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Largest Dusting Attack in Litecoin History, Ponzi Scheme Causes Bitcoin Crash? | Cryptocurrency News

Hey, everyone, today we’ve got a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme, Coinbase making a whole lotof money, Binance returning to the US and the largest dusting attack in history.This is Jackson.And I’m Holly Jane.Bringing you the daily crypto news at Cointelegraph.A three billion dollar Chinese Ponzi scheme has been linked to the latest Bitcoin marketcrash, which saw

The Complete Cryptocurrency Course: More than 5 Courses in 1 (Investing, Mining and Much Much More)

You’ve heard of Bitcoin, Ethereumand other cryptocurrencies.They were founded on a revolutionary technologycalled blockchain, which sounds like somethingout of a science fiction movie.Let me introduce you to this fascinating new world.This course is for everyonewho is interested in cryptocurrenciesbecause there are two tracks –a beginner track,and there’s an advanced track.Woo!On top of that, this is

ICO и криптовалюты #4: Токен, суд, тюрьма (18+) // ICO & Crypto: Token, trial, jail

Веденеев: Алексей правильно сказал, приходят какие-то люди – дайте нам деньги – а на что? А какая тебе разница? Дай, мы ICO. Это крутое модное слово. Дай нам на модное слово “ICO” денег. Гряцких: А теперь, собственно, послесловие потому, что в прошлый раз мы закончили на том, что стемнело, также как темнеют перспективы отдельных любителей

The Future of Crypto – Interview with Mario Pazos of Security Token Partners

>>Austin: How’s it going everyone, its Austin, and I’m not at the Crypto Playhouse today!I’m actually over at the offices of Security Token Partners and I’ll be sitting here withMario Pazos, we’re going to be talking about 2018, the state of the crypto space, and we’llbe touching on security tokens, a really hot topic.[opening music]>>Austin:

Eos Cryptocurrency Review

in today’s video you’re going to learn about Els and we’re starting right nownow this video was requested by one of the viewers from last week’s video and Ijust wanted to give my view on it I’ve been researching a little bit about itand obviously it’s from the same founder of Stevens which is an