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Ledger Blue — Navigate in the dashboard

The access to your Ledger Blueis protected by your PIN code,required each time it is powered on, or unlocked.The dashboard displays all the applicationsthat are installed on your device.Tap an icon to open an app.You can navigate using the menu icon.Tap the arrow on same area to go back.Tap the “dashboard icon” on the top

ICON ICX – Too Big to Fail? – Top 10 Reasons to Invest in 2019 – Ultimate Review

ICON has spent 2018 laying the foundation for its protocol and forgingrelationships that will hyper connect the world. From universities, citygovernments, insurance agencies and many more. We’re going to find out exactly howICON is paving the way for a real life blockchain adoption in 2019 as well ashow its multiple partnerships with major corporations such

What is ICON (ICX)?

Icons goal is to hyper connect the world by building one of the largestdecentralized networks on earth to do this the icon team is building a hugeplatform that will allow various block chains to interact with each other viasmart contracts the different blockchain communities will connect with each otherusing icons loop chain technology icons aim