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How to customize your PayPal donation form

Hi I’m Andrea from One Nine Design and this is a tutorial for nonprofits that are using PayPal to accept donations on their website. If you’re like most nonprofits you’ve settled for the bare minimum when it comes to using the service but if that’s true you’re missing out on some features that are included

How to Import Paper Wallet

how to import paper wallet that is here and put them on your blockchain wallet coming up for this video I made a new paper wallet with fresh keys and fresh addresses and a new blocked a wallet so we’re all ready to go what you want to do now is you want to go


Good morning It’s 7o’clock in the morning I’m going surfing What do you mean surfing? There’s no waves No I’m not going surfing I’m going paddle-boarding but this girl doesn’t want to come with me She’s still in her PJ’s Go on, try surfing. We’re just gonna sit here and watch you Okay, let’s go