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Why Pomp Invested 50% of His Wealth in Bitcoin

So Anthony, you recently predicted Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by the end of 2021.So what makes you so confident about this prediction?Yeah.The prediction here is simply based on Bitcoin being a asset that has a fixed supply anda belief that supply and demand economics will continue to remain valid.Anytime you have a fix supply asset

Bitcoin in Switzerland | Cointelegraph Documentary

Do you know that you can buy Bitcoin at every teller machine of the Swiss NationalRailway?That at every train station you can buy Bitcoin.Switzerland.The land of milk chocolate, cuckoo clocks, pocket knives, exquisite handmade watches,mountains, bankers, and this.But now Switzerland may be on the verge of becoming something more — a crypto paradise. Hi! I’m

Will Bitcoin Drop by 40%? | Crypto Markets

Hi, everyone, it’s time to announce the results of our competition.If you remember, last week we asked you to guess what would be the price of bitcoin bytoday 6:00 a.m. Eastern Time.We received a total of 128 predictions and the winner is: Shiran Goffer.His price prediction was $11,050 which was the closest to the price