is China Uncensored,I’m Chris Chappell.This week’s China news headlines!First up, Hong Kong.I’ve got good news and bad news for Hong Kong.The good news—the US government is keeping